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I know liberals, Democrats and progressives,
whatever we want to call ourselves at any given point of the day, we don’t typically
like litmus test, right? Or we do really have one good one that we
kind of use as the standard for our candidates. Do you support a woman’s right to choose? But even if they say no to that and they say,
no, I’m a pro life Democrat, we still pretty much have the party kind of lining up behind
them anyway. So that’s not even really a litmus test. It should be, but it’s not. See Republicans do have litmus test. You know, you watch their campaigns when they’ve
got a heated primary. They’ll go after their opponent and say, this
guy thinks maybe we ought to get our assault weapons off the streets. He doesn’t think you should have your second
amendment rights. They attack one another to the point where
they forced them all on the same page. It’s a horrible page, but they make sure everybody
gets on it. Meanwhile, here over here on the left, we’ve
got some great pages. We’ve got a page for a woman’s right to choose. We’ve got a page for LGBTQ rights, which means
treating them like every other human being. And we’ve got a new page that came up just
recently in this campaign and that is a page for Medicare for all. And I firmly believe that Medicare for all
should be a litmus test for all democratic candidates seeking the office of the presidency. And I say, if you don’t support Medicare for
all, then I don’t care what else you have to say. You’re done. You’re out, you’re gone. You don’t exist in my book. And here’s why. I know Medicare for all is some kind of lofty
promise. Oh my God, it’s crazy. How could we do it? Well, the same way all the other countries
who have it do it. Oh my God, how do we pay for it? I don’t know. Pick one of the very many plans out there
that have been clearly laid out on how to pay for it. Elizabeth Warren’s got one. Bernie Sanders has one. I have actually laid out my own plan on how
you pay for this. It ain’t that hard really. So you pick one of those. But when we see these Democrats who go out
there and they use these industry funded talking points to attack Medicare for all, you’re
done. The health insurance industry, the pharmaceutical
industry and hospital corporations have priced people out of health care here in the United
States. They are essentially accomplices in the murder
of people who die every day because they can’t afford their medication. They can’t afford to go to the doctor. They can’t afford to go to the hospital and
they die. And these industries are accomplices in those
deaths. So I will not listen to any politician that
goes out there and parrots the same talking points that those groups are putting out because
you’re siding with the murderers, you’re siding with the people who would rather watch us
die then to actually do what their job should be, which is to make sure we can go to the
doctor to make sure we can walk into the pharmacy and afford our medications. Me personally, recently I had to stop taking
my steroid inhaler to control my asthma. I’m not on it anymore because I can’t afford
it anymore and I can’t afford it anymore because I had to take all the money I had saved up
to renew my kids EpiPen prescriptions, which just cost me $1,300 cause I have two kids
with peanut allergies and they’re different ages. They’re different sizes. So even though the epi pack comes with too,
I can’t use it on the younger one because it could kill her. So I have to get her her smaller one, 650
a pop up. So in order to get them their medicine, I
had to forgo mine. Medicare for all should be a litmus test. That’s what primaries are for. Force everyone to get on board with this plan
to get on that page. And if they refuse, then you need to refuse
to give them your vote. For me, this is a personal issue and I take
it very personally and I absolutely will not in this primary support any candidate that
does not support Medicare for all. I won’t even give you the time of day because
that’s my issue. So, yeah, maybe I’m a single issue voter right
now and that’s perfectly fine for the primaries. We’ll see how things shape up for the general. I’ve never voted for a Republican in my life
for any single office, and there’s no way I’m going to start in 2020 either. So don’t worry about that. But in the primaries, I’m a fight like hell,
and I suggest you do the same. I have really good health insurance. I make decent money and I still can’t afford
my medication. And there are tens of millions of people in
this country far worse off than me having to make even bigger medical sacrifices than
what I have made. Do it for them. Don’t think about you. Don’t worry about just you do it for every
one else.

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