Meet Our Doc: David Fleischer, MD, Allergy

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Food allergies don’t just affect
the patient, but affects the whole family. For me, when I
look at a food allergy patient, my goal is eventually to get
that number of foods they have to avoid down. So if we can help
them either outgrow these allergies, or treat them, this
will dramatically improve their lives. We had the opportunity to
build an allergy section from the ground up here. It is a lot
of work doing what we’ve done, but every day I get up even the
toughest days–I was here til 8:00 last night–but I wanted to
come to work this morning. I enjoy clinic, I enjoy the things
that we do. We’re making a difference in these patients
lives. It’s fun coming to work and I think that’s the thing
that gets me up every day. Now let’s treat patients and come
work with people that I enjoy working with every single day.
It’s that team approach that I think Children’s has and I know
we have with our allergy team. That’s what really separates us
from other allergy centers and other allergy hospitals and I think
other children’s hospitals around the country.

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