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Uh, uh Yeah, yeah This is a sad jam Yeah I was feeling no love from the girls in gym class In the locker room, I’m getting wedgies up my ass So we built a ship one afternoon And my buddy and I left for the moon We landed hard on an alien shore Gonna boldly go where no man’s gone before We met some alien babes, they were hot and lean We were the first Earth dudes they’d ever seen Walked up to the queen and said with a smirk “His name’s Chewie, I’m Captain Kirk” Then we started to party with the whole platoon And now I’m in love with a chick from the Moon So he asked her to the junior prom As they strolled across the dunes (Strolled across the moon dunes) He wants to take her home to meet his mom His girlfriend from the moon (Girlfriend from the moon) The party got crashed by some evil droids They were pumped up on asteroids One grabbed my princess by the hair And said, “I’m taking this one to my robot lair” Excuse me sir, but she’s spoken for! I’m gonna knock her up with my robot spore First we do battle with video games I’ll school your ass– yeah, what’s my name? For hours I pwned that robot thug We played Galaga, Frogger, and even Dig Dug Aw c’mon man, let’s go again. Best out of five. But– but can we switch controllers? Now I’m drinking the nectar of the gods Yikes! What are those strange pseudopods? I think I’m having an asthma attack! I went for my inhaler, and never came back I flew back home and I wrote this tune And now I’m missing my girl from the Moon Why the hell did he leave her? Now he feels like such a goon (Feeling like a moon goon) I guess he got sorta skeeved by His girlfriend from the Moon I’m so sorry that I broke your hearts When I ran from your alien lady parts Now I’m back at school getting hung on a shelf They’re grabbing my hand, saying “Don’t hit yourself” I’m slurping down life from a bitter spoon And missing my girlfriend from the Moon From the Moon Graknia, if you can hear me out there, I’m sorry. I just freaked out. It’s not you, it’s me. (It’s not you, it’s him) This pain I’m feeling is worse than I felt after seeing The Phantom Menace (The Phantom Menace really sucked…) (Except for Darth Maul) I just was intimidated by your three vaginas (Larry, Curly and Moe) I would fight all the Orcs in Mordor just to have you back In space, no one can hear you cry (Boo hoo hoo) (This is f*cking nerd sh*t)

100 thoughts on “MOON GIRL!

  1. Oh shit 8 years ago and today for google is a flashback of the moon. And Larry curly and moe ahhh!

  2. This is I don't even know I can't even put words to it I think I'm going to take a break off YouTube for a couple days

  3. просто русский бывший пиздюк ностальгирует, продолжайте читать комменты

  4. The girls but at 0:25 is photo-shopped on to make it look bigger. You can see the blue underwear move underneath the picture.

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