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Hayden! The vacuum has arrived, come and help mummy open the box What’s in there Sadie? Ben here is using his Miele Complete C3 Total Solution Allergy PowerLine Vacuum Cleaner I’m particularly looking forward to testing out the vacuum cleaner with regards picking pet hair She’s got an allergy to dust mites, which gives her eczema He has hay fever And I have asthma My old vacuum cleaner isn’t very effective at picking up dust and hair anymore I’ve had an upright for about ten years and I find it quite difficult to manoeuvre around the furniture Trying the different heads that are specially made for different surfaces will be a really good test I’m hoping that the Miele C3 is going to be able to help help my little-ones allergies by reducing their symptoms quite a lot There’s three separate brushes that come with it the first one I’m going to try is the Miele Turbo Brush which is designed for carpets Pick it up, slot it on, little bit of a twist and it’s straight clipped in there Are you working it? Right, I think you can really clearly see the difference from before and after Wow, as well as vacuuming it, that’s actually fluffed up the pile really nicely It has completely brought up the carpet, all the bits have gone right up to the edges as well It really is magnificent and it’s quite magical actually how it works It’s seconds to change the head This head is the Parquet Twister So you put this head on when you’re using the vacuum cleaner on hardwood or laminate, or vinyl, that kind of thing So, there you go, it got all the bits out of there and it’s got fantastic suction on it All of the little bits have gone Very quick and easy, no scratching This is really light to use and I like it because it just glides in and out of the furniture legs Again, very impressed I’m about to have a look to see what it’s picked up It’s not very nice but there’s quite a lot of dust and hair in there It’s picked up loads of dust, that’s absolutely got to help with both your allergies and mine I’ve got to give this vacuum 10/10 There’s been a lot less sniffing and coughing and sneezing I feel really reassured that I’ve been able to give the bedrooms a really thorough clean My daughters allergies have significantly improved I think it would be worth the investment I would definitely give it a 10/10 It is really a fantastic vacuum

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  1. Great vacuum for my wood floors>>>t.co/McEXsineKO   Easy to use and is able to get to hard to reach places. Good suction as we have pets. Love the retractable cord. Light weight and stores easily.

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