Meet Our Doc: Matthew Greenhawt, MD, Allergy

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Like a lot of allergists, I am a
life-long allergy sufferer. I have asthma, I have allergic
rhinitis. And that sort of baited the hook to get me into
allergy. I happened to come out of training right at this
time where food allergies really exploded, and there weren’t a
lot of people interested in it. So it was really easy for me to
say, “Alright, this is what I’m going to do, and this is how
I’m going to make my mark on the world.” When you bring
your child to me with this question–“Is my child allergic
to this or that,” I’m motivated to get the answer right for you.
But what I don’t want you to do is to walk out sort of wearing
your diagnosis as this badge of your identity and who you are.
I want you to remain your person and life should go on. And
that’s really what I specialize in doing, is helping you live a
better life with your diagnosis. I really like dealing with the
kids because you’re looking at this child who is young, and
what you do can make such a huge difference and an impact on
the rest of their life. I really just found myself driven to be
around the kids and to help them and sort of their joy and
their enthusiasm really made any difficult day of
mine that much easier.

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