Mobile Care Chicago Serves Children With Asthma

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MATT: Our vans are seeing
kids who are being left out of the health care system. [MUSIC PLAYING] Mobile Care Chicago was
started by four physicians in the late 1990s. They were appalled by
the idea that someone could die from a completely
controllable disease. The more they looked
into it, the more they saw that it was
a lack of access. Kids just were not getting
access to specialists. They had no real
diagnostic equipment. A number of providers were
not accepting new patients because they didn’t
have insurance. NURSE: Are you
faster than them? No? PARENT: [SPEAKING SPANISH]. MATT: If they’re
not being seen by us, they are cycling through the ER. 99% of our kids have
been through an ER in their brief lifetime. The only way you could
break down an access barrier is to drive a clinic directly
to the neighborhoods that are affected and make
sure that the kids get seen at a location
that’s convenient. AMY: So in a few of our
neighborhoods that we go to, there are no other specialists. So if it wasn’t for
us, they wouldn’t have any access to care. We give free medication to
the patients that need it. So the majority of
our patients are on at least four medications. And even with insurance, if
they’re spending two to three to four dollars per medication,
and if there’s siblings, and if you add that up,
four medications per child, per month– it’s astronomical. They’re not going to
be able to afford that. [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC ENDS]

3 thoughts on “Mobile Care Chicago Serves Children With Asthma

  1. This is so awesome…I suffered from childhood asthma and believe me it was traumatic. My heart truly goes out to this effort XO

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