Motivation and Experiences of Wim Hof Method Practioners

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Hello! So a while ago we sent out a survey asking people about their experience with the Wim Hof Method. This was a survey done in collaboration with RMIT university and it asked questions on what kind of impact the Wim Hof Method had on a person’s health and wellbeing. The response was fantastic! So many people, from different backgrounds, countries, all participated to give us their feedback. The survey, was complete! Aaaaannd we spent a lot of time just sitting on the results not doing much with it. So instead of publishing it as a blog and calling it a day, we decided to take the survey and turn it into something fun, like an animation! We hope you find it as useful and enjoyable as we did. But before we start, a bit of housekeeping: Firstly, the survey was of course, anonymous. The survey largely focused on the individual’s experiences with the Wim Hof Method. And secondly, this is still a survey, these are the stories and experience of those practicing the Wim Hof Method. These experiences are subjective and haven’t undergone scientific investigation. But, with that said, the aim was to gather enough feedback from enough different people to hopefully find trends and patterns. The survey itself was designed by RMIT University and 3252 people participated in it. That’s housekeeping taken care of! Let’s look at this survey! The survey mostly starts off throwing soft balls, asking about how the person practices the Wim Hof Method. How long they’ve been practicing. How often they do it. How long they like to do it for, ect. With this, we can guess what the average practitioner looks like. The average Wim Hof Method practitioner has been practicing for roughly 1 year, likes a cold shower for up to 1 minute with the breathing exercise in the morning before breakfast. These were the most popular answers and if this roughly looks like your practice, well done! Pour yourself a nice cuppa joe and get ready for breakfast! Talking about breakfast, these questions are interesting but the real ‘hagelslag met pindakaas’ of the survey would definitely have to be whether the method had a measurable impact on the person’s life, in terms of health and wellbeing. This splits the survey up into 3 parts that explore this. First a look at how the method affects health. Second how the method affect specific medical conditions. And lastly, sorting through the HUGE amount of anecdotal feedback we received. And there was A LOT of written feedback. You guys really like writing! So, let’s start with health. The question was: Please indicate how your health has changed after practicing the Wim Hof Method. With this, a list was provided to be graded on everything from energy levels to overall general health. Graded whether or not the WHM made things better or worse. Majority of this data was positive. Let’s look at the top 5 overall improvements. These were the improvements that received both a lot of responses AND a lot of positivity. Number 1. Resistance to Cold This was the condition that had the highest reported improvement from the entire list. This would make sense because the method focuses on cold training. 2: Energy Levels The method does have a lot of physiological benefits. A lot of good hormones being released. A lot of mental positives. So energy levels being raised and rated this high fits in very nicely. 3 & 4: Mood & mental focus There seems to be a lot of cognitive benefits reported by the participants. So these two being rated so highly is great! 5: General health General health improvement received a high positive response. Meaning that the health or wellbeing of the person was felt to have improved overall. These were the top 5 most positive responses. The rest of the list did well too, such as coping with stress, athletic, performance, pain tolerance and recovery. But these were the 5 that stuck out in response and positivity. This portion of the survey was meant to be a broad look at a person’s health practicing the Wim Hof Method. And the wonderful news is that it seems that people are experiencing a good mix of physical and mental benefits! So this was the broad health overview. But what about specific medical conditions? The survey provided a list of medical conditions and would ask if any of them applied to the person and if it did, would follow up with: What is the effect of the Wim Hof Method on your condition? Asking the person if the Wim Hof Method made their condition Much Better or Much Worse. And if it increased or decreased their reliance on other treatments. If this applies. Lets look at the top 3 most improved, most responded conditions: 1: Stress 2: Tiredness and Fatigue 3: Anxiety These were the 3 conditions that improved the most. Which is wonderful, the method having this kind of positive improvement is great. But, consider this: These conditions could reasonably affect plenty of people. Stress for example does affect a lot of people. And there will be a higher response rate for those conditions considered more “common”. So what about conditions that reasonably affect fewer people? Like arthritis? This makes the response rate for these conditions lower and less visible on the survey. Despite them still having positive results! So we made a follow up top 5 of the more specific conditions that still yielded great results: 1: Depression 2: Back pain 3: Insomnia 4: Arthritis 5: Chronic pain These conditions stood out as participants found overall the Wim Hof Method improved them. These were the results for the specific medical condition portion. The top 3 had a very high response and positivity. The follow up top 5 were more specific yet still had great results. and other positive effects were also reported for allergies, PTSD, asthma, digestive problems etc. But these were the broad outline of the results and we hope people find this information helpful. Lastly, the anecdotal portion of the survey. People from all different backgrounds shared their stories, gave feedback, successes & failures, their thanks, everything. Honestly, it is overwhelming how wonderful this was. Some of the comments were very short ‘thank yous’, some were full written letters. We read through all of them. Which took a while because there was a lot to read. But, thank you for writing in and thank you for all the happy and kind comments. What we essentially did was separate all the comments into their respective topics. Some comments focused on depression, others on headaches, or addiction and so on. These were the experiences and stories from the participants. Their own victories, challenges, adventures neatly categorized in their topics. Because there was such a big bulk of comments. We decided to use the top 5 from the specific medical survey as a frame and share with you some relevant comments: Topic 1: Depression & mental health. This topic was mentioned the most and almost all reported improvement. This method completely changed my life! I was suffering from depression and anxiety and within 4 days from starting Wim Hof Method 95% of that was gone! I have only had a few days where my anxiety was somewhat over normal levels. Depression is 99% gone and it’s been almost two years! It’s incredible what this can do and I will continue practicing for as long as I can breathe Insomnia: After multiple failed efforts to fix my terrible sleep quality, the Wim Hof Method completely cured my insomnia immediately. Within my first week, my “Sleep Score” on my device went from never scoring over 30% to being in the 90’s consistently every night. Arthritis & chronic pain: This has had a profound effect on the chronic pain and arthritis from a herniated disc in my lower back as well as a pinched nerve from bulging disc in my neck. It is also something I use when I wake in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep, it has an incredible effect on helping me get back to sleep in these cases, as well as greatly improving my mood. It has had an incredibly positive effect on my life. I appreciate the opportunity to add my drop of water to the ocean of positivity you are all creating. Thank you. And finally to conclude: This was the broad overview of the survey. Condensing the most interesting parts into a neat little animation. We explored the Wim Hof Method’s effectiveness in relation to a person’s health and specific medical condition. We think overall it had some very positive results and we really hope those of you watching find it encouraging and at the very least interesting. Of course there was a lot more to the survey and its important to acknowledge this, but it is also very useful to have a nice highlight, a nice summary of this survey. Thank you RMIT for organising the survey and thank you to those who participated. We appreciate the support and help! Lastly as always, thank you for watching. And we’ll see you next time.

97 thoughts on “Motivation and Experiences of Wim Hof Method Practioners

  1. I am on a 19 day streak of doing the method with cold showers of course.
    It always brings relief and clear mind for several hours after doing it, with the first 40 minutes being the best for meditation.
    On day 18 something magical happened…the effect suddenly stayed for all of the day only very slowly decaying…day 19 it was the same.I dont dare to hope yet but…if this stays this way I dont want ever to go back.

  2. Wim! I want a t-shirt sayin BREATHE MUDDAFUQA on it 😃 who else wants one too?!? Happiness, Strength & Health to you ALL!!!

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    Peace, love, and cold showers to you all! – X ❄️

  4. On breathing for a year, on cold for 3 month, I can take 3 minutes now and meditating and yogin… also a keto practitioner and doing IM Fasting, 56 now, can say, many things improved. Can hold my breath with 30 breahts for 2.5 minutes now, before doing the 60 or 40 breath but 30 is better and done with higher quality, before I had to do 60 for 2 min hold and could one do 1 min with 30 breaths, now reversed…stress and anxiety are almost gone or not effecting anymore. Feeling no more coldness. Thank you.

  5. I’ve been practicing every day for one year now, no more anxiety or mild depression. Feel motivation daily and energy, minimal chronic pain and arthritis, barely noticeable, which is amazing cause nothing worked for years. Also, no more hemeroids or stomach issues. I am so grateful for WHM and love getting up in the morning, just doing my breathing rounds and taking a hot then cold shower.

  6. It's so awesome you have become so huge I can still remember you 3/4 years ago.
    I douche with cold water as long as people douche with warm water(around 30 min)
    hageslam en pindekes? XD

  7. Good. Verry good. But!! Why!!! Why!! The background music. Jeezzzz!!! Painfull!! Please uploade a version without the distracting music. OMG… Why!!!? 😥

  8. Been doing the breathing exercises for a month and I can say that I can see a difference, although not completely sure I’m doing it the right way

  9. At least got an answer on one thing, but I heard nothing on rheumatic diseases, I wish to know more about that!

  10. I cold bath in my DIY chest freezer so far 3 times a day.
    1 when I wake up
    2 a couple hours after my work out
    3 before I sleep

  11. That's great to hear! so many profound and good results! : )
    If you allow me just one friendly feedback about these videos: thank you for cutting out the 'sillyness' here in this video! In the other scientific videos, I personally found it to be quite distracting. Thank you and greetings!

  12. I’m a carpenter in Chicago I been doing it since wim was on joe Rogan podcast I think it was 2016 the first time as when was teaching joe I was like oh joe is going to do it I will try to and it blew my mind and I haven’t stopped since every day I wake up I stretch and I get right into the breathing or sometimes vice a versa breathing then stretching and then cold shower with some keto coffee and I just want to say there’s a video of Wham! with Dr. Rhonda Patrick were they go over the benefits of cold and he meaning Sean to therapy so and Dr. Rhonda Patrick says she suggest a Paleo diet that leans vegan and that’s what I did so mixing the two results are going to be through the roof and also I do hot and cold so I’m on days I do sauna are going to Shana first and then I’m going to straight to the cold shower amazing benefits you got to try it like that

  13. I have practiced the method for 1 1/2 years and its positive effects have been overwhelmingly good. More power to Wim! 🙂

  14. Thank you Wim for sharing, I practice your methods in my everyday life. The feeling of being at the edge of having panic attacks have decreased a great deal. Those 2 minutes in a cold shower are a must every day! Wishing you all the best 🙏 Peace

  15. Thank you 🙏🏼 I & my family are so grateful to have found the Wim Hof method.
    May the sun 🌞 bring you energy by day
    May the moon 🌙 softly restore you by night
    May the rain 🌧 wash away all your worries
    May the breeze blow new strength & energy into your being
    May you walk gently through the world 🌍
    And may you be surrounded by Nature’s beauty all the days of your life 🕊🦋🌸🦋 Apache Blessings🙏🏼

  16. I have depression. Never go out. Only to work and to the gym. Dont go to friends. Always locked up at home. Always mad to the world. I do this breathing and cold showers now for 6 weeks. I feel way better. Go to friends again. I talk way more. My mom even sees a big diffrence in me. I even go to girls again after a lonngggggg time. I look forward to my breathing sessions. Cant waith to get home to do it. Thank you Wim. Thank you!❤

  17. I've included the wim hof method in my schoolproject for my personal growth to overcome some of my personal barriers.
    Now I'm entering the last weeks where realisation is the focus. I hope I can successfully maintain this because I love (and hate it for the obvious reason, Brrrr…)
    Anyways, thanks for inspiring me! ♥️

  18. Everyone who knows me is shitting themselves with the transformation that WHM, meditation and cardio have brought about in me. Didn't need to see surveys to KNOW this is powerful stuff! Type 1 diabetic for 25 years and have been able to slowly lower my long acting insulin dose a few units and my rapid acting is more effective, since I have/had issues with resistance over the decades. Thanks to Wim and everyone else. Hope you all have the happiest of explorations!

  19. Love you Wim thank you for bringing your Method to me and the peoples of the world ❤🙏🧘‍♂️👣🤝☕❄🌨🛁🚿🌡

  20. I did the breathing exercise last night because I was in so much pain in my stomach and lower back. Just concentrating on breathing, the pain diminished and I just drifted off to sleep. They really should teach this in schools. So many benefits. It is God sent.

  21. Pineal gland buzzed all the way to the tip of my nose on the 3rd week of the excercises never felt that before feels activated. And joint pains i had before for months completely gone. Oh and my mental state I wanna get up and go to work I wanna just Do stuff. Blessed Iceman, it’s natural high.

  22. God bless you😊
    you saved and changed my life positively
    using wim hof method for one year and results are better than my thoughts

  23. I am getting cold when I do the breathing exercise. How to do I combat nose blocks? When I do the breathing exercise I am able to feel the bliss releasing from my backbone and also pressure on my agna chakra. But I am getting nose blocks and cold in the morning. Should I change my food habit?

  24. I ve been doing this for 1 month now,every time moods improves coz of maybe serotonin release.i just wish it reduces my psoriasis.pray for me

  25. I've been practicing the Wim Hof method and it COMPLETELY changed my life for good. I had been suffering from severe anxiety, been drinking antidepressants, it helped at first, but later I got used to them, but then I found out the Wim Hof method. Just after few days or praticing, my anxiety just wanished. And it helps not just with anxiety, I started tolerating cold, had a sharper thinking etc. Later on, I even started provoking myself to be in stressful situations and see how can I manage my anxiety by using the Wim Hof method. It's magical. I have friends that suffered from daily stress, depression or anxiety. I showed them this method and it also helped them with their lives too ! I remember when I first time introdused this method to my class mate, by meditating at his house. Up till this day he thanks me for showing this method. Im even thinking of doing a public presentation about the Wim Hof method, cause this is a must know thing. They should teach this at school or something. Anyway, if anyone that's reading this and haven't tried the Wim Hof method, you got to try it. It might be uncomfortable at first when you feel lightheaded and that tingling feeling in your hands / legs, but once you break that comfort zone – you're a god on Earth !

  26. i mix the breathing method with a 48H fasting and light exercise daily(50 push ups and 50 lifts at night/morning) so far im a monster got a cold on Friday 10, by Monday 13 it was already gone, not only it did lasted 3 days the whole 3 days symptoms were barely noticeable to the point they didn't bother me at all.

  27. It is time to include the largest universities and research infrastructures in the world to do a broad scale medical research. I read today here in Denmark, that childhood trauma can lead to inflammation which can then lead to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. This was from some news paper talking about real expert insight. I have had a lot of different benefits from the breathing, including ability to dress lightly regardless of the weather. Life is much better with the breathing and a super cold shower at the end of a warm one. It is like waking up from a life long sleep.

  28. Thanks for this wonderful breathing practice. I am practising since 6 months.
    My experience is first round my retention time is less, second round is better, third round retention is very good. Is it right or am I doing something wrong. Plz guide.
    I have started cold shower since few weeks. Plz respond

  29. I am happy to add my endorsement of the WH System. It was recommended by a friend about 18 months ago. After reading about it I decided to give it a try. I was 92 years old but in good general health and fitness for my age. The increase in my energy level was immediate and dramatic. I rarely feel tired. A cold bath directly after the hot shower suits me better and I do this every day. Now 93, I intend keeping it up for the rest of my life. Well done Wim!

  30. It works for me and it keeps getting better. Only two months in and I'm up to three rounds of breathing every day and a 6 minute cold shower three times a week.

  31. Soo about the cold shower, how much time I need under the cold shower? I mean when I go take a bath do I bath with only cold water or I bath with warm water and finish of with cold water for a minute or two?

  32. No actual difference in my life, but I wish there was. I do like the temporary relief it provides for periods of up to 10 minutes, but that hardly makes a difference in anything in my life.

  33. The Wim Hof method changed my life forever. 9 months of daily practice and I can tell you that it only took one day for me to see the power of this method. In one week or LESS I had already been healed from 90% of my chronic pain I suffered from a lung surgery I had had a couple months prior. I kid you not when I did the breathing in the cold shower (not wims recommended way since the breathing in shower can be dangerous) the first couple times there was a WARM GLOWING SENSATION THAT FELT LIKE AN ANGEL KISS rushing right into my lung where I had the pain and it was deadass healing it right there or at least reversing the pain into an enjoyable feeling. After a week of cold showers no more warm sensation on the surgical site in my lung I can only assume because it was mostly healed at that point. Also something to keep in mind is that the doctor who did my surgery said that I would not be feeling normal for over a year. And I had chronic pain in my lung that I felt every breath. 1 week of Whm and it was gone 90% and only returns slightly when I don’t practice the method for a day or two. Another thing to keep in mind is that at this point in my practice I was only doing the cold therapy and the breathing. I only implemented the meditation into my life more recently and that has enhanced everything quite nicely. This method is amazing and powerful. After my surgery I was quite depressed as well because of relationship struggles, life stressors, past traumas and chronic pain that I thought I would suffer from for over a year. I can honestly say that I’ve never been happier healthier or stronger and it doesn’t take long of this method to get there. Try it out for yourself if curious. Love y’all 😘

  34. i do the breathing in the late evening without the cold showers, atho i always use cold water and ice on my knee for severre runner's knee. dont really have problem other than than in life so i dont see benefits that much.

  35. Wim, my good fellow human being. Alot of people talk about doing something for others, but in fact they do it for themselves. Alot of people talk about changing the world, but they cant even change themselves.

    Alot of people use big words on which no big acts (not even small ones) follow. Alot of people start with good intentions but on the way success makes them change and corrupts them.

    U are not one of those people, you represent your own words and ideas and that´s what I feel listening to you talking. In my head u give me the impression of an unbeatable beast of a viking. Sry for my bad english, I just felt like writing a comment (which i rarely do, maybe my 3rd time in my life) straight from my heart.

    I only do your breathing technique for a couple of days and I cant believe what something like that did to me and my life and gonna do in the future. I am gonna stick to it and learn even even more in the upcoming future.

    As someone who went through alot in his life already, I can sense you´re of a similar kind, but you grew even bigger and stronger than me from all the struggles life gave u so far, plus u kept it real and didnt deviate from your path. People like you are a rarity in the Western part of our earth, growing from the inside as they do on the outside.

    Big Love from Germany for you and the people important to you. I send you my best wishes. I hope you can feel the positive vibes reading this.

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  37. I have practice it since 2018 (I saw 1 time his video) and it works, but breath is only a stability in 5 dimension ….. you can do it after a while practicing without breath – reincarnation = in that state your body is in healing mode like Faraon from Egipt for thousands of years , you can wake up when you wish….. every child is dying every day and rebirthing – just rambert who you are ( green dreams with other creatures all types is 4 dimension or dimension of dead people , white light dreams where you fill joy and oneness or alone is the 5 dimension …every thing is one piece in 5D

  38. Wim Hof, the only man I ever saw that proved his words before he spoke, 100% a living legend if ever there was.. I have an experience unlike the majority, aussie, 55yo chronic smoker for 40 years and destroyer of at least a quart of homegrown a day, I was just a tad lunged out :") then I saw Wim Hof at work, then listened to his explanation as to how he could do the impossible, recognised his truth and greatness and after a mere 6 months daily of Wim Hof breathing my lungs are now clear and I can hold my breathe for up to 3 minutes as opposed to 1:30 when I started, and I sure rip a bowl better now and hold, lol, it helped my diabetic neuropathy in my feet, eyes and hands and overall well being. hell, I am almost repaired, another 6 months should do the trick..
    Highly recommend this WH technique for any diabetic toker.

  39. It's been two weeks since I've started practising WHM and my focus and will power muscles are definitely getting stronger every day!

  40. 44 years old narcoleptic. Two years practicing Wim Hof method in this two years only cold showers, I got flu only once . I also fast must of the days and I run. I don't feel or look 44 and I control my narcolepsy better than ever my overall condition and health is more than excellent my resting heart rate 48-53 BMI 22 fat% 12%.✌❤

  41. Can someone let Wim Hof know that he is a Nietzschean? (ie: “Whatever doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger”, ie “Whatever comes against me (cold water) that forces my heart and mitochondria to rally, makes me stronger”)

  42. Hey, any chance you could comment on tinnitus? When I do breathing exercises I hear a wooshing sound afterwards and ears feel kinda thick, I googled and others get this too, is it dangerous?

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  44. Am i the only person who has had what i believe are adverse effects? Im on the fundamentals course I was doing okay with it then had to stop. The changes were causing me anxiety. The highs and lows from the breathing and cold water left me feeling confused and not myself. I took a break from it then gradually felt more settled. I hope to retry again in the weeks ahead as slowly as practicabal. Hope I can make it work. Peace.

  45. i was just wondering if anyone has ever tried doing the Wim Hof method of breathing inside a hyperbarric chamber ? see as the point is to take in as much oxygen as possible i wonder how this would effect it seeing as you would be getting pure compressed oxygen into your lungs.

  46. I had a mild form of depression in my past, I had no friends, was bullied left and right,
    mauled by a pitbull, broke my arm etc, etc, life seemed sh*t to me, but I watched
    a documentary called "daredevils the Iceman" and I was like WOW! I wanna be like this guy
    then I found out about the WHM and did research on how to start, etc, etc
    my first cold shower was HELL lol but I felt kinda good when I got out
    I did the breathing exercises in the morning (still do) did cold showers everyday,
    roll in the snow in my underpants lol, etc, etc, I was happy again
    I just was gonna use the WHM to get rid of my depression but I decided to stick to it
    and just see where it goes

  47. I smile while reading all of yall’s comments on how life is getting better. That only means our world is getting better too. We are all one.

  48. I'm a big fan of Wim Hof and I think all this is awesome. I just want to say, if someone has chronic pain they should also check out the work of Dr. John Sarno.

  49. after i did my breathing, i can see clear as i would carry glasses normally. The energy flow is just amazing. Ofc i can see more clearly in general as well. Really cold water (like 6°C and below) just hurts on the skin – i think you have to train that more often (than regular shower) so your body and system can fit to it. I wish i had a lake, river or sea near my home.

    PS: It would be nice if this video would add some failures and negatives too, would be very interesting. I think a lot of people are challenging to hard to early and give up. Wim always makes everything looks so easy, gives to much euphoria and you think you have to perform on a to high level.

  50. I have the app and I cant see anywhere how many times I day I should do the breathing exercise? I cant seem to find this info. Anyone please? and how many rounds should I be doing?

  51. У вас волшебный голос! только есть одна просьба, сделайте пожалуйста русские субтитры)

  52. Tummo Breathing is a catalytic practice but can lead to various temporary issues depending on the person and results will very. In Tibet, the practices are reserved for highly dedicated disciples and are taken through a rigorous practice with tricks to deal with the side effects which are devoid in Wim Hoff.

    Largely you have nothing to lose and ton to gain, enjoying an active capacity to influence the immune system is quite a human feat, something to shoot for. The reduced pain and stress and reduced oxidative effect on the body/.

  53. Благодарю Вас Вим Хоф! Вы сделали мою жизнь ярче, позитивней. Удивляюсь, как я могла без этого обходиться раньше. Спасибо!

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