Meet Gina – Respiratory Therapy Major at Salisbury University

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[MUSIC PLAYING] I think what’s
the most unique part about the respiratory therapy
program here at Salisbury is the fact that I
was in the hospital by the second week
of my program. So I got the experience
right off the bat that this is what I either
did or didn’t want to do. And I think what I
love most about being a respiratory therapy major in
the different ways of routes that you can go about
being a therapist. So you could either
be in emergency rooms setting and working
in a high intensity, or you could work with
neonates and pediatrics and work more with the families. And then you could either
work in a home care provider or hospice setting. So there’s a bunch of different
routes that you can go with it. And you kind of
get a feel what’s great about Salisbury program
is that they get you into all those different aspects. So you can get a feel before you
graduate what kind of therapist you’d want to focus on. So it’s not just you’re going
to be a respiratory therapist. It’s you have this opportunity. But you can be anything from it. And they encourage it. They’re not just like
you have to do this, like you decided to go to school
to be a respiratory therapist and then that’s it. The simulation center is
actually really helpful. It’s something
that I didn’t think we’d actually use that often. But they have the room set up
as if you were in a hospital. So you get to use
the ventilators and you get to work with
a real life mannequin that can react with you. And there’s monitors
on the screen. So when we do credentials
like ACLS, for example– that’s when we’re
doing the semester– they’ll actually have a
mannequin laying in bed. And you can adjust
the bed levels. And it’s being like in an
actual hospital setting with the monitors being up. And there’s a defibrillator
sitting right there. And they have all
the equipment there and the medications
that you can practice are actually pulling from. A lot of hospitals
now are looking for the Bachelor
of Science degree for respiratory therapy major. And all the places
I’ve got to go and the people I’ve got
to see and the experiences that I’ve had is really
kind of set me apart, because I’ve known people
who’ve done other programs. And they don’t get that
experience and I got to. I’ve genuinely enjoyed
being in this program. And it’s kind of
sad to see it end. They take pride in the
pass rate for the big exam after you graduate to become
a respiratory therapist. But it’s not their main goal. They want to see you
be happy in the end. And being happy, one,
is in part passing that exam, which is why they’re
so focused on us passing it. When there was those hard days
of classes and those hard exams and just, why is
it so difficult? Why are they making it so hard? It’s really just for the
betterment of you as a person and for your profession and for
this exam once you graduate. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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