Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party 2019 Merchandise, Allergy Treats,Ride POV’s! Meeting Tim Tracker

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Hey guys, my name’s Hailey, welcome back to the Disney cupcake channel today. We’re heading into Mickey’s very Merry Christmas party I have not been to a very Merry Christmas party since I was 4 years old, so I don’t remember it They’ve changed a lot. I’m very excited to check it out right when you enter the party over here You actually get your wristband if you’re already inside the park There are many stations and councillors will guide you to where you need to go to get your wristbands We have to stay in the park after it closes at 6 p.m. Let’s head inside So when you walk through you get maps and these have the times guide exclusive merch and more all informed here on there When you get into the park You’re going to stay to the right of Main Street and go to this a back entrance Here where they’ll kind of direct you towards all of these stuff that will be starting soon Our first treat is the Minnie Mouse cookie So we basically just go through Magic Kingdom and look for these little towers and then that’s where you get your special treats Let’s take a look at the holiday merchandise in Tomorrowland They have all of the fun holiday merchandise out, but they also have the party exclusive merchandise out as well Which I will show you one item I really wanted to point out where these adorable little pink about keychains and they light up as well. They’re so cute There’s also Mickey Mouse Christmas and leggings and there’s even a candy cane spirit jersey they have this big display in the middle of the store with kind of their new signature character for the holidays this little snowman with Mickey ears on this cup. I’ve seen everywhere. It’s so so cute. There’s also some fun Walt Disney World shirts light-up jingle bell necklaces, and of course Some plush over here There’s all the Fab 5 plush all around the store along with some fun exclusive candies There’s a Mickey Mouse lounge fly bag blankets and a matching pajama sets. There. Are these fun colorful wreaths and ornaments Even tiny little Mickey Mouse trees. Let’s take a look at the year. Very Merry Christmas pretty merchandise The first thing we see is the very Merry Christmas. Pretty Magic Man. This is a 39.99 It’s a really really cute print. I like the logo for this year. I think I’m in a nice box There’s the lounge filling again, but that’s available all the time Here is the Magic Kingdom 2019 very Merry Christmas party spirit Jersey first look at the sleeves In the front looks like a snowman Here’s a look at the bag so cute again love the design the spirit Rosie’s our 6495 each Over here. We have Mickey’s very Merry Christmas pretty t-shirt. This is 3286 Why so weird prices? I don’t know here is the Mickey’s very Merry Christmas pretty 2019 ornament and it says Magic Kingdom on the back and has Mickey there up top with a Christmas tree and this is $24.99 Over here we have this adorable lightbulb mug It’s a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be but it is pretty cute. This is $24.99 and as always there’s the exclusive phone cases And there’s also this long-sleeve shirt that has the same logo on it. The long-sleeve is $39.99. And it says Magic Kingdom on the back Of course there’s a bunch of other holiday items to offer all throughout the Magic Kingdom So just check we’re literally in any store and you guys can find all the fun holiday merchandise like these items over here some Disney ears fun little Queen pouches lounge flies and spirit jerseys Inside of cosmic rays Starlight café in Tomorrowland you can get this adorable jingle bell Mickey Mouse zipper It is all plastic but it looks like it is the classic metal Christmas spell there’s Hidden Mickeys in it and when you shake it You hear jingle bells I think that’s so so amazing and then right up here You can see the zipper Part of it the little top thumbs up there and then there’s also the little button that this will light up at night As the fun theme to strap as well It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas Take a look at the five and sang listening once again quick enemy Make sure to stop up at the main street little fire station here There’s a cast member that you can get your source shows on the Magic Kingdom exclusive card This is free that you get if you attend the very Merry Christmas party, this is kuda with the pop horn Very cool Here at the Sleepy Hollow cafe you can get the red velvet Santa who make the waffle it comes with a bunch of toppings. So with my allergy I decided not to do anything So we’re going to give it a taste and I also got the gingerbread straw and this is only four dollars It doesn’t do my treadmill it just it tastes like It tastes like more like chocolate Like a chocolate that he would have like super chocolaty Not terrible not sure if I’d need it again But castle is officially all lit up Guys I just met Tim from that team now we’re going to do the Space Mountain holiday overlay And everything you could see the track and those loud music to surviving you Robin That was they should be like that all the time They should be like he’s like hype music and having lunch plates every once in a while. I think that’s pretty awesome I definitely recommend it you come to make these very Merry Christmas for you, too Thank you Reignover antigravity, we got the Christmas cookie milkshake It is the milkshake down there. Then it has the whipped cream with holiday sprinkles. And then the homemade Mickey Mouse marshmallow Let’s give this a taste. All right. So here it is Oh my god I once ate a good Christmas cookie. I think it more to say so Porsche or that you’re drinking like likely the whipped cream It is really light though is very good. It just not like a marshmallow the types of shape very cute Also, I want to explain what happened earlier so if you guys are really kind of freaking out look where I got on space now, that’s because I met the That’s my favorite youtuber a whole time. I’m gonna put the picture right here. I’m so Susan. I got to meet him Highly recommended channel and show how they look down below that’s how I was freaking out ATS why I’m still freaking out so so far Another ride with the overlay is Alice’s tea cup so you can see there’s like smoke and holiday lights happening and there’s also Holiday music playing throughout the night Now we’re in line for the next overlay ride this is support the same way there’s one to accommodate lights Pretty exciting as well This is a great view up here of Space Mountain and what we’re going to be seeing here on the attraction Space Mountain looks incredible Oh god, what’s handed Siri? No no Koga All right, here’s our first decoration Over here Here we go. All right Wow Wow, oh my god Like that right should always have something like to look at while you’re driving especially at night They could definitely like keep some sort of lights in there and then for the holidays make them on a Kind of like how they just did so I’m kind of hoping they keep some of those like display like futuristic things in there It may our sense kind of give it some senior along with Tron Requirements I think I’m pretty neat Now we’re going to go into cosmic rays and do our personal stuff. There are one of our candy canes Which means we know that there’s fun little goodies inside There’s also advance party happening in here Yeah, here’s all the goodies So you can also ask for allergy-friendly options, they also have some sugar-free gluten-free options, I got the enjoy life mini chocolate chip cookies The next attraction with an overlay is monsters and glad floor here’s the holiday overlay about snowflakes on the wall and everything starting to holiday jokes along with Only the monster world. Hey Joe Haley from its princess on what does his ornament aspired to be inna the Star That was really cute and they ran my gym On to our next little treat trail, I don’t know what to call this because it’s not like the Halloween tree trails Snowman pursue Here’s a look at the crowds right now on to annex treat stop Look at the theming inside the diamond horseshoe That’s pretty beautiful Took the allergy things that they have Peanut and tree nut. Thank you more chocolate chip Going into my next little snack section here. Thank you The various After many’s Fireworks we decided to get a spot here on Main Street for the parade That way we can see it snow and the hall the beautiful decorations Esme wait That’s gonna do in here Christmas party and hope you guys enjoyed the video Make sure to check out my magic You know part one plug if you guys have to see more Pumpkins and holiday decorations that will also be treated here at the very brain Christmas party I enjoy myself. Haul video will be coming very soon as well So stay tuned for that and subscribe to this channel As always remember to do what you love and do it makes you happy and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye

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