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In this video I show you a DIY mini micro ultra light backpacking pocket/keychain stove that I made I tell you why I made the ultra light pocket stove and how it is far superior in efficiency over commonly used ‘aluminum can penny stoves’ I made this ultra light backpacking stove out of an aluminum flashlight I had laying around that didn’t work anyways these little mini micro pocket stoves also make great waterproof survival containers for things such as fishing kits and fire tender/starter as you can see here the diy pocket stove can easily fit onto a keychain and in your pocket without being too bulky alcohol stoves have been around for a number of years now. They’re great, you can break them out quick, get your food cooked, pack them back up quickly and get back on the trail… I’ve made a few designs of my own version of alcohol stoves through the years, tried different things, drilled various hole patterns, etc… …but I never really thought the common ‘penny aluminum can stove’ was as efficient as it could be the best and most efficient stove I came up with, until now, has been the 2 1/8″ diameter Starbucks or Redbull can stoves that I made… but those starbucks can stove and red bull can stoves just weren’t quite efficient or what I was looking for… so finally I got to looking around my odds and ends/junk boxes and I noticed these little 1 dollar store aluminum flashlights were just the perfect diameter for what I was looking to make an ultra light pocket/keychain stove out of… what happens when you light ANY stove is the surface area burns and ONLY the exposed surface area of the stove… so knowing this information I designed this little compact ultra light pocket stove that has deemed to be the most efficient stove I’ve ever used… in the following demostration of the new mini micro stove I’ll be using my Stanley Stainless Steel Cookpot…

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