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Life is about people.
People you care about, people who care about you.
Your freedom, your safety, your independence. Pick a point in the United Kingdom, any point,
and Medequip won’t be far away. With over 16 locations spread throughout the British
Isles, wherever you are, we’re there too, providing community equipment that gives people
the independence they need and desire. For over 2 decades Medequip has managed community
loan stores for Local Authorities and the NHS. Lessons learnt have changed our company
for the better as it grew to the largest supplier of community equipment in the UK. Size creates stability, experience and reliability
you can count on. Our purchasing power allows us to source the most reliable, suitable and
effective equipment in the market at the lowest cost. Savings we pass on to you. We provide both wholesale and retail solutions
for both trade and self-funding private customers. Our Manage At Home retail website has a huge
range of products information and advice, with fast free delivery on many products.
Equipment is ready to be tried and tested at any of our retail showrooms at our depots
throughout the country where you’ll receive the best advice on the most suitable equipment
for your needs. We don’t just supply equipment, we install
and teach people to use it correctly, respecting their right for an independent life. And we’re
there every step of the way, maintaining the equipment and providing minor adaptations
that keeps people going, that drives lives forward. With Medequip, the difference is in the details,
we don’t just supply community equipment, we provide pressure care, continence and telecare
services. We provide handy van services and wheelchair services with absolute reliability. Equipment and service orders are managed with
TCES connections, our easy-to-use, security accredited ordering software available for
desktop or mobile app for maximum convenience. Our system even allows stress-free sharing
of specials between different contracts. Spending, productivity and usage are all monitored
using the Management Information Reports, individually customised with drill down capability
to access all the data that matters to you. Every Medequip technician is highly trained
and subject to independent external audits as part of our comprehensive industry required
accreditation. The result is a service where people are respected
and treated with care and dignity and this is how Medequip pushes boundaries in business.
Not through profit, but through people. Wherever you meet Medequip you will find people
dedicated to making a difference. Because as the world changes, one thing remains
constant, we’re heading towards a better future. Medequip, helping people stay safe and independent
at home.

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