Menyebar ke Indonesia, Kenal Lebih Dalam Virus Corona dan Cara Pencegahannya

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Hello everyone, today I will share information
about the corona virus for your additional knowledge. Corona Virus first appeared in Wuhan, China
in December 2019. And until now it has spread to 66 countries,
including Indonesia which has recently been infected. According to data from Global Cases, that’s more
of the 90 thousand people infected with the Coronavirus, and more than 3 thousand people died, but there are also
who have recovered as many as 48 thousand people Wow, the infection is so fast, but don’t worry, if you follow the following methods are confirmed
can prevent contracting from this coronavirus. Here’s how to prevent infection of the Coronavirus. Please see the poster from the Ministry of Health. Symptoms of the Corona virus include High fever with a temperature of 38 degrees Celsius, Cough and flu, breathless, sore throat, weak and listless Prevention includes Wash your hands in running water and use soap Always use a medical mask when you want to travel Eat balanced by consuming vegetables and fruit Temporarily avoid contact with animals Diligent exercise and rest enough Avoid consuming uncooked meat When coughing, runny nose, and shortness of breath
immediately consult a doctor what steps to take after returning from China? Always wear a medical mask when in a crowd If you experience shortness of breath when you are
in China or have returned to Indonesia. consult a doctor immediately
and explain your travel history It is recommended not to visit the animal market If you need more information, you can call the Indonesian Ministry of Health hotline number
in this photo or if you’re a Deaf friend and can’t make a call, you can see the website below. Hope it is useful, keep your health
and see you again in KamiBijak.

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