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“It’s alright bubba, it’s alright.” “I’m just getting you breathing.” “It’s ok, baby.” We have watched him go down in front of emergency
doctors at the hospital, and deteriorate. He has gone to the point where they said
the only option left is to put breathing tubes down. And they actually asked me to leave the room. Which is scary, because you wonder if you’re
going to come back and he’s going to be looking at you, or gone. He could have an asthma attack at any time. I always watch him. I check him every night before I go to bed,
I always check his breathing. My greatest fear is definitely losing him. Him not getting help, and deteriorating to
the point where you lose him. Asthma can be deadly. We know that, for example, in 2013,
389 people in Australia died of their asthma. Australia has one of the highest burdens of
asthma in the world. Now I don’t believe people would understand
how bad it can really get, and how quickly with a young child it can get. Until you really see it.

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