Meet Our Doc: Dan Atkins, MD, Allergy

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the expertise I should bring is about
allergies or the medical side. My job is to come in and listen to the story and think about potential causes of the problem and potential solutions then the next
portion of my job is to explain that to the families so that they understand it and
then they can think about the different options they have and what fits best
with their family in the end I want to make the family
feel like they’re a participate and that they have control and then you know
I provide them the options and we talking through and we decide what’s best for their child given their family and their families value The thing I have come to realize that what time is to a parent there’s nothing more precious than a child and to be a person
who gets to sit in and help their child get better and get to know family at
that level i mean it’s a privilege and I enjoy that! and I enjoy the interaction there’s some magic that goes on in the room here in the room with the families. I want to make children with allergies better. I want to give them the best quality of life we can give them. So, that’s what it’s about.

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