Mast Cell Stabiliser – Cromolyn Gastrocrom Intercron Sodium Cromoglicate

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Hi everybody and welcome or welcome back to Uninvisible: An Invisible Illness Awareness Project. This week I want to talk about a pharmaceutical Mast Cell Stabilizer, which is known by several different names such as cromglicic acid, sodium cromoglicate… There’s a specific brand known as cromolyn, which is taken as an eye drop and then there’s Gastrocrom which comes in a plastic vial and is taken orally. What I tried is called Intercron, which is basically the exact same thing as Gastrocrom, except it comes in glass ampoules instead of plastic and that’s just what they call it here. So I actually tried twice several months apart to take it for just a couple days, but I didn’t have any concrete instructions as to how I was to take it or even how much and and I didn’t know that it takes your body a long time to adjust so you have to really give it time. So I had this box of vials and I didn’t really know what to do with it, so I turned to a support group and there was a pharmacist in the group who is also a Mast Cell patient and told me what her Mast Cell Specialist had recommended, which was: for an adult dose, you take eight viles a day, four times a day. So it’ll take you two months to reach the dose that you’re working toward and then you wait another month, so you’ve been on it for a total of three months before you can really say, “Is it working or not?” I didn’t know all this initially, so I first tried it for a couple days. A few months later, I tried it again and I was like, “This isn’t helping, it’s even making me feel worse.” So I just gave it up and then, once I got this information, I decided to really give it a try and stuck with it for several months. So I tried to take my time and add one vial at a time and what I noticed was, when I started with the first vial and, every time I would up the dose, 24 hours later, I would feel this boost of energy, but then afterward it would subside and the next few days I would be, really, even more fatigued than usual and then things would kind of level out. The problem is, I noticed, when I would sleep in and I wouldn’t take it at the exact time I normally would, that I would wake up and I would be so out of it that I couldn’t move I couldn’t get up out of bed until I took my dose and then waited for it to kick in, and… So it really is very time sensitive and I would have alarms set at four different times throughout the day so that I would always take it at the exact same time and I was kind of wondering, “Well, if I’m spacing them out, four hours apart, then that means after my last dose at night, there’s twelve hours before the first dose in the morning. So I’m inevitably going to be really out of it when I wake up.” The problem is it just really seemed like I was more out of it than usual when I didn’t take it, but that when I did taking it, aside from that really brief boost of energy, I wasn’t feeling better than usual. It was like I was… …it was like, when I was taking it, I felt the same as I had before I started taking it and it was really just that initial boost of energy that got my hopes up so much. After about a month, I went from five up to six vials a day and I decided to just take two vials, three times a day, but I was still taking them only four hours apart. So part of me was wondering, if maybe I needed to space out the dosing more and that would help and I was also wondering if maybe I needed to up the dose even more to really see results. But at that point I started having headaches constantly had this pain in my wrist. That hadn’t been an issue, since I restricted my diet, except for when I was in a flare and that started up again. So I did try moving up to seven. Again, I had that brief feeling of feeling better and then, the next few days, I was really out of it. So, I decided to back down again. So, I went back down to six and then, when I went back down to five, the headaches stopped and I felt better, but I still didn’t like this feeling that I was so dependent on it and it was also starting to get expensive, because it wasn’t covered by insurance. And, by “expensive,” I mean it would have cost me for that dose maybe like fifty euros a month, which I is nothing compared to what I’ve heard in the states where it could cost you like 1,200 a month. But it was more than I could afford and it didn’t seem like it was really helping and I was just feeling very restricted and dependent on it and I decided to just finally continue tapering off and let it go. Health-wise, I am doing a bit better now than I was at the time, but there’s still a lot of things that I don’t tolerate any better than I used to. That’s one of those things I feel like it could be worth giving it another try, but only if I’m financially in a situation where that makes sense and just have like a couple months to be completely out of it. So, unfortunately it didn’t work for me, but that is another one of those things, just like Quercetin, that I know a lot of people really depend on and it improves their lives so greatly so I definitely wouldn’t discourage you from trying it, because obviously everyone can react differently and, my experience being less than ideal does, by no means mean that everyone else’s will be too. But I just wanted to share my experience, so there it is. If you like this video, go ahead and give it a thumbs up. If you have tried this yourself or you’re thinking about trying it, please share your experience in the comments. I’d be really interested to read it. And, if you like my channel, go ahead and subscribe and I will see you guys next week!

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  1. Thanks for the information. I've not tried Cromolyn as its about $2000 a month here in the USA, and based on what I've heard, it helps some people and does not help others. $2000 out of pocket (as my insurance won't pay for it) is a pretty steep "test". Hope you find something to help you improve and thanks for posting your experience. 🙂

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