Marcelle Adamson’s training to become a Learn Buteyko Practitioner.

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Whatever goes with it in terms of
cleansing I know that I’m getting better all of the time and the benefits are so
extraordinary. I came across a talk at a Yoga Center I was going to, this talk was
by Martha Roe. I said to her at the end do you know anything about fibromyalgia,
oh yes I’ve had it, she said and to find somebody who actually knew what I was
going through was in itself a relief. My partner came to the talk, he was very
impressed and said I’ll see what happens to you if you do the workshop before I
sign up. So I signed up, I did the workshop within the first week I had an
experience in my yoga practice which I’ve been doing for several years, of
opening expansion, lightness, something completely new in the quality of my
experience. That was enough to sustain me through the difficult times ahead, of
extending my practice beyond the period of the workshop. I had further training
through which Martha and Christopher were wonderful, and I felt so grateful
for having discovered this thing, that I wanted to help. The result of that was I
just got more and more interested, I started working with Martha and learning
to become a facilitator and it’s gone on from there and I continue to feel the
benefits, whatever goes with it in terms of cleansing I know that I’m getting
better all of the time. And the benefits are so extraordinary, most people don’t
even imagine the range of symptoms I mean that Christopher tells us that you
know, it’s over 200 symptoms. But to actually recognize
those in ourselves and start to work with them and to discover you can change that situation, that you have some influence over your health, your
well-being your mood your mind your energy is beyond what one could possibly
imagine when one starts the workshop. Working with Martha I met other people
who were also motivated by a similar desire to find other people who can
benefit, everybody on the Learn Buteyko team have reversed serious
condition. I’ve been very much inspired by them, the objective being what will
benefit students ,what will increase their carbon dioxide, what will help them
reduce their breathing and when I started training more to run workshops,
Vladimir Sukhonosov, the most senior consultant practitioner who has an audit
certificate from Professor Buteyko who trained him amongst a handful of
practitioners personally. So to find myself working with the most experienced and highly qualified practitioner in the world, when I wanted to learn how to
facilitate workshops, was a very wonderful opportunity. What he is able to teach is
the subtlety the skill of understanding the individual student mentally,
physically and emotionally, to help them find the way at the time, because what
the student needs changes over time and in different situations. It could be a
seven-year-old child jumping around, over sugared and with ADHD attention
deficit disorder, asthma, allergies, the way he speaks children
to help them to understand in quite an adult way to give them an intellectual
explanation, as well as the practical skills and fun to to coax, to discipline,
the balance of I suppose the carrot and the stick approach really, young people
who are quite physically strong and yet suffering quite a lot could be asthma
allergies chronic fatigue pain sleeplessness anxiety panic attacks. Then people with sleep apnea needing the confidence to get off CPAP
machines, high blood pressure, depression, stress,
COPD, people on oxygen machines, Vladimir is able to work out the best way to help
them to understand the method and to apply it. Because while the practical
side of the method is simple on one level the application of it is infinitely complex
and subtle. Vladimir is able to work with students on those levels and to teach
other practitioners to do likewise .The application of it is infinitely complex
and subtle.

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