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Marion de Jong, COPD, asthma,
Soft-tissue rheumatism / Fibromyalgia I’m Marion. I’m 57 years old. Since 2010 I have COPD, asthma
and soft-tissue rheumatism (Fibromyalgia) I use CBD oil, cannabis,
medical cannabis and THC oil. At one point I went to the pulmonary nurse
with a information booklet of the foundation. (PGMC) Over there I’ve submitted the booklet
to be able to use prescribed medical cannabis. She stood behind it
because she had another patient who also did it. So yeah, I got the approval from her to do it. From there I went to the doctor. I also gave him the the booklet. He asked me if I wanted to wait a while so that he could take the time
to read the information booklet and could read through step by step. Well, I did that. At some point I went back again to the family doctor. And yes, he has provided the recipe for me. He has no problems with it. The pulmonologist also has no problems with it. As long as it’s good for me
and I know how to handle it. Then I think they have no objection against it. So, that I use this medication. And for myself, I now take less medication as before. Because previously I used
19 courses of Prednisone in one year. Thus the faster the cataract
in my eyes has been developing. And now with the medicinal cannabis
and the THC oil and CBD oil. It’s much easier for me to take that stuff
as briefly take some Prednisone. Because that’s still a heroic remedy. And actually I felt myself
not comfortable with the use of Prednisone. First, it makes you fat
and I’m not sitting here waiting for that. And yes, it demolishes your body, the Prednisone. And with the medicinal products out there
I really feel myself still quite more pleasant. I have the disease itself longer than 2010. Because I had a very heavy exacerbation in 2010 and then it came to me
at its worst with the COPD and asthma. It helps me personally that my lungs are quieter. The CBD oil, now 4%,
makes me, the lungs become calmer. The cough becomes less and the pain is less. The THC oil makes me sleep very well
and I also get quite relaxed from it. The medicinal cannabis, I smoke it or I evaporate it. (vaporize) And I don’t use it every day, but I do use it. I used to use quite a lot of medications. But since I have a drug allergy
I have to renounce many things from medications. That’s why I switched last year to the CBD oil,
THC oil and the medicinal cannabis. Yes it should be legalized it for me. First, because then you get it
reimbursed by the insurance fund. It is expensive to purchase,
but ok good you also have to pay for cigarettes. And yes, then I prefer to use cannabis
rather than I constantly have to go buy cigarettes every time. Actually I ended up here last year with the meeting. And at first I liked it all nice here and it really works. I started looking deeper into it. Therefore I would simply go further along with it. It helps me out
because then I don’t need to use so many medications. And yes, I feel myself comfortable with it. Before I started using cannabis products, I still had a quality of life that I could not walk 2 meters. That was already too much for me. I started using these products. I can much more now, I also can walk further. I walk now at ease towards the center. I can do more things. I do swimming, I do sports. For me, It makes my life more bearable
than with so many drugs that I had in the hospital. The use of THC may also come into the pharmacy for me. That it gets reimbursed by the insurance fund. Because yes, it still brings in itself a lot with it. It is quite expensive, even for people
who can not afford it should be legalized. These people must also be able to make use of it. Just as good as the people who can afford it.

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