Meet Our Doc: Francis Hickey, MD, FAAP, Sie Center

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Probably the changing thing in
my life was the birth of my son who has Down syndrome. I used to
tell people I spent six months reading everything I could. I
realized most of the articles were not very helpful for
clinical research, definitely not helpful for parents to
research. In the West, there is no other Down syndrome clinics
from California to Kansas. So that was an opportunity to make
a difference in this part of the country. John and Anna Sie, they
were a driving force in changing things from a research and also
from a medical standpoint. With the support of the hospital,
we’ve built a top-tier program. We have probably the best job in
the hospital, dealing with the children who happen to have Down
syndrome. I have had the pleasure of dealing with close
to 2,000 kids in my career. We have the ability to change the
kids’ lives. Our whole goal when we started here was to maximize
all the kids’ abilities to what they can do in different areas.
It’s just a lot of fun and I’ve never been rewarded in other
things I’ve done in medicine like I am in this.

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