Mettez 1 plat avec des feuilles de laurier 🌿 Sous le lit  ou sous l’Oreiller la nuit, ce qui s

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Put 1 dish with bay leaves
🌿 Under the bed or under the Pillow at night, what’s going on is amazing YOU WILL STAY! Place a dish with bay leaves
under your bed or next to your bedside table and watch what happens the next day.
I assure you that your life will change after watching this video.
have you ever wondered why is you there
important to have laurel at home ?
The answer you have in mind is a yes and you still don’t know
the why? To have the answer to this question, then
keep watching the video until the end,
because today we’re going to talk to you of the great virtues they bring to
your life. the Greeks and Romans used
this plant for something more than for
make the famous crowns of Laurel; because at that time they were
known for its calming and relaxing effects , they
Relieved inflammation and congestion. Nowadays it goes much further than
it; because they have evolved by placing bay leaves
under the bed, if they did then you why should you do it today
will know it very quickly. we will teach you how
use the bay leaf to take advantage of its incredible properties and benefits for
improve our health Especially watch the full video up
the end; because we will also teach you
how to place bay leaves under the pillow and under your bed? but before if
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among the many spices you have in your kitchen, you certainly miss it
not the bay leaf, because it’s also an ingredient essential in meals, because this one
gives them an unparalleled flavor and smell So what are the benefits and
different uses that can be given to
this spice if you don’t know it here, you
We say everything you need to know. Some people use the Laurel for
have the chance in their desire and their greetings
tell me in comments, do you think these sheets
would be used for that? Have you ever used it in cooking or
then in any other condition? The laurel is a sturdy tree, always
green which generally measures up to nine meters in height, it is characterized
by its leaves thick and elliptical, shiny and of a
greenish blue color, as well as its yellowish flowers, which give
a pleasant smell due to its aromatic qualities.
Laurel has been appreciated in different industries, particularly in the
culinary where it is used as spice or seasoning for which it is
drying is necessary ?
Just 100 grams of this herb contribute 48.67 grams of
carbohydrates 26.3 grams of fiber 7.1 grams of protein and 8.30 and 6 grams
of fat.
the bay leaf is a important source of antioxidants and
minerals like potassium, iron, the
phosphorus, sodium, calcium and magnesium in addition to containing vitamins a b1 b2
b3 b12 and what about the properties
they are attributed to the laurel we find than
This herb has the following characteristics Anti-inflammatory, these leaves have
a calming effect for both the mind and for the body
especially when we burn them These leaves improve blood circulation,
benefits the nervous system so that they turn out
ideal for treating migraines and ailments of head. It is an immune system booster
because she is a source of antioxidants, laurel
helps increase defenses and protect the body from pathogens
. These work as a natural remedy
for clear the airways, and even
if you have allergy problems ,
flu, colds and asthma, so bay leaves came to treat this, if
you have bad breath, so bay leaves will favor obtaining
good breath. Laurel oil is rich in antioxidants,
in vitamins and minerals its topical use
can improve the appearance of the skin, rejuvenating it, giving it back radiance. These sheets are also anti microbial,
because helps disinfect and eliminate bacteria,
warns of possible diseases and infections.
before you continue giving the benefits and properties of laurel
we want to ask you to tell us comments of which beautiful country are you looking at
this video? Now we’ll go to the advantages of putting
bay leaves under the pillow or under the bed in addition to providing a scent
nice in our rooms; historians claim that our
ancestors practiced this in order to drive away all diseases of their bodies, to have
more strength and vigor in their lives daily
Greeks and Romans have used this plant for decades
to make famous crowns of Laurel, because at that time they were
already known for its calming effects And as if that weren’t enough, the oil
essential laurel has properties relaxing, so it’s
very useful for relieving stress and anxiety as well as to fight
Migraines and headaches For that just burn a bay leaf
dry, smoke will spread throughout the room, do not inhale its smoke,
but there is talk of perfuming the room like incense, it is important to
burn on a table cleared containing no flammable object,
we recommend leaving the leaf burnt on a table or pot and not with fingers
, a few minutes after the aroma of this sheet is released in all
the room , you will begin to feel its power
relaxing just like the Romans
place a plate with five leaves laurel under the bed or under the pillow
and if you also have children, the same for them this before sleeping
, this will drive out bad vermin like cockroaches, mice,
ants and insects the smell of bay leaves is a repellant
natural against these insects and rodents so what are you waiting for try this
amazing plant? It is usually used to treat
stomach problems such as indigestion, the
colic and loss of appetite This is why it is advisable to integrate it
in our meal or drink an infusion of these
leaves in the same way, it helps to relax
muscles and relieve the pain of inflammation, if you apply oil
laurel on the skin, massaging soft and circular then you’re going to reduce
anxiety and stress you can also inhale the aroma of this oil, it will
treat bronchitis, clear the airways and treat any other illnesses related to
respiratory system If you have arteriosclerosis, this
oil will improved blood circulation and thus helped to
relieve inflammation of the muscles. If you have painful menses, then
by taking a laurel infusion, you so go down
Bleeding if these are very abundant

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