Monday’s Emergency Room Visit

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Good afternoon, LANDing crew! Usually, I
don’t do intros to vlogs when I’m editing, but as I’m editing this one I
realized what a hot freaking mess this is! Normally I would scrap a video
like this, but then I thought what better way to show you guys how crazy and
chaotic a day in our family can be. I think anyone that’s been following us
for just a little amount of time will know that our family is crazy, chaotic,
but this video really captures that. I look a complete mess guys,
but in my defense… in my defense! I just took two of my most high demanding kids
to a waterpark the day before. I woke up to my teenager struggling to breathe on
the morning that I was supposed to be taking my preschooler to an evaluation
so it was a little bit rough okay but nonetheless I hope you guys enjoy the
hot mesh train that my life is and let’s get going good morning guys
this is not the video you’re supposed to see you were supposed to see let’s going
to his evaluation at the school however Danielle woke up this morning
and she is having issues breathing she has asthma I think it’s the change in
climate or weather or whatever she’s done her handle or like three or four
times she has a nebulizer but for some reason in the move we don’t know where
the treatment stuff is for the nebulizer so we are going to the hospital right
now just to get her in her going this is kind of hard for the course with with
with asthma and with Danielle I had a reschedule Alexa’s appointment which
sucks beyond belief they can’t see him until the middle of November now of
course Danielle breathing takes precedence over that anyway but they
can’t see him until the middle of November and then she said from that
point it’s about six to eight weeks before the evaluation is completely done
but that they are going to be evaluating him for autism as well like on the
school level kind of thing so I’m glad that they’re being thorough but it’s a
lot this week isn’t getting off to a really good start and my eyes are so
irritated from the water from yesterday we will keep you guys updated what’s
wrong what’d you do I might have been when I slipped down the stairs today
this was old dad I was like today did not start out the week good I want to
have a better week than last week let me just get all your stuff oh thanks guys I
love this ER so much they’re so quick I mean we’re out of here in an hour it
gave her steroids they gave her nebulizer treatment we’re
just gonna follow up she’s gonna be steroids this week and hopefully it gets
better yeah every six hours she has to take it and just kind of get her back to
back to functioning all right well we are finally going home we got Danielle
some breakfast from chick-fil-a the steroids make her like really shaky and
stuff so eating sometimes helps with that then I got her medicine so she can
take her treatment in a couple hours we are gonna go home and we are going to
watch some Riverdale because I don’t feel good either I’m just gonna have a
relaxed day with Danielle he’s like all these kisses unless you
yesterday yeah Liam Liam Liam guys today’s day was
supposed to be super productive and it has not been at all but it’s okay we’re
gonna have a relaxing night I’m gonna edit a little bit I took a really long
much-needed nap I feel a lot lot better my blood pressure is getting lower on
the meds so sorry Alexis being crazy but my blood pressure is getting lower on
the meds so I hope that means that things are gonna settle down soon I have
my cardio appointment in two days they’re gonna be doing the stress tests
at est which is basically the lung stress test and they’ll also be doing an
echo so just make sure there’s nothing wrong with my heart no you can’t go you
can’t go in the dishwasher no dishwasher Wes where’s your shirt
Betty see there tomorrow Wednesday on the 8th Liam well being 21 months can’t
believe it were only a couple months from Liam’s birthday next month is
Alexis fourth birthday and then December is Loney’s 14 I’m just like oh my
goodness my kids need a sub growin you need new clothes buddy
Danielle’s feeling better she’s about to take her other her other breathing
treatments this is kind of what I was talking about in her video that it went
up today because today is the video that she had like a lot of nausea and not
feeling good at school how they both grew up once it gets closer to like the
winter season she starts getting sick a lot because of her asthma she starts
having asthma issues a lot it’s difficult
she’s been homeschooled for 3 years now so I haven’t really had to deal with
what do we do when she is having issues well before she would just do her
schoolwork in her bed if she wasn’t feeling good or we’d wait until her
breathing was better and then she do her schoolwork then it’s harder when they’re
in middle in high school because they have specific classes at specific times
kind of thing so it’s just it’s a little bit more tricky but we are gonna work it
out I’m not sure going to try to go to the school
tomorrow and talk to them to see if there’s a good solution if we should do
like a 504 plan but guys Penelope is getting her third tooth
this is lexis favorite place yeah I think I’m about ready to place the first
order for our sensory room things the only thing is like Liam doesn’t play
with a lot of toys some of the bigger sensory items I wanted to put on his
Christmas list but then I feel kind of bad for just getting him sensory items
for Christmas I mean of course we’ll get other stuff as far as his big gifts but
then at the same time I don’t want to just buy stuff just for him to have
stuff that he’s never going to play with so it’s it’s definitely tricky when you
have special-needs kids that aren’t playing with typical things like Lex was
different Lex for his second birthday if you guys watch that video if not all
link it below he loved like house stuff and brooms and
vacuums it was easy for him like I just got him a bunch of kitchen stuff and
household place that’s no sir daddy has to put a little Matt and like for a
little bit Liam was taking cars and dinosaurs and like making them go all
over the floor all over the house so I thought well maybe I can get him some
cars and dinosaurs for Christmas but he’s not really doing that anymore so
there’s not much we can do so I’m trying to figure it out so comment below and
let me know if you think it’s acceptable for me to get Liam like big sensory
items as part of his Christmas list this Christmas we were doing things a lot
differently than last Christmas if you followed us for last Christmas it was
crazy last Christmas this Christmas I’m doing more thoughtful gifts that’s kind
of what we did a couple years back it was a great Christmas for the kids they
got plenty but the things they did get were really thought out things that I
thought that they would love so that’s basically what I’m doing this year
instead of going to the stores and letting them decide what I want or need
I’m going to make a list before we go it doesn’t mean I won’t pick up a thing
here or there but it’s not gonna be like last year last year was last year was
great sissy will not be happy with you she curls her eyelashes with that
Danielle XS your eyelash curler right here I got it from him you’re
about to have to do your treatment Liam Liam Liam ah there you are hi now we did
Big Brother cover you up you don’t you look at her tea purrs hi Nelly how do
you Liam Liam Liam there you are hi guys look how good she is at sitting up
Penelope ah there you are Penelope oh excuse you I can get you you like this
you like this toys guys this was not not the start of the week I wanted but I
have live-streamed I’ve been trying to edit but my blood pressure keeps going
out so I’m just gonna be relaxing and trying to rest and then starting the day
over I’m just thankful that I have a cardio appointment on Wednesday so
hopefully we can get some answers to kind of see what’s possibly causing my
blood pressure just just start skyrocketing out of the blue a lot of
people have asked a few questions about my blood pressure so I’m just gonna
briefly answer them one is if I took myself off of medication I was taken off
medication by doctors my blood pressure was really good a couple weeks ago like
117 over 75 it’s been consistently stable so there’d be no reason for me to
be on meds I am back on meds now another common question is this normal for after
pregnancy it can be and then it cannot be sometimes if you have hypertension
and pregnancy it does continue like for myself for other people they have no
issues at all I don’t know that this has anything to do with my preeclampsia
honestly I got postpartum preeclampsia my blood pressure got up and then it
regulated and now it’s back up I don’t know we’re just gonna see what the
cardiologist says I’m ready to kind of have some answers however I love you
guys and we will see you guys tomorrow make me play it will always be that
there’s no doubt in my mind you will always be the head out to the sea and
leave the rest behind coz you will always be there

89 thoughts on “Monday’s Emergency Room Visit

  1. See if you can get Danielle a 504 at school. Since she has the EOE and asthma it will make it easier for her to be able to make up missed work from being out sick or missing school due to doctors visits.

  2. I totally think sensory items are awesome for Christmas. I mean a lot of times with sensory seekers that's what the kids are going to be attracted to and play with anyways. Last year Tessie was into flip sequin toys and that was involved in a lot of her toys because it was all she wanted to do.

    And I didn't know you had a kid with asthma too. It is definitely the season. We woke up with our first bad asthma attack in a while in the middle of the night. I hope you guys can find the nebulizer refill or get a new refill because that's definitely a little extra peace of mind.

    So glad you decided to share the chaotic days with us too. ❤️

  3. I have asthma and chronic respiratory failure and have been intubated 14 times. It’s so rough, I now I have to central lines in my chest. These last few years have been awful. I know what she’s going through!

  4. Me and my son has asthma and my son is always worse in the winter time too 😭😭 hope Danielle feels better soon. My asd child only plays with dinosaurs, robots, and cars

  5. Hope your feeling better Danielle. I have asthma it can be scary. Can they email the work to you?. Yes sensory gifts are awesome he will get alot from them. Go for it x

  6. I love your videos no matter how chaotic or unplanned they are! Its nice seeing you and your families real day to day life!!

  7. When I was a child I had childhood asthma but now that I'm an adult it disappeared. Getting Lex some stimulating toys would be great because I'll help him out with his autism even though he's not into like much toys stimulating toys I think it would be a better road to take. I hope Danielle gets better and her asthma clears up better and don't have to keep me put on steroids. Steroids can be a pain in the neck.

  8. girl you and me both had a rough monday. My issue was with the water heater. The darn water would not get hot. Finally yesterday we fixed the issue after trying so many ideas. Turns out it was something with the temperature doohickey that needed to be replaced. Thank god it was only that cause a water heater is not cheap.

  9. Yes of course it’s ok to get sensory toys for chris or his birthday. They will be helpful AND funnnn! Also don’t worry about the change in date for the evaluation. Trust in God’s timing.

  10. Hang in there Danielle I know how you feel I have copd and chronic bronchitis I need to quit smoking

  11. For Christmas give the 5s
    1. Something to read.
    2. Something I need.
    3. Something to wear.
    4. Something I want.
    5. Santa Gift

  12. With Danielle’s health issues if it doesn’t get better and she misses a lot of school will you go back to homeschool for her?

  13. It’s been a terrible week here too!! Had an upper respiratory infection all weekend starting Friday and when that settled I magically had an ear infection! Just got antibiotics today. THIS WEEK IS UGH!

  14. Hope Danielle feels better soon! I have asthma too and prednisone is no joke! That junk makes me vomit, super angry, and hungry as hell! I hate having to take it, thankfully it’s normally only once a year

  15. When our autistic son was Liam’s age we did a lot of Melissa n Doug toys/puzzles. He is so adorable 😍 ABA can definitely help him learn how to play.

  16. I don't see a problem with getting him sensory toys for Christmas. Every kid is different and they all have different needs

  17. I hope the rest of your week goes well despite the issues at the beginning! I think it's been one of those weeks b/c mine hasn't been great either honestly.

  18. One of the best toys we got were Squishmallows, the full size ones. The pressure from hugging one can be soothing. We've also found they've been great at stimulating pretend play as they have faces and also used to comfort.

  19. Love your intro. Poor Danielle. Bless her heart. My son had asthma when he was younger. I had many scarey moments with him. Awww today is not my day Mom Awww i wanna hug her. Hope she feels better very soon. Glad your blood pressure is improving. Love sharing your crazy life.

  20. I would get sensory things. My grandson doesn't play with toys either and makes it hard to find something for him, he is non verbal as well. But right now he is into strings or yarn ha. And has to have his blankets. Books sometimes

  21. keep calling for appointments for lex in the weeks leading up, people always cancel appointments and something may be available sooner. love you guys!!

  22. Ok.. had to go back and watch
    Home from school first.. How da heck did I fall behind
    The travesty lol. ♥️💟♥️

  23. My brother had the same thing happen to him when he was 3 or 4 he had to have a breathing thing every 6 hours and it was hard cause he would refuse to do it and my parents would have to hold him down and force him to have the breathing treatment but he is 7 now so he’s pretty good at it now

  24. 100 percent acceptable to gift your children what they need and will actually use for Christmas. That's what it's all about.

  25. Girl my life’s a hot mess too! 2 special needs girls, 5 daughters total in all and a husband im always scattered! The key is multi tasking which I’m sure you do too!!!

  26. I have a great idea for your sensory room; at my work we have an egg chair from ikea and it was amazing. I work with special kids

  27. I was planning the same for my son because he doesn't play with any thing. But I'm not sure what sensory things to get him

  28. I struggled with the sensory gifts. Finally I decided if s crash pad and swing were what my son would use vs gifts he would just open and never look at again then I will buy all the sensory gifts for birthdays and holidays. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  29. If your heart condition is good then I would recommend to do cardio and it will help with your blood pressure. Because you are so young for it. But make sure to consult that with your doctor first, I’m just suggesting it based on my own personal experience. Hopefully all is well.

  30. Remember that Liam doesn't have the understanding about which toys are sensory and which aren't. As Asa Maass from Fathering Autism says, "Abby doesn't care what people think about her", it sounds to me as if Liam wouldn't be able to judge which toys are for fun and which are for sensory issues. You care, but I don't think he does. You're an awesome mom, Stephanie.

  31. I would have an asthma attack as soon as I walked out of my house in the winter. The cold air would really get me. If the car is warmed up and maybe if a cold-weather mask (it is a thing, I promise) is used to get from the house to the car and then from the car, into the school, maybe the asthma attacks won't happen at those times. I hope this helps.

  32. I think getting a few sensory toys for Christmas is completely fine. I felt so bad for Daniel when you put the camera on her in the car. My son has asthma so I know that look and his always acts up on the winter. Hardly in the summer.

  33. What about some Montessori based sensory items for Liam? Theres a great video from Montessori at Home but she does some good sensory DIY toys that might be good for Liam. Maybe go that route for him and maybe he would be much interested? Our son is a sensory seeker and enjoyed a lot of the toys we made from her video.

  34. I’d love to get an update about the school situation with Danielle. My daughter is sick a lot during the year, winter time especially. We are scared to run into absentee problems with the school because of it.

  35. I feel for Daniel. I have asthma too and I get sick 😷 a lot too. I end up using my nebulizer, a lot too. I Daniel feels better soon.

  36. What are your dating rules for your teens? I have a 15 year wanting to have alone dates with a 17 year old girl. He’s never dated and now he’s ready. What are your thoughts?

  37. That's cool, you are a ginger and Liam is one too.. that means Loonie carries the gene, and your kids had 50% chance of being ginger as well, but Liam was the lucky one!

  38. It got cold in our area really fast and my son had to go back on daily asthma treatment after not having to all summer ☹️. Hope Danielle feels better!

  39. Oh girl do I feel you today is not my day either I got 2 and 1/2hrs sleep, dads in hospital, I got breakfast and immediately dropped on the hospital floor, i went to the sleep clinic for my first appointment and while the appointment was quick total travel 4hrs.

  40. Yes! Sensory stuff is perfect! He would prob enjoy those kinds of things more than toddler toys. And if he really takes to a certain sensory item, that can give you a good idea of toys for the future! My son really enjoys writing. A cheap magnadoodle changed his life! Lol. He likes applying pressure with his hands. He also liked putting everything in his mouth! 😂 Still does!

  41. I think with the asthma and the EOE, she’d even qualify for an IEP. Wishing you guys the best sorting it all out!

  42. Yes!!! Get him the sensory stuff! I find that age hard to buy for tbh.. and if he needs it I’d get it. And my boys are always so excited for sensory gear!

  43. Honestly 99% of what my fiance gets for christmas is sensory. last year was some fidget things and then new headphones. then i got him a movie hes been really wanting. theres alot of ways to make it sensory without taking away the magic. for liam it might be more difficult because he isnt showing interest in something fully. What you could consider doing is looking into things that could work for sensory but that maybe could be passed down to penelope in the future.

  44. From a fellow kid with asthma: it’s definitely the change in seasons because I’ve got the same thing. Not breathing sucks, I hope she feels better soon.

  45. It's totally acceptable. Why buy him toys that he is not going to use, when you can get him some sensory items that will be beneficial for him.

  46. Yes I think it's totally fine to gift him sensory items for Christmas. My nonverbal 4 year old doesn't play with toys either, just books. We're doing the same with him. He loves soft and weighted things so that's what he's getting plus more books!

  47. Big sensory items he will enjoy and he will benefit from are a much better option to toys he will never use. Its definitely acceptable x

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