Meet Asthma UK researcher Dr Luke Daines

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My name is Luke Daines I’m a GP and a
researcher at the University of Edinburgh my research in asthma began as
a final year GP trainee and I was working with in the Asthma UK Centre
for Applied Research which is just a really friendly environment and I think
it just really hooked me I also remember as a young child waking
up breathless and wheezy and feeling a real relief from an
inhaler and although I didn’t even have a diagnosis of asthma I can connect with
how that feels and so yeah I’m passionate about researching asthma
making life better for people who do have that condition. My research is looking at asthma diagnosis It may seem strange to think about diagnosing
asthma as being a challenge but it’s actually quite tricky at times and so my interest
is about how we can make that easier for doctors and nurses particularly in
primary care I’m delighted to be a GP and work in in practice and I think it
really helps me to understand what the challenges are in making a diagnosis of
asthma so my clinical experience helps me to inform research that ultimately
can be easily translated into practice well asthma diagnosis is the very
fundamental of beginning personalized treatment so without a clear and
accurate diagnosis it’s impossible to then treat somebody effectively so my
research will help to improve the accuracy with which asthma is diagnose
and that’s really crucial because to deliver effective treatment we need to
know that that asthma is present and secondly it will improve the
personalizing treatment and we hope to deliver this within about three years there should be a product available to help doctors and nurses

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