Meet Elizabeth Twite, PA-C

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Here at Allergy Associates I work
really closely with Dr. Theodoropolus. We work as a team along with our
medical assistants to treat and see patients. I did go to UWL here in La
Crosse at the University for a biology degree and then a minor in nutrition. I did
my Master’s Degree for physician assistant studies out in Stony Brook
University in Long Island and then prior to coming back to the La Crosse area I did work in the emergency room and in the hospital. One big thing that drew me to
Allergy Associates was the innovation and advancements that they’ve done with
food allergies. I do have a niche and passion for nutrition and seeing how
they were able to better people’s diets and lives has been super encouraging and
refreshing and great to see patients quality of life improve. I would say
that’s the most rewarding part of my job, is seeing just an overall improvement in
people’s quality of life, from decreased infections, to people not
needing as many medications, whether it’s asthma, heartburn,
just in general allergy meds, it’s really encouraging and life-giving to see
people enjoy life better.

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