Miele Blizzard CX1 | Bagless Vacuum for Allergy Sufferers [REVIEW]

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Hi this is John with Designer Appliances.
We’re here today to take an in-depth look at the brand-new Miele Blizzard CX1 bagless vacuum lineup. Although the majority of vacuum sales in the US are
bagless from popular brands like Dyson and Shark, Miele engineers for years have
resisted the idea and for a good reason Miela’s built a reputation on creating
bagged vacuums with the world’s best filtration system insuring dust and
allergens are removed from the floor and air as you vacuum. While bagless vacuums are actually pretty decent at creating strong suction they’re typically
terrible at containing dust and allergens. Also they tend to make a mess when it’s time to clean the debris container. After
years of research Miele was finally able to engineer a vacuum capable of both
strong suction and clean air. The secret to Miele’s technology is their brand new
vortex motor system the vortex motor is capable of generating cyclonic air flow
in excess of 60 miles per hour ensuring fine dust particles are removed
from larger debris. This means when it’s time to empty the dustbin there won’t be
a cloud of dust like you get with typical bagless vacuums. So what happens with the fine dust particles Miele’s included a lifetime Gore filter
that traps the fine dust particles and just needs to be washed periodically
underwater. All Miele bagless vacuums also include a HEPA exhaust filter to
capture additional air particles up to 99.999% of them. What this means is when you’re finished vacuuming the air in the room will actually be cleaner than
before you started vacuuming. So we talked about clean air but what about
suction with bagged vacuum cleaners one of the biggest drawbacks as the bag
begins to get full and expand you start to lose full suction. With Miele bagless
vacuums they have a transparent easy to empty debris container ensuring suction
is always at its finest. This is one of the benefits of having a bagless vacuum. After a few weeks of using the Miele blizzard at home we can safely report
that the suction on this vacuum is just as good as any other Miele canister
vacuum in fact we’ve had our cleaning staff here at our 10,000 plus square
foot showroom use the vacuum over the past few weeks and they’ve reported they
actually like this vacuum suction better than the previous Miele canister vacuum
they were using. In addition to strong suction and clean air we think a vacuum
cleaner should be enjoyable to use. One of the first things you’ll notice about
the Miele Blizzard is just how maneuverable this vacuum is the blizzard
is equipped with four 360 degree wheels that are durable and easy on delicate
floors. On the rear of the vacuum you’ll find integrated accessories which
include an upholstery nozzle and a crevice nozzle. The Miele Blizzard lineup
consists of a few different models each of which has different floor tools based
on your specific needs. To find out which vacuum is right for you check out our
comparison video we’ve left a link in the description down below. After getting
some hands-on use with the Miele blizzard vacuum cleaner we think it’s
outstanding – the hygienic air filtration system is enough to put this bagless
vacuum cleaner in a class of its own and the suction is on par with what you’d
expect from a typical Miele vacuum cleaner. For more information visit our
website we do now offer free shipping nationwide on all Miele vacuum cleaners.
Thanks for watching!

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