Microwave An Inhaler (#105)

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Hello, I’m Jory Caron, J-O-R-Y C-A-R-O-N,
host of “Is it a Good Idea to Microwave This?” Can I have that in a sentence?
(gasps for breath) Sorry! Jory: (makes inhaler noise) Ah! Let’s go see what a microwave does to
an inhaler. Jory: Is it a good idea to microwave this? Let’s find out! Here at the Jory Caron Laboratory,
safety is our number-one concern. And that’s why we hide behind this giant tin foil shield.
It’s to protect our nuts, because… Riley: (has coughing fit) Can I have the inhaler?
(coughs some more) Jory: Dude, this isn’t YOUR inhaler. It’s
Decorated Donut’s! Jon: Yeah, but I think someone just let one! Yeah, well… But seriously, this won’t help!
Okay, let’s just go into our microwave laboratory. *hissing air* We also have these fans, to circulate the
air, and this new microwave right here. Her name is… What did we name her? *trumpet fanfare* Riley: (whispers) Tracy.
Tracy! That’s right- Tracy! I can’t remember sometimes. I mean, like… (whispers)
I’ve been goin’ through a lotta microwaves lately, so you know… Jon: Whoops! Yeah, this is a temp worker! (laughs) Okay,
so let’s open this bad girl up. And she’s seen a lotta abuse. Jon: This one? This is kind of evidence that
we buy these things used. Jory: So, I wonder how long I should put it
in there for? Uh… Five minutes? Six minutes! Jon: Sure, five, six, whatever! Jory: Okay, ready? Let’s go! Let’s get outta
here! Jon: So, do we think this inhaler’s gonna
explode? Jory: It’ll take awhile, though, at least
two minutes. Jon: We’ll actually be able to breathe okay
for once, following an experiment! Jory, this is your first black microwave. What do you
have to say about that? Jory: It’s not about… *inhaler explodes and shoots around* Riley: Oh! It went off! Oh! It’s sparking!
Whoa! Jon: Now it’s doin’ somethin’! It took it
[beep]in’ long enough! There’s only ten seconds left! Riley: Oh, it’s sparkin’ now! Jory: I can’t even see… Riley: You should see it! It shot out, I’m
sure the air compressed, shot around a little bit, and started sparking
like it is now. Jory: Why is it that, sometimes, I nail those
times? Jon: Awesome, dude! Just in time! And I was
worried about this Tracy chick. I wasn’t sure she’d
be able to pull her own weight, ’cause, you know, she’s only 3/5 of a microwave… Jory: Yeah, I know! Let’s go in there! Jon: Oh, wait- did I just say that out loud?
I’m sorry, I’m racist! Jory: Yeah, well, you know… Jory: I’m gonna go ahead and remove the content
of her character, and… 3 Jon: Oh! Okay! That thing jetted out. What’ve
we got, Jory? Jory: Oh, yeah… This is really hot, actually. Jon: Yeah, ya think?! Jory: Oh, you can see it bulged right there.
You may be wondering, is it a good idea to microwave an inhaler? Uh, if
you have six minutes to kill… Jon: Well, if you’re using an inhaler, you
probably… Jory: You probably don’t have any time, actually… Jon: Yeah, you probably don’t. Jory: I’m gonna go ahead and say it’s not
a good idea to microwave an inhaler, because the whole
point of an inhaler is for you to actually breathe from it. Because, if you don’t, you’ll
die! Jon: And this is just gonna shoot it into
your lungs! Jory: Yeah, not gonna help out so much…
So, that’s it for “Is it a Good Idea to Microwave This?” I’m your host, I’m Jory
Caron, and I’ll see you next episode. *end credits play* *inspirational music plays*

100 thoughts on “Microwave An Inhaler (#105)

  1. Your standards for "douche" are pretty low if you think I was being a douche… You wanted someone to tell you, so I did.

  2. And I thank you for your help. You took time out of your day to inform and educate me on the video, and I appreciate it. But you didn't have to be pretentious about it. Sorry for calling you a douche.

  3. It men who have it worse when their spouse is having a baby, the woman squeezes your hand until you can't feel it anymore, and then you pass out from lack of blood circulation in your fingers

  4. Poll: Dehydration, when I was a young kid before Second Grade started. Hospitalized a week I believe.

  5. lol i was adjusting a reclining lawn chair. it got stuck,, i yanked it out and my finger was barely on.. pretty traumatizing for a 7 year old girl,

  6. Actually you can die from having asthma the inhaller has medicine in witch you ouff or whatever in your mouth to make it easier for you to breath without it you will have an Asthma attack witch makes it harder and harder to breath until you suffocate. So YES you can die from Asthma Phemonia is when you gert cold or something and turn blue or whatever they are TWO diffrent things have a nice life over-reacter!

  7. i was in the hospital for my leg when I shattered the heel so now I have 5 metal pins in my foot (the other time was when I was 6 and my sister cut my finger off in the hinges of a door)

  8. I was hospitalized because I nearly died and spent 1 and a half months after I was born prematurely.

  9. I was hospitalized by a nosebleed that lasted about an hour and was bleeding profusely. It was painless, but it was so annoying.

  10. when i was 2 i had phnemonia or how ever you spell it and there was no hospital nearby i barely made it to a hospital i almost died :/ but a miracle seemed to happen and here i am, watching this vid and still aliveand healthy

  11. Poll: I was in the shower, and the soap dish broke somehow (???). A shard of porcelain cut the top of my foot so badly I probably would have died if I hadn't gotten medical attention. Ended up getting staples! Fun.

  12. I ended up hospitalized because of constipation mistaken for appendicitis. An enema was required so that is more embarrassing and worst.

  13. Poll: I had to be hospitalized as a baby because my intestines were on the outside, and i needed open heart surgery. Yeah, I had about a 30% chance of making it. God is good.

  14. i know the questions are essentially over, but if i had to give an answer to the poll, i'd have to say when i accidentally cut myself with a steak knife trying to cut through a clip tie… i needed three stitches and apparently according to my mother i fought the doctor every step of the way.

  15. I just saw the video that you did with Ashley and you mentioned that you weren't aloud to have microwaves anymore . That was a joke right ? Cause this video was awesome! 

  16. You can't die from an inhaler but if you take it too many times it probably would o.o. Because (from personal experience) it makes your pretty lighthead/shaky sometimes.

  17. I know the poll has been over for over 4 years now but, my answer is that I have never been hospitalized. 30 years old now and turning 31 in 3 months and my worst injury was popping the growth platelet of my left forearm.

  18. The worst thing I've been hospitalized for? They put me in a bed and attached electrodes to my head so they could monitor my brainwaves because they couldn't figure out what the fuck was wrong with me mentally.

  19. Racing heart… It's the only thing I've been hospitalized for but it was going 237bpm. That's bad. It's SUPPOSED to be going around 70. Yep

  20. Non. Nnnmjln knjn nnnnkn n. Jh h b. Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnñnnnñjjjn. Nnn


  21. I actually was hospitalized for a double whammy of bronchitis and and asthma attack
    So yeah, not microwaving my inhaler any time soon

  22. i got hospitalized by ambulance twice. once from dehydration and again by food poisoning (dare i mention food poisoning happened on friday the 13th)

  23. I was hospitalized for Gastroenteritis. Food poisoning caused it.Being in the waiting room of the ER was the worst part.

  24. I know it's 9 years late, but I would just caution against jokes such as those used at 2:20. Even though I know you don't hold these views, they can still send the wrong impression to someone who hasn't watched more of your content, and just tuned in for a couple TMS episodes. I guess my point is, having watched all 300+ episodes of the original series, you guys are hilarious without needing to resort to these kinds of jokes. Sorry if this seems like unfair criticism. I'm just trying to relay the impression that I had when first watching this video, and offer advice about how others might see it. I still appreciate your content, and I love your in-depth movie reviews.

  25. Almost died at birth cuz of basically pneumonia but instead of water it was blood and not I have asthma as a long term affect so no not microwave that anytime soon or ever…

  26. Poll: A stray cat bit my wrist back in 2015. I thought I was gonna die because I was teased that the cat has rabies, I had a needle in my arm for 2 days for an IV injection, when all of the injection was done, I grabbed a shovel and the cat was never seen or heard of again. The bite marks on my arm is still noticeable till this day.

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