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So, how do you know if your Diabetes is controlled
or not? Most of you are familiar with the Hemoglobin
A1C, which tells us what your blood sugars have
been averaging over the last 3 months.
Or maybe your doctor recommended that you check your blood sugars first thing in the
morning, or before eating meals.
While this gives us some information, it doesn’t give us the whole story of what
is happening with your blood sugars day in and day out.
But if I put a continuous glucose monitor, or a sensor,
on your body that measured your blood sugars 24/7,
we would see the full picture of how high sugars
are going after eating certain foods – specifically those containing sugar or carbohydrates.
It’s these sugar spikes that are an early warning sign
that diabetes is developing, or once you have diabetes, these are
generally the most difficult blood sugars to control.
High after-meal blood sugar spikes are the leading cause of high A1C,
they increase your risk of those nasty longer-term complications from diabetes, and
in the short term, they cause you to feel tired and fatigued.
Most of the diabetes prescription medications used today, don’t target these after-meal
blood sugar spikes. And problematically, doctors will continue to increase them – even
when they don’t work. Our Mealtime Sugar-Blocker formula, contains
completely natural herbal ingredients that work specifically on those stubborn, high
after-meal sugar rises. Clinical studies show there are
dramatic results with these herbs – even comparing them to certain prescription
medications. In these studies, some patients were even
able to reduce the amount of prescription medications that they needed to take.
Now, don’t be fooled by other companies that claim to have a “sugar-blocker” or “carb-blocker”.
Unless they contain Berberine as their active ingredient,
at 500 mg per dose, it is just NOT going to be as effective!
So how does our formulation work? The herbs sit on an enzyme in the intestine,
called alpha-glucosidase. This means two things – number 1: it helps
to block the absorption of sugar so that sugars don’t spike as high after you eat a meal.
Number 2: the remaining sugar is more slowly absorbed, to give you a fullness feeling
that can help with appetite suppression and support weight loss efforts.
So – less sugar, means you are NOT gaining weight
from those calories, less sugar in the blood means
less insulin needs to be released by the pancreas –
a good thing, since insulin stores extra sugar as fat!
And, finally, less sugar spikes (or less ups and downs)
means you generally feel better throughout the day…
less tired and less fatigued. I was careful to separate the herbal ingredients
in Mealtime Sugar-Blocker from my other
Diabetes Doctor products, because they must be timed to be taken before a meal.
I recommend taking 1 capsule anytime from right when you eat, up to 15 minutes before
eating. Now if you are eating a salad with leafy greens
and protein – like meat or fish, no need to take this. But remember to take
it if you are eating a meal containing sugar or
carbohydrates… such as Breads, Pastas, Rice, Fruit, Starchy
Potatoes, or again anything containing sugar or carbs.
I am excited for you to try Mealtime Sugar-Blocker and see improvements in your day-to-day life.
Visit our website at to learn
more about the research behind our formulations, get
tips on diabetes education and healthy lifestyle, and to purchase our supplements.

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