Meet the Dust Mites, Tiny Roommates That Feast On Your Skin  |  Deep Look

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Long ago — around the time we started growing
our own food – humans settled down. We went home, inside. We built permanent shelters to protect us
from the elements… and keep the wild animals at bay. Or so we thought. Surprise! The animals were right there with us. They
still are. This is dust. Zoom in and you find an ecosystem almost as
elaborate as the one we left outside. But small enough for us to forget it exists. Dust is pretty much anything small. But the most important ingredient of dust
— at least for the purposes of this story — is skin. Your skin. Her skin. His skin. Tiny flakes that fall off our bodies.. all
day long. Researchers at The California Academy of Sciences
in San Francisco collect and study house dust to find out what, exactly makes up this micro-universe. Even the cleanest homes are teeming with tiny,
almost invisible roommates. — and even more so if you have pets or kids
or live on the ground floor. Most homes have over 100 species – no matter
how often you vacuum. Not just these guys,
but these and these. Most of these microscopic roommates are harmless. Just freeloaders, basically. But one can cause real trouble: the house
dust mite. This is like the roommate who leaves his crap
around and makes you sick. Dust mites don’t bite people. They don’t need
to. We feed them. Constantly. Skin flakes are hard to digest. It’s like eating hair or feathers. So dust mites have powerful digestive enzymes
to break the skin down. Those enzymes turn up in dust mite poop. And let’s just say you probably don’t want
to know how much dust mite poop is in your house.. When people breathe dust, they breathe in
the poop — and the enzymes, too — which irritate the lungs and can aggravate asthma,
especially in kids. Like us humans, dust mites haven’t always
lived inside either. These tiny relatives of spiders and scorpions
once lived in birds nests. But then, some intrepid dust mites made the
jump… from bird’s homes, to ours.. And as our society thrived and grew, so did theirs. Hi – this is Amy. So while you marvel at this lovely pyroglyphid,
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100 thoughts on “Meet the Dust Mites, Tiny Roommates That Feast On Your Skin | Deep Look

  1. 1:47 oh so the little that alway wondering on the edge of the wall in my room are called booklouse thanks deep look

  2. "It’s practically impossible to completely rid a home of dust mites"
    I think that's the view of a small mind, you just aren't as determined as I just became. Now where's my facemask? I have some HEPA filters to install and gas to buy.

  3. For those freaking out about these things: they're harmless to those who aren't allergic to them. In fact, without them, there would be dead skin laying all over the place! So really, they're doing us a favor.

  4. I was helping someone clean some really dusty artificial plants last night and I've been itchy ever since. 🙁

  5. Finally I found the answer. I thought at first It was just my imagination that I felt itchy on my skin, but everytime I look, there's nothing in there. But when I took a closer look, there's this tiny white dust thing that moves on my skin. I told my pa family, but they never believed me. So now I have evidence. Thank you very much. Even though I still feel itchy while typing this. Period.

  6. Hello, great video and very informative. I own a restoration services company and one of the services we provide is Dust Mite eradication. Along with our test we perform using a collected sample to quantify the level of infestation, I would love to be able to show the customer who they have been sleeping with! I have ordered several of the cheaper digital microscopes but really haven't had much luck being able to see the little critters. I'm sure it's a combination of things I'm doing wrong but could you possibly suggest a model of microscope that would be proper to achieve this goal? Any help would be greatly

  7. Just imagine you are walking normally and then suddenly a giant vacuum comes from behind you and the last thing you hear is

  8. Me: Okay, time to go to sleep!
    goes to sleep
    wakes up 2 hours later
    Me: 😣 WHY AM I SO ITCHY!?
    looks at arms and legs
    Me: Oh, well isn't this just GREAT!😬😬

  9. I think these are incredible! Think about it they clean our house in a way. And without them, our houses would be even dirtier. EVERYTHING HAS A PURPOSE except misquotes.

  10. I don't care about the dust mites, I care that I've been sleeping in a blanket coated in dead skin, my shirt is coated with skin, THERES SKIN EVERYWHERE

  11. Does this one lives in our clothes?? I found this type of mites in my clothes pants which I didn't wear it for long times and I think it does not bite us but it uncomfortable .when I told to my family about this type of mites that I always found in my clothes,they said it may be coming out from my body and told me to consult the Doctor, but I think they are wrong and now I'm scared and confused.

  12. I thought this video was going to say that there are tiny bugs eating my sking off of my body (like right off of my arms)

  13. my doc couldnt figure out what was wrong with me but google did. thanks google. i used to only change sheet every 2 to 3 weeks now i change every week. vacuum my room take off dust and no more rash red eyes runny nose. its 90% better

  14. Hey !!!! Help I need help I think iam the only person alive that can feel mites crawling on me I have a very very sensetive skin … the little ones have like a web hair on them. I feel them crawl in my eyes and in my nose worse of all my mouth. The web hair gets in my throat and mats up. It gags me. They get in my hair and make web homes on my head. Please help just me and my dog or the ones plagued. The wife and kids or fine they don't feel anything. I caught samples and sent them to the local exterminator. He says in 29 years he has never seen anything like it. Me and my family though I had formacation but we have ruled that out with magnafiyglass. Help help plea see help some or just little white looking dots that make there way to my face I gusee for the carbon dioxide.

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