MedStar Health Offers Tips for Seasonal Allergy Sufferers

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– [Reporter] It’s that time of year again when allergy sufferers feel it most, tree and grass pollen season. – Can you open your mouth a little bit? Good, good. – [Reporter] It’s keeping
doctors like Manav Singla busy, and patients like Louis Gross miserable. – Well I start to itch my ears,
it causes eczema in my ears. And then I have to go to the ear doctor because I get ear infections. And then it’s just a vicious cycle. – [Reporter] Doctor Singla says every year for the past 10 years, pollen counts have gone up, and this year is no exception. – [Doctor] An average peak
pollen count can be about 1,000 for tree pollen. Recently we’ve seen up to 1,600. The concept of climate change
is very, it’s seen here everyday in the pollen counts. And in the number of people suffering from allergy triggered sinus problems,
allergy triggered asthma, and other breathing problems. – [Reporter] With pollen
counts on the rise, some are turning to immunotherapy shots. They are doses of the
allergen that overtime train the body to become less allergic. Gross developed severe
reactions to pollen as an adult, and now gets those shots once a week. – Hoping to allieve the,
the eczema in my ears, pretty much the itching. It has been working, yes. – [Reporter] 20 to 30
percent of the population is allergic to pollen, and if you use over
the counter treatments, make sure to do them often and in time. – Start with over the
counter oral antihistamines. Your Zyrtecs, your Claratins,
your Allegras, Xyzals If that’s not adequate, then
you need to start a nose spray. – [Reporter] Unfortunately,
Doctor Singla expects the trend of increased
pollen counts to continue. But with the peak of the season upon us, relieve is on the way. Theo Hayes, WBAL TV 11.

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