MAPMG’s Dr. Stephen Scranton on Quick Allergy Answers

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[♪♪♪] Hi, I’m Dr. Stephen Scranton, I’m an allergy immunology specialist here at the Mid-Atlantic
Permanente Medical Group. I see patients with asthma,
environmental allergies, hives, food allergies, bee sting allergies,
eczema, a lot of allergy issues. Within our system,
there’s a lot of opportunity for the providers to interact
with each other in real time. And so, as an example, if someone has a question
about an allergy condition, a primary care doctor has a question and they’re not sure
whether it’s allergy or not, they’re not sure whether it’ll be worth that patient’s time
or copay to come see me, they can send me
what’s called a chart review. They can ask me a quick question
and usually, within 15-20 minutes, I can answer that question and we can figure out if that’s
somebody who needs to come see me. Or maybe, is there a test
that can be done in your office, you know, a blood work or something
like that to help figure out what the right process is. [♪♪♪]

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