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hello everybody Kim where you going Jack dick say hi I noticed that I haven’t really blogged when I’m in Korea um it’s kind of messy tunas running away bye tuna if you guys didn’t know this my roommate Kim hi she has to do it on me we just went shopping and we stocked up on a lot of stuff for the house because I was gone and we kind of eat like poor college kids I can’t touch it but um $30 mangoes so $15 each when you see her hear someone on if you guys didn’t already know I have a huge mango allergy no no I can’t cut with these yes I have a mango allergy I cannot touch them but I can’t eat them I will also demonstrate to you guys how I cut mangoes and deal with this allergy because I want mingles so much because I don’t get to eat it very often you just don’t want to deal with all the boys that goes into preparing them jakszyk what do you think it’s recording oh let’s do it hi take off your clothes I’m gonna put on perfume for this but they can’t smell me co-washing [Music] no I did not this night is not because that’s doing anything it’s not ok this is the dangerous part look at that oh no beautiful night is so dull so the $2.00 nice like you get what you pay for right what’s your favorite song at the moment aw right now favorites on the moment is snake hips falling featuring Mallika the Chris will say anything about you heel is just without her crystal said boy a cuckoo could have fun from what I remember what hair color do you want I try but you haven’t had yet I want to actually do purple like like periwinkle purple the boat is sinking will you save Peniel or Eric how asleep pineal screw Eric I’ll save Eric actually I think I have to save Eric because Eric’s two incapable of doing anything I do have you seen how Jack penniless that boys got muscles so you can save himself love you Eric Anthony you gonna cut me no why would I caught you you know it feels like infomercials like film blade and it cuts through like paper plates so sharp and powerful you can cut a pineapple in it a lot of people are just wondering how are you good tired but um nothing you haven’t done thank you for asking how are you guys leave it in the comments what digital unwind after a or stressful day watch MasterChef for health kitchen he went Gordon Ramsay like yells at people like my stress like releases through all that anger that he does that he does for me that makes us eric nam henry and peniel have to fight to the death for some reason who do you think would win the meal have you not seen the watermelon chat watermelon challenge video he will like destroy but then I think Henry and Eric can talk themselves out of anything hmm mind over matter or matter over mind you turtleman thank you what’s your favorite Mario Party or a Kirby and the crystal shards I think all that entity forgives are really good I never stolen a street sign you know no but I know someone who has come here yeah will you finish your sleep soon Oh working on it it also really hurts when I uh when I finish my sleep I will definitely post something yeah he knew some pros and cons of being bilingual pros is that you could talk to a lot more people cons is that sometimes like switching in between languages is really hard Franken mmm you forget words in each language and then you’re suddenly just like what language do I speak what is language words or no but it’s going all over I need a kind of deal with all them paint comments ignore them it also use them for your own content to you know get back at it bunch of crying last night don’t talk about that what’s your favorite Disney song I like Pocahontas colors of the wind oh I like be our guest be yes what is your favorite word and least favorite slogan I have a favorite Spanish word bo Quito okay okay so um what I hate o moist moist moist I don’t like damn Oh okay last question could you give advice for parents who might meet you in the future like reminders do’s and don’ts Oh doesn’t really good question Thank You Kate if you want to come up and say hi go ahead and come up and say hi it’s totally no problem like you guys create me and I wouldn’t have this without you guys she’s really nice like when we’re out even today someone really did come up to me like when I was like mid-bite not like so I kind of feel bad some things I just want to maybe remind some people is that sometimes I am may be going somewhere doing something so if I can’t take a picture with you I’m really sorry but you know when I do have the time and I do have the leisure to do those things I will love to meet you guys talk with you take pictures with you be stupid so yeah so I’m done cutting my mangos I need to scrub down my arm now thank you guys for joining today’s what the pineapple Kim say bye bye Jack Jack say bye to you say bye so you guys like some it was a pineapple by stage what

100 thoughts on “MANGO ALLERGY! Q&A

  1. I’m allergic to mangoes too! I saw the buzzfeed video where you talked about you having short hair, and that helped me a lot. I recently cut my hair very short, and none of the other girls in my school have a boy cut. I’ve been made fun of, and what you said helped me so much. Amber you make me so happy. Thank you so much


  3. You should do a fan meeting in some arabic country…we would love to have you in Morocco but i know you'll choose Emirates TT

  4. I can touch mango but not eat mango like I can touch the skin and that is it like I can't touch the inside of the mango my hand will look like freaking Mickey mouse

  5. POQUITO!!!!!!! AHHHHGHHHZJCBSKSA I'M DYING 😭😭🖤🖤💕💖💕💖💕💖💕💖💕💕💖💕💖😍

  6. Here practicing english with teacher Amber.

    Those mangoes are hella expensive.The cute little box tho

  7. Wow, this girl is super incredible. No wonder she has so many followers.  You are true to yourself. thumbs up for you

  8. Could someone discribe what moist and damp is? Because I'm from germany and I'm 2 lazy, to asc google translate(and cuz it's real sh*t)

  9. It's 4:40am and I haven't slepped and my ear is killing me and your making me feel a bit better thx Amber 💜

  10. I hate the word "merch" and I have no idea why?
    Poquito is an adorable word though 😂💙

    I also really want a mango now

  11. Amber….YOUR Are YOU dont…CHANGE YOURSELF FOR ANYONE….I love colours of the wind tooooooo….enjoy ur life…AMBER..!!!!!

  12. Amber, I got to tell you: I’m more than a bilingual. I’m planning to become a polyglot. I can understand the struggles. You can talk to whoever you want, but switching languages is tough. I can speak English, korean, Spanish, and Japanese. I’ve been learning them.

  13. I always wanted to be a k-pop idol…but the problem is that I need help to find where to be a trainee and stuff…..I hope you can help….I want to meet you in real life ;-; …. but another question.. you dont have to answer this but are you a transgender?? Love you!❤

  14. . cant touch that. inserts music Amber! Do you know if you got a Domino pizza tattoo in Russia, you would get free pizza for a life time? But this promotion has ended >_<

  15. First time i heard someone allergy with mango .. i thought its just seafood , peanuts .. ohh yeah ,can you ask peniel update his pov 😪😪😌 just kidding

  16. I can undersatand you Amber, speaking different languages is really difficult like I would always forget in what language should I speak 😅
    I speak 3 languages can undersatand 5 and currently learning 1, and I would always forget a word of one language and then add another language's word into it 😂😂
    My friends are always like "what?!?, I can't undersatand you, can you please speak in one language at a time?!? "😅😂😂

  17. Omg I love when u speak spanish. And I'm like u I can't eat them often it so sad….and I'm good, and its good to hear that u are good….. I wish u success and God Bless You. Love u….take care of you….kisses…..

  18. I am also allergic to mangoes it's just that i can't stand their smell unless they are used in soaps bath bombs and shampoos

  19. ”Screw Eric”
    “i’ll save eric”
    ”Actually, I think I have to save Eric because… Eric’s too incapable of doing anything”

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