Metered dose inhalers

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Hello my name is Liz and I have a chest
condition that is treated with inhalers. I’m going to show you how to use a
metered-dose inhaler correctly. The information that I’m going to
give you is a quick basic guide. I recommend that you keep and read the patient
information leaflet that comes with your inhaler. First I’m going to cover a few important
points about your inhaler. Then I will talk you through how to use it.
And then I will demonstrate how to use it. At the end I will talk to you about how you
clean and store your inhaler. How you know when it’s getting empty,
and when to reorder another. What to do if you miss a dose,
or accidentally take too much. And what to do about going
to the hospital or clinic. Some inhalers take a few days
or more to work. Therefore I have to take it as prescribed
to prevent flare-ups. The drugs in the metered-dose inhaler, or MDI, are in aerosol form that you
breathe into your lungs. The metered-dose inhaler has a dust cap. You squeeze and pull off the side. You have the mouthpiece and the canister. Now this metered-dose inhaler
does not have a dose counter. Some metered-dose inhalers do have a counter.
This may be on the front, or on the back. When you get a new inhaler you should
check the expiry date on the bottom of the box. And if it’s out-of-date, return it to the pharmacist. The expiry date will also be on
the canister of your inhaler. When your inhaler is new, or has not
been used a few days it’s important that you prepare it for use. To do this, you shake the inhaler. Remove the dust cap. And spray 2 puffs into the atmosphere, PUFF
like so. PUFF Taking care not to spray it on anyone. And then replace the dust cap. Some inhalers require more sprays. Read the instruction leaflet that comes with your inhaler. You should take your inhalers
at the same time every day. They can be taken with, or without food. It is best to stand, or sit upright. And keep your head in a neutral position. When you’re ready to use your inhaler,
remove the dust cap. Check the mouthpiece and make sure
that there’s no dirt or fluff in there. If there is, remove it. Hold the inhaler with your thumb at the bottom, fingers at the top and shake the canister 4 to 5 times. To use your inhaler, you breathe all the way out. EXHALES Like so. And before you breathe back in,
you put the inhaler in your mouth. Seal with your lips. And as you start to breathe in, press the inhaler once, and breathe
steadily and deeply all the way in. And then hold your breath for up to 10 seconds
and just breathe out normally. If you need to take another puff,
then wait 30 seconds and then repeat. When you’re finished with the inhaler, clean with a clean dry tissue. Replace the cap. And brush your teeth,
or rinse your mouth. So now I am going to demonstrate this. So you remove the cap. Checking the mouthpiece, no dirt or fluff. Placing the thumb at the bottom,
fingers at the top. Shaking the inhaler. EXHALES PUFF
INHALES EXHALES Keep your inhaler away from
direct sunlight, heat or frost. Store it somewhere where you will remember to take it. The living room and bedroom are generally
good places to store inhalers. If you forget to take your inhaler,
take it if you remember within 1 to 2 hours. If not, miss the dose and
get back on track with the next dose. You do not need to take the missed dose. If you’ve taken too much of your inhaler,
then call a healthcare professional for advice. You will know your inhaler has run out
when it stops spraying. If you have an inhaler that does not
have a dose counter, then you may want to keep a spare.
If your inhaler does have a dose counter, then you may want to put in a repeat prescription
when you have 10 doses left. It’s really important you don’t over order medications, because drugs can expire. When going to the hospital or clinic,
it’s really important that you take your inhalers and list of medications with you.

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