Meet The Boy Allergic To Food

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Today we’re gonna meet the boy who’s allergic to food. It sounds crazy. How can you be allergic to something That’s so vital for everyday life? This boy has a very rare disorder that makes it so he can’t actually eat food This is part of our “Meet the person” series we had meet the girl who’s allergic to water, Which is also insane, meet the girl allergic to the Sun, meet the boy who dies if he falls asleep? This is another part of the series Hope you guys enjoy, and you’re watching Reaction Time without further ado Let’s jump right into and find what this is all about I just was basically starving myself to death because food made me hurt and feel so sick 19 year old Alex Visker is allergic to the proteins in foods just tasting a mouthful can cause extreme nausea, crippling stomach pain, or worse *Alex* on a day-to-day basis I can’t eat any food because every single food that I’ve tried out makes me sick or puts me in anaphylaxis So he’s not technically allergic to food He’s allergic to Proteins that are in food and you see a tube and a valve in his stomach So I think they didn’t tell us yet, but his allergy is probably only from the mouth He could probably just get certain vitamins and sugars to go through his stomach. It looks like they found a way so far Let’s keep watching. *Alex* which is when your body has a systemic reaction and your throat just feels closed and you can’t breathe. The only way he can get the nutrition he needs is through a feeding tube directly into his stomach the cost of his food formula and Medications is a staggering $7,000 a month, and there is still no official diagnosis for his condition. *Mom* It’s heartbreaking. So this disease is so rare They don’t even know what it is yet that’s a first for the series so far every single one We’ve seen they’ve diagnosed the disease, but they just told us it was very very rare this one They don’t even have a diagnosis. *Mom* As a parent you want To fix it, we want to find answers From the time he was really young as we look back. He had a lot of symptoms. Nausea, stomach pain, headaches, bone pain, muscle pain It’s one of the reasons why it was so difficult to pinpoint. What was happening with him at one point He actually was having the stomach convulsions so bad that we took him up to Primary Children’s to the emergency room and it just started to progress So that he started to eat less and less food. He started to be sick more He started to spend days in bed and miss school and it isn’t just food that Alex is allergic to He also has reactions to perfumes, paints, cleaners, and air fresheners He even had to give up playing saxophone and clarinet As putting the reeds in his mouth made him ill. *Alex* It’s changed a lot of things for me I’ve had to rethink how to do a lot of things and make it work for me Alex’s parents have taken him to dozens of doctors and specialists who couldn’t provide any answers for his mysterious illness Being undiagnosed is one of the hardest things there is, because you have no support group people don’t believe you they just think you’re crazy You know he’s just resilient from a day-to-day. He cannot feel well Okay, so the craziest thing about this in my opinion is the fact that he can’t actually eat anything so I think it’s a part of my life like tasting food and eating food that I really enjoy and unfortunately he can never Experience that, so like he wouldn’t be able to experience like desserts or just eating regular food or trying junk food for example But I mean as long as he looks healthy, and he’s still alive and found a solution I think that’s really important. *Girl* Alex has been seeing Dr. Gerald Blake, an expert in allergies and immunological conditions. In terms of the Commonness of what Alex suffers from, it is quite rare I don’t think we know how rare. There is another disease which is Related and that’s Eosinophilic esophagitis where patients react to foods and get information of their Swallowing to of the esophagus. There’s a great deal of research being done He now takes a combination of allergy medications, acid reducers, and drugs for mast cell activation disorder. *Alex* Every two weeks I get the shots are called Zil it’s used to treat chronic hives and asthma Cromolyn sodium and ketotifen, which are mast cell stabilizers and the ketotifen is an antihistamine and I’m on the famotidine I take our flex and Take Benedril as needed. And it overall makes me feel better. Alex gets his nutrients through a feeding tube direct to his stomach and Lives off an elemental formula containing no whole proteins, but he tries to keep mealtimes as normal as possible So what’s crazy for me? I’m trying to think how someone can survive without any proteins because Proteins are used to repair your muscles and pretty much anything in your body that needs repairs You need protein, so if anybody knows about this and knows how you could still survive without any proteins, please Let me know down in the comments Where would you get your proteins from if you can’t actually Digest protein or eat protein? Because I know you have to have protein so this is very strange sometimes I will cook food. I have a girlfriend and I cook for her Oh, that’s so nice. Sit at the dinner table with my family And I have my tube out and I pour my food in, and enjoy the conversation I’ve always wanted my family to know that even though I can’t eat food I’ve always wanted them to not like feel super bad. *Girl* Many of Alex’s symptoms are now under control, but the $7,000 per month for his medication and food formula has exhausted his college fund, however Online donations might help him secure his further education and future I hope. *Tal* Okay guys, So this is a perfect opportunity. If you guys want to help him out, you can donate on his GoFundMe his name is Alex Visker, he’s allergic to anything with protein, so obviously any donations will help him a lot And hopefully sees this video that were trying to help him out because I mean I actually feel really bad for the guy But like he said he doesn’t want anyone feel bad for him Especially his parents so if you guys want to donate if the GoFundMe is still active I’ll leave a link in the description so you guys can go check it out. *Girl* Online donations might help him secure his further Education and future. My hope is that I can do some programming. We have to get a job from home Then to get a family. *Mom* It would help for a cure or for him to be healthy again I don’t know whether that’s a reality or not next best-case scenario would be to just find the very best way to be able to Manage the illness and hope that there are people out there with enough compassion to give him a chance After being on some medications and being able to have more of a life again. I’m grateful that I have what have Okay, guys, so unfortunate story with a pretty happy ending. He still lives life. He still has friends and a girlfriend He still gets by day to day Let me know what you guys think if you have any other people that you want me to meet, obviously not in real life But when we introduce them on the show put it down in the comments for example There is actually a girl that sneezes 12,000 times a day This is gonna be another one of the episodes, so if there’s stuff like that that we don’t see every single day Let me know in the comments down below. Thank you for watching That’s gonna wrap up the video. The original video is gonna be the first link in the description, if you want to watch the whole thing or share with your friends or anybody That you want to show the video to but in the meantime check out my second channel here You can also subscribe to this channel here. I’ll see you guys next time. Have a good one and peace out.

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