Mary Nightingale features Yamoa Powder for Asthma and Hay Fever, Seasonal Allergies on London Today

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According to the Post Office worker from
Croydon he’s been given the remedy by his grandmother in Ghana it’s called Yamoa Powder and Jerry
Yamoa claims it’s so successful that asthma sufferers are throwing out their inhalers. This is it, the bark of a tree that grows in Ghana and Jerry Yamoa is
importing it he says, ‘To cure the UK of asthma.’ It’s a totally natural substance that is made from the
bark of a unique gum tree found in West Africa and
it contains no additives. I know it works because people that have used it have come back to me to say it’s good, I’ve got letters to prove it
and I’m still getting letters from people. Jerry comes from a distinguished
background his father was tribal chief but it was
his grandmother who held all the medicinal secrets I remember as a boy people in my village that suffer from asthma and hay fever came to her every Friday for this medicine. Jerry still has his
day job at the Post Office and appalled by the number of his
workmates who use inhalers for asthma or hay fever he decided to try his remedy on them
first. When I took the herbal remedy, the Yamoa Power I took for a whole month without failure and
then since then I’ve not had an attack of asthma for the last two years now. I took it and I have not had anything since no symptoms. I just took one course of it
and I found it was ok there was no tightness of the chest, no itchy nose, no runny eyes or anything
like that. The results of this unscientific but nevertheless impressive
trial were unanimous – they all binned their inhalers. From then
on Jerry tried to persuade drug companies to do proper trials.
They’re not interested. I wrote to them and explained to them test this product because it’s unique and it’s going to help millions of asthma sufferers but I got replies that they weren’t prepared to you know, persue the matter. He can however sell it
as a food supplement dissolved in honey and easy to take in tea, twice a day. Actually it’s really nice it is sort of a woody taste. Not bad at all. Whether or not Yamoa ‘tea’ cures asthma Jjerry’s grandma certainly gave good
advice – the youngest person to die in their family was ninety. She died at 107. In Croydon this is Liz Wickham for London Today. That sounds like a recommendation doesn’t it? Doctor Michael Rudolph is a consultant
at Ealing Hospital’s Department of Respiratory Medicine. What do you think, could this be a cure for asthma? Well it certainly sounds interesting but
I think we’ve seen lots of substances like this in the past. Anecdote is very interesting, there may
be something in it but I think anything like this has to be put to a proper
scientific test and make sure it just isn’t having a
simple placebo effect like a dummy tablet or water or anything
like that. I’d expect you to be sceptical you see the medical profession always are aren’t you? Yeh, we’re always skeptical or but we’ve got a long tradition of many of our current medicines were originally came out of herbs and plants and twigs
and branches that’s where future medicines may come
from but I think they have to be assessed for safety and effectiveness in a scientific fashion. So you don’t
approve of people throwing away their inhalers in other words. I think it would be risky to suggest
people use an untried new treatment and throw away their
conventional treatment. Now you were saying it might work because the placebo effect but isn’t that just as valid as any other effect, I mean if it works, use it surely? If
something works absolutely the trouble with placebo
effects is they don’t carry on forever and in terms of the underlying
abnormality in asthma they may make people feel better but
it’s leaving the undertreated the underlying disease undertreated and
in the long run that’s potentially dangerous. Because asthma is on the increase isn’t it?
It’s certainly increasing both in incidence and severity. Because of pollution? Possibly because
of pollution, that’s certain one of the things that makes it a lot worse, yes. So what’s your advice then to asthma sufferers, what should they do? If given this new compound to try or in general? In any case, in general, what should they
do? I think in general to always take recommended medications, there are new
treatments coming along all the time combinations of treatments are now very
effective and I think we should all keep an open mind about any sort of new complementary
medicine which might have the potential to help some asthma sufferers. Alright so a bit of Yamoa Powder on the side might not go amiss? Mmmight not. Alright Dr Rudolph thank you very much indeed. Thank you.

11 thoughts on “Mary Nightingale features Yamoa Powder for Asthma and Hay Fever, Seasonal Allergies on London Today

  1. If you suffer from asthma or hay fever you absolutely have to watch this video and share it with everyone you know! Yamoa has been available now since the mid 1990s and despite his struggle to have it recognised by the medical establishment and big Pharma, Jerry Yamoa persevered with us to help you access it. Please share far and wide to anyone you know with asthma or hay fever!

  2. Hope this helps for those who are asking…

  3. Whoever posted this thank you . I have never seen this video of my late father so I really appreciate it x

  4. Wow, this looks very promising. Of course the pharma industry isn't interested in one off cures when they can sell on going treatments!

  5. If you're in any way concerned about trying Yamoa, why don't you try it for one week? Our 7 day samples are available now on

  6. Well, i've never tried it (i plan to because why not, hay fever ruins my life every summer), but i doubt something like this could be a placebo effect. When i get hay fever my nose gets plugged up, my throat gets itchy, eye watery, and i start sneezing like theres no tomorrow, sometimes to the point where my nose will start to bleed. So I will try this stuff and comment my results.

  7. African History..This worked for me 17 yrs and counting. The only side effect is I can breathe Now…Awesome truly an answer to my prayers Please share this with people you know need this.

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