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Hi I’m Dr. Varshney and I practice
pediatric allergy and immunology Practicing medicine is just a unique
field combining science and the opportunity to help people everyday
through your work and so I think that’s just an incredible combination it makes
going to work so meaningful and so considering what I wanted to do I wanted
something that would allow me to help people
I enjoyed science and I enjoyed really the human aspect of Medicine and so that
really what drew me to medicine as a career I love my specialty and I’ve always
loved working with kids and so that drew me to pediatrics early on in medical
school I love their joy I love their hope their courage and I love the unique
relationship that pediatric physicians have with their patients and their
patients families then in thinking about what specialty I wanted to do if I
wanted to specialize I found myself really drawn to allergy and immunology
there’s just a wide range of conditions that you care for and it
allows you to still have that long-term relationship with your patients which is
what brought me into medicine in the first place
so so pediatric allergy is I think a fantastic field I truly love what I do
there’s such a wide range of conditions that we care for from food allergy and
eczema to asthma to complex immune deficiencies and a common thread with
all of them is the opportunity to have these long-term relationships with your
patients and that really brings me just great great satisfaction In a field like allergy and immunology
which is just constantly expanding we’re learning so much each day you know my
goal and you know the reason I come to work each day is to bring what I learn
and what the field is learning to my patients to help them you know lead
healthier lives and so I think you know I think that’s what what they should
know I love to cook and I love to bake and I
like to cook and bake all sorts of cuisines and learn new recipes and I
think actually that intersects with my my work – because I’m food allergy I
think requires a really in-depth knowledge of the different foods that
are out there and you know I hear from my patients and their families a lot of
what they eat and say foods and food triggers and so that’s just an extension
of one of my other passions which is I’m cooking and baking I love the outdoors
so I love to hike and bike and just be out in nature I think it is its
restorative and it’s so many of nature’s beauties you just man cannot recreate
and so I just love experiencing that and I love to do that with my family so I
love spending time with my family exploring nature so we do a lot of
outdoor stuff and and traveling also traveling is a real real interest of
mine and I love exploring new cultures meeting new people and just learning new
ways to see the world

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