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hello guys good day on whatever you’re
time now thank you for watching my videos thank you coming back to my
channel and today guys talking journey my problem couple guys are King face if
you can see my face yeah that’s my problem
so to the guys whooping that was shocking derma appointment technical
Hawking or a scarf simcha if you guys to rip apart your socket wanna who makeup
today they have my own consultation from my doctor
Tina an aqua nabob Idaho so today is yeah I know push it guys if it fell
kosher Hong Kong my purpose I’m acting trick me so he so I’m gonna do guys is
some video guys hello guys today is my second day to go to my dermatologist
office so yesterday the checkup gonna the checkup Namira knocking face kuma
happen so I have see burn no asthma problem mine is deep already
so on today’s my procedure soda gonna drop my flat spot side and it takes only
one time process so yeah we pocoyo after na ma my I was a knocking face up if
it’s recommended in the coup CR my a I know if he films and OKC I know and as
Akasaka Neal an indie indie Solano I owned an Alfa my AK so it Trico today if
I can do a from me why are my my procedures doing so I try to found this
issue on my face I have I think a level 3 super burn on my face because guys
India who knocks us on that before and my work guys is a medical field so I go
a house-to-house semana a client Cove so it took a seminar is happened so okay
guys just follow my journey to fix my face here
they’re right here and right there they’re gonna fix my impulse to because
and then I’m yeah enough I still have a lot of pimples on myself
not even that doctor told me that so I ever you eat it goes to your face so if
you eat healthy your face is healthier so guys advice
now Lola you’re eating my headphones malas eating my headphone it’s broken
okay guys so guys and I panic we saw parking lots acrylic
napoca Hanko so see you inside the clinic and ice and inside the clinic
Hindi collisions surround and so firming cursor inside
nine clinic Marama Salam on a product ya know product Neela Jana benevento
till 11:00 at Ninian it’s a high and I know before and after no Camilla Moret
client so I’m here waiting a long litany lung clinic somos de belem hope guys man you want me to like get started so you
can video it while I do it yes for sure okay do you mind if I cover
you with your goggles so we can protect your eyes he is awesome okay so the
crystals will will be what we used to resurface your skin so it feels a little
bit like sandpaper it’s not painful at all but you let me know if there’s any
skin sensitivities that start to develop okay it’s not painful but it is thorough
okay very relaxing hopefully on the right hand side of your forehead
okay great let me know later and then favorite spend maybe do more of like a
lighter treatment we don’t want to go too strong you know and your first visit
however when you come in in the future if you don’t have anything going on the
next couple days maybe you’re okay with a little bit of dryness possible peeling
and flaking and things like that we can go a little stronger on you okay how’s everything feeling Marilu there’s
no campaign not too bad right we also have different albums you can do
like if you ever want to do your neck in your chest you can add that on for an
additional as well now there’s $20 additionally and for non-members they
paid 40 so when you get membership racing in first three visits no matter
what so you can do now if you ever wanted to add on your neck and chest today also this is what you know we have
eye treatment to case you ever wanted to do it even if it’s not today but maybe
in the future yeah you could do the eye treatment which is amazing it’s valued
at 220 but we offer it to our members for 110 yeah because that happens so if
you try it out so intent as well it’s pretty amazing it’s a five-step process
so there’s a lot of steps involved in it to resurface the areas with kind of the
feel mm-hmm and now it’s just made out existing by mario’s it just softens okay we’re gonna take a quick break you
look at your skin side-by-side okay okay so what I’m gonna do is just dust away
all the crystals are on your skin and then I’m gonna give you an ear for you
to see your skin why don’t we take pictures with this so you can always
keep on with you I’m gonna dust away the crystals so just make sure you don’t get
crystals in your eyes so just keep them closed okay you good
it won’t feel good I mean I haven’t in my eye before it comes out but we want
to avoid it for you don’t want to hurt you I did it to myself it was through my
skin we contracted yeah yeah it’s not like super strong yeah so the thing too
is our crystals they make all the difference because they don’t only hear
we don’t only resurface a lot of places just resurface your skin
yeah but the crystals we use their medical grade and we’re the country that
uses oh yeah they’re really I mean they do they do a service and rebuilding them
skin because we just force a bunch of microscopic abrasions in your skin
mm-hmm the crystals they put out they hit the
skin they create cuts microscopic cuts that you have all over now on the side
and it tricks the body and it goes to a magic healing mode so it wants to heal
itself and that means grow discs it just like when you get a cut anywhere else in
your body it grows your new skin to heal it right yeah the other might have
stopped the cuts so they’re gonna do that around 21 days start to burn your
skin that’s why there’s a chain okay you are
going to open your eyes in a moment I’m going into your mirror okay okay here is
going to be what we use to show you your your skin to be up close on a little bit
right here on the back it’s light bright Titan can help to
lighten up around plus I’m even seen talking over time it’s a really good I
can’t even benefit fit in your skin with taking wrinkles from deep I think the lift back up Oh
I don’t like that the steam of such a good thing yes all right
you had to say where would you buy Walker and be honest knowing when to
Tintin our high December very limited say your level over movie I
wanna know what’s at it MSS 500k like a five little rat not do that at all
awesome – on your hand here and be about light for you okay you alright are you doing good I guess for
you so I’m a little bit okay so we’re gonna start your FST which is the third
step of the treatment okay okay you just take the ice close with a
little bright and warm and let me do that and this slash is gonna help to
produce new skin cells to be collagen also and help to give a nice plumping of
the skin it’s also a luminous and then helps to break down the rock tops the
social people in these pillars so you don’t have a lot of the benefits or of
your skin okay right gonna start over here we are government that like Siberian are
from this file your speak you know yes this is less medical great garden so
never goes away that’s a crane or that’s a crease okay this is gonna help to
light and Bryant’s the brother spots so you’re not here so that’s us that’s the
five steps I really like health to purple to the right being my yes my dreams I don’t want to give a nice
moisture to your skin okay so this so the number five is MV for night or mm
yeah it’s only for my tribe but I mean you can really thank you which is
Twitter right now because you’re not gonna wash your face
okay no tomorrow okay so that’s the reason we put it all right now we asked
for nighttime email all night all right so now you’re gonna do all nice and cold
these are constants and this are going to help to close your pores and we’re
gonna have to push it in the products enter into your skin also like this it’s
very good so cool and you never learn no very hot
spots or sensitive spots that you’re telling you know everything feels guy on
your right so now we’re going to fly your sunscreen with you an SPF would be
okay to use every day certain on washington plays guitar took
the whole thing today yes and until tomorrow
yes judgment because we’re one of these products to say you know all night so
that’s what we recommend you know wash your face tonight tomorrow but tomorrow
are confer like Santa Rosa Sandra yes of course yeah
please require to use sunscreen okay guys that’s all my procedure it’s
done so thank you very much for watching my channel and I bid you subscribe my
channel guys you don’t miss anything on my next video up love it
so um guys there’s my first visit and I give you an update for two months and
how it’s our work my face um melasma problem thank you very much babish

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