Moms Everyday: Allison Castillo and Pediatric Asthma

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– [Narrator] Helping make
your life easier MomsEveryday. – Hello everyone, a change in the season can be especially difficult
for children with asma. Well today’s guest has
some tips on how we can be well prepared for our kids. We have Allison Castillo here with Capital Region Medical
Center and this is really the time of year where
you start to see moms with their kids coming in
with difficulty with asthma. – It is, cold and flu season
brings in a lot of things. One of those is asthma exacerbations. So what we would like moms to know is that it’s good to have an
asthma crisis plan in place so if you know that your child has asthma it’s good to have some plans
in place for what to do to treat that at home and when to come into the emergency room. Always make sure that
you have a good supply of albuterol nebs if your child
does nebulizer treatments. Make sure they have all
the medications for that as well as all the parts to the machine. If they rescue inhalers make
sure that those are both full and that you bring those out with you when they’re maybe outdoors
during sports practice or they’re going to be out
in an area where they may do some running, get a little overexerted. One of the things to
keep in mind too is that whenever you’re at home and
your child is experiencing an asthma attack, remain calm
because the child’s going to be a little worked up and
if they see you also worked up that’s probably going to scare them. One of the things to look
at too is actually look at their breathing. Sometimes if it’s a younger
child you may have to take their shirt off to see if
they’re doing something called a retraction where their ribs kind of actually go in in their neck area, that shows the work of breathing. So when you see things like that or what we call audible wheezing, that’s wheezing that you can just hear without a stethoscope,
just with your own ears, those are times when
you may need to go ahead and let’s head into the
ER so we can give you some more care. – Alright, great info. For more information – [Narrator] Visit MomsEveryday
online or on the go through our MomsEverday app. Download it today to find local solutions for you and your family.

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