MEDICINE STOLEN! Chronic Illness Travel Nightmare. Pollution Allergic Reaction| Ep.227

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So we got here to Frankfurt and before
getting off the train I realized my backpack was stolen that’s
my medical bag as well as my allergy bag. Here at Amsterdam Central
going to Frankfurt Germany today so be the second country on this trip here’s
our train at a hard time finding a place for all our big luggages people
aren’t used to carrying two extra large bags ♬feelings
keep it as close but estranged now ♬dreams holding this closer metals are ♬hundred is I’m not sure high we are but
we are up in the mountains of the forest and my ears are starting to pop So we got here to Frankfurt and before
getting off the train realize my backpack was still stolen somebody took
it and I don’t know when. We both fell asleep briefly and it’s my medical bag
as well as my allergy bag so the hotel is brand new. Has new furniture smells
and paint odors so I don’t think we can stay here so we’re out of the
place to stay again and I don’t have my mask because whoever stole my backpack on
the train stole my mask too! Second day here in Frankfurt it’s Friday
last night after the problem at the Residence Inn I was able to get a
last-minute booking here at Westin Grand Frankfurt Hotel just it’s like two
blocks or three blocks from the Residence Inn so this one is obviously a
lot nicer and I guess we settled it in around 7:00 p.m. and finally be
able to rest and luckily this hotel also has a like a members-only Executive
Lounge kind of thing so we got to go there and get some dinner overall
feeling okay just we have to go out later today maybe buy a temporary mask
it’s not gonna be enough for you know replacing my big P-100 painters
industrial masks that it’s gonna have to do until we get back to LA on Tuesday
and check out the pharmacy I think overall my skin’s doing pretty good but
as you can hear sniffing a bit sinuses are clogged so I don’t know if it’s just
because I haven’t taken my antihistamines I didn’t think they
matter that much but maybe they do or it’s just this city is maybe the air
quality isn’t as good for me personally as the cities and Holland so I guess
it’s also a good test and the possibility is because yesterday it was
just kind of chaotic and stressful you know so maybe I will do okay in
Frankfurt Germany after I get a little bit more rest but
yeah yesterday even at the lounge for dinner taking care of office things like
checking changing my passwords and notifying our credit-card companies they
didn’t steal my credit cards but credit card companies sometimes have travel
protection so just have a lot of random stuff to do to document everything and
contact people also the Residence Inn last night they won’t give me a refund
last-minute unless I get more doctor I guess doctor’s note or just some
evidence that I really am so sensitive to paint and chemicals and odors that
have to change hotels so just got to do all that firstly out in Frankfurt
it’s basically walking around the blocks around her hotel it is it’s a shopping
district with a lot of stores trying to find a pharmacy but just being outside
of the hotel for 10 seconds or so can feel the air affecting me it’s it’s I
guess just not clean air there’s a lot of cars but there might be other
factories and stuff I know Germany has a lot more industries than Netherlands but
I’m already feeling some brain fog just being out of the hotel for maybe about a
minute or two and pretty tired mom keeps on coughing just being out here for a
minute or two so of the air is not that great and you
might just end up seeing the hotel for most of the time we’ll check out the
river despite the mains river that connects to
the Rhine River so the air might be better there lots of McDonald’s that we
had lunch at earlier today I’ve got satirises from the pharmacy which is
their tech they didn’t have anything else they didn’t have the pepcid
famotidine and didn’t have the Allegra fexofenadine that one as a prescription
only so I’ll get by with cetirizine until until Tuesday I wouldn’t get back
to LA some more smokers then in the Netherlands here and this is the best
kind of mask that the pharmacy had so how to do for now
as I’ve said in my allergy mask review video this kind of surgical mask doesn’t
do anything for blocking out pollution or you’ve been cigarette smoke and it’s
pretty true I’m just I’m still smelling everything. Luckily the area in this hotel
has been amazing there’s no odors no fragrances so it’s been a good relief
from being outside ♬Tomorrow’s never promised
But now is the time for change that starts today Back at the hotel after about a two hour
walk. We tried to stay in the alleys and just walk along the river while we were
on the bridge there was actually pretty good there weren’t that many smokers but
I think it’s just a general pollution in this city
the masks doesn’t really help so you can tell my throat is kind of closing up
voices a little raspy and my sinuses are doing Oh Friday night and allergic reactions
from the pollution and walking around outside this afternoon it’s getting
worse my nose has been running and draining a
lot of fluids for like the past five hours just started to run
what right about like 5:45 on our way back to the hotel so wearing those
surgical masks that uh they’re like the best I could get at the pharmacy here
that basically did nothing I guess it kept out some pollen and some larger
dust items but does nothing to walk out the smoke in the pollution and the
chemicals so my whole sinus and Airways are reacting
flaring up and I just have all my tissue here because sometimes just starts
trading really fast dumping liquid from my nose I’ve taken
all the antihistamines I’ve been able to get my hands on was not able to get
fexofenadine which is Allegra Allegra has been helping my sinus is the most
recently but it requires a prescription here I guess in Germany and also in
Holland where we’re going back to you and like a day and a half so I’ve also
taken my gastrocrom (Cromolyn) Mast Cell stabilizer now feeling any
benefits yet so I guess I just have to suffer through this and wait it out I’ve
also taken my psyche is foreign dose for the day I was take take it right before
bed it doesn’t seem like it’s it’s helping with this more acute reaction to
the smoke and pollution outside. Luckily the hotel air is really really good I do
want to compliment Westin Hotels or whatever kind of filter
or any housekeeping procedure they have sometimes house sometimes the sheets
smell like you know perfume or soap or something either from linen or just from
the housekeeper’s who used those products on themselves but so far the
Weston haven’t haven’t smelled anything that would trigger a reaction so it’s
all outside hopefully this will calm down enough that I can get some rest but
I’m thinking and I may not want to go outside tomorrow and just wait it out
and yeah just stay in that hotel until our train back to the Netherlands in a
day and a half so last night I ended up also having a
fever a lot of flu-like symptoms I think just the pollution and also the stress
of traveling and having my back stolen my backpack stolen
it was day before yesterday was just a very long day that my mean just
collapsed and even though my allergic reactions I was talking about that went
away the flu just has felt horrible all night and this morning has calmed down a
bit I just been drinking a ton of water and slept most a day but I still have so
feels sore in my bones and still feel a little bit warm so yeah but at least I’m well enough to
stand up now wasn’t able to do that last night again earlier this morning so
we’re gonna go out and get my breathing mask tried if we ask the concierge and
one of the waiters here about some hardware stores are nearby so we’re
gonna go see if I can get a replacement mask now to hold me over until we get
back to LA and after that we’re going to go to one of the two pharmacies here
right behind the hotel and see if we can get Tylenol or the generic version or
ibuprofen because Tylenol has been helping me kind of keep my fever down so I’m
definitely gonna need it especially for tomorrow for our train ride from Germany
back into the Netherlands it’s Sunday May 26th it’s the fourth day
we’ve been here in Frankfurt Germany and my skin is getting a little bit more
bumpy rashes are showing up and just it’s flaking like micro flakes but it’s
enough to make like a black surface look a little bit powdery being here in
Frankfurt has made my skin and obviously my allergies
and everything else a little bit worse reverting back to my reverting back to
how I do back in LA so I guess it’s just pollution here it really is that bad
compared to the Netherlands in the Netherlands my skin was doing great much
much better than back in LA also you can hear my snows have finally
stopped raining after about 48 hours but it’s but both my sinuses are clogged now
whereas when I was in the Netherlands I was breathing just about perfectly all
my sinuses were clear there’s no inflammation in my Airways where my
sinus says now I have the here in Frankfurt out to use my inhaler once or
twice a day it’s about about the same or maybe a little bit more than when I’m in
LA so just being here in my situation my health really is falling back to where
how it is in LA so there’s no real benefit for me to come to Germany I made
it to the train station headed back to the Netherlands we’re going to Rotterdam
this time indicator Rotterdam in the Meno that’s where we’re gonna stay the
next few nights before I head back to LA second day back here feeling so much
better it’s about noon that’s left for probably 12 hours just so exhausted from
getting sick in Frankfurt and it carried it over just my illnesses won’t stop um
what’s the flare-up start so even yesterday on the train their parts were
felt like asthma was coming on and my nose my sinuses were draining on
and off but most mostly the train ride was pretty good as soon as we boarded
the train I started feeling a little bit better huh but I mean just traveling and
carrying around four big pieces of luggage that we thought we were gonna
need staying at the Airbnb in here in Halla stay on the Airbnb here and haul
in for six weeks we brought so much stuff and lugging that around has been
kind of difficult but luckily this this marriott here in Rotterdam is right
literally right across the street from the train station you can see it from
inside the train station so it’s pretty easy to get here and I’m just enjoying
soaking up the fresh air here I think the air inland element is really that
clean just by breathing it it’s therapeutic and my body starts to heal but just but being in Frankfurt and
having so much phlegm and having such a bad reaction so fast it’s accumulated a
lot of phlegm and I’m finally getting a chance to get that out so I think that’s
why I’m coughing but and I know my face just looks really red just from I guess
this is more of a healing read it’s finally having a chance to peel off all
the damage that it’s finally getting a chance to peel off all the damage to
happen in Frankfurt but yeah we fly out tomorrow back to LA so we’re just gonna
take it easy today and and rest might go out for a stroll along
the harbor here and there’s not a whole lot of sightseeing stuff to do in
Rotterdam it’s more of a it’s a I think it’s the biggest port in Europe so it’s
more about businesses and shipping so-so but we’re gonna try to find a couple
places that are close enough for us to walk to

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  1. Damn, sad to hear the trip went downhill. About the stolen luggage: don't you have a backup? I can recommend carrying a small amount of medication with you at all times. So in an unforseen event you have at least a couple of days to find a pharmacy/doc where you can restock.

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