‘Most asthma deaths are preventable’

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“You can control your asthma”. That’s the theme of today’s
World Asthma campaign. New Zealand has
the dubious distinction of having some of the worst
asthma statistics. At least one person dies
every week from asthma, but new research shows many deaths
could have been prevented. Hania Douglas reports. Asthma is an epidemic that
affects Maori quite severely. The condition is the topic
of the day worldwide with the global initiative
for asthma. Nurse Ann Wheat says asthma stats
are high in NZ. According to experts, although NZ features highly in
asthma stats, it’s not clear why. One issue is the lack
of understanding around the condition
and medical treatments. This group says
that failure to follow instructions make the use
of treatments worthless. Here’s the correct procedure; Today they’re also giving away
inhaler spacers to ensure proper inhaler procedures
are followed. The biggest benefit of the day
may be the fact that sufferers may learn how to manage
their asthma. Hania Douglas, Te Karere.

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