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Alto Films Presents We think we are at the pinnacle of our existence and yet the reality is we’ve never been sicker. We have been facing a rising epidemic of plagues from asthma to obesity to allergic diseases. And it’s going to get worse. Tomorrow’s generation really is
on the edge of the precipice. We’re bankrupting ourselves. A new documentary film The cost would reach a staggering
47 trillion US dollars. That’s not sustainable.
We are hitting the wall right now. And it all starts with birth. Let’s say you have ten diseases
that are rising at the same time. Perhaps there is one thing that is fueling them all: our ancient microbiome which
protected us against many diseases is degrading. We estimate we have lost about
a third of the diversity of our microbes. If we miss the window at birth
then the immune system never matures correctly. If you upset this process in the early life
then we may have consequences later. And that can lead to
production of disease later in life. I think we’re in the midst of
the largest experiment in human history. Humanity is heading for a huge health crisis. The worst case scenario
is in fact really terrible. We have to alert the public. Are we running out of time? I don’t think we are too late
but we’re definitely not too early either. Turn the microscope on birth. It’s a really important part
of a human being’s life. We can make a significant impact
on health for all mankind. If how we are born affects
our chances of long-term health we need to seize this opportunity
to actually turn the courseof human health. If we don’t take the bigger perspective, how do we know that
we’re not altering the course of humanity?

7 thoughts on “MICROBIRTH Movie Official Trailer

  1. After I`ve seen Freedom for Birth, I promoted this FIlm and get the Premiere-Kit, I`ve seen the Film yet and I think it`s a MUST SEE. As a BioDynamic CranioSacral-Therapist I work with pregnat women since more than 15 years.
    I^M sure, this film will open your eyes to a new dimension about global health

  2. Hello! I'm from Brasil.. Someone could tell me how may I find this film? I realy would like to watch it, but here is not so easy to get or even buy. I'll appreciate if someone should show me. Thank you!

  3. You lost me at naming obesity as a plague/sickness. Unless you can produce strong evidence that the average obese person is sicklier and more short-lived than the average slim person, you're right up there with the anti-vaccers. You could have gone with HIV, with cancer, with mental health… No. Fat people. Who may not be seeing their doctors on average that much more than slim people, but let's once again single out fat people beyond smokers, druggies, alcoholics and promiscuous people who don't use protection. It all comes down to fat people.

  4. bullshit…wrapped up in fake science. This film is deceptive and dangerous…especially in advocating vaginal seeding in c-section deliveries. "Parents need to remember that natural childbirth is an industry, and an unregulated industry at that. Just like any unregulated industry, the recommendations of the natural childbirth industry are based on what they believe will increase their market share, not on scientific evidence." http://www.skepticalob.com/2016/02/warning-vaginal-seeding-doesnt-work-and-may-be-harmful.html

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