Molekule Customers: Life with allergies and Molekule Air

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We have two Molekules, one in the kitchen and one in my room. You just smell fresh clean air. The first night was really the
most significant difference that we could see. It was not quite the same
as other air purifiers that we’ve used in the past. Differentiating factors saying hey, we want to be able to
destroy the allergens. Can you tell whether or
not you’re using a Molekule when you walk into a house? Yeah, you can. I work in real estate and I go through a lot of different homes. And so I can definitely
tell when I’m in a home that doesn’t have any
type of air purification and the absolute best for me really is the Molekule
when I come to my own home. Molekule has made such a huge difference in our lives that we wanted
to get the word out there so that it might be able
to make a huge difference in someone else’s life.

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