Meet Kellie Barrett, MS, PA-C Pediatric Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine | Ascension Texas

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Hi my name is Kellie Barrett, I’m a
physician assistant with the pediatric pulmonary group I think I decided as a
young child I was always interested in medicine of some sort and helping people
I loved my pediatrician growing up and so I was always inspired by him so as I
continued to get older and start deciding pathways for college medicine
was just always my choice So actually did a rotation with this
group when I was in PA school at Baylor med school in Houston and so I chose I
knew I was interested in pediatrics and I chose to do pulmonary because you get
to see a variety of diseases and I initially did Family Practice when I
first got out of PA school and then when I learned of this opportunity I was very
interested to join this group I would say just as most individuals
that are treating pediatric patients we’re here to listen we’re here to help
we know being in the hospital can be a stressful situation for you and your
child and your family we want to have open communication I want to be a
resource to you to make this hospitalization as easy as it can be There’s so many things that are
rewarding about my job some days are tough but overall this job is very
rewarding getting to see kids get over illnesses see how resilient kids are is
just rewarding getting to see kids go home and discharged from the hospital
and grow and be able to go home and do normal kid activities is just very
rewarding I would say it definitely has helped me
empathize with my patients more just from a different level from a mother’s
perspective and not only a healthcare professional I just I see it and my kids
and my mothering as a health care provider is the heartaches and the
triumphs you see it from both perspectives A lot of hobbies and interest right now
my time is devoted to my two little ones I have a two year old and a three month
old at home so they take up most of my time, I love being with family and
friends as well

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