Mould Exposure in Homes

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Of the many concerns of a homeowner,
mould is not high on anyone’s list. But the more we learn about mould,
the more we should be concerned. Mould spores are everywhere. All they need is water and a source of food to grow. Drywall is a perfect food source. If it gets wet, mould will quickly grow and spread. Mould spores germinate and grow into a thick mat of filaments. Spore-producing structures grow from the filaments and begin discharging spores. Hundreds of millions of spores can be released into the surrounding air. If you inhale mould spores, your health can be affected. People with allergies, asthma, or a weak immune system are at even greater risk. For information on how to protect yourself from mould, visit

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  1. My father talked about this a lot. He did a lot of building contracting work for state provided housing.. He said that the mold in the houses was the biggest threat to children over and above other issues. He said that children had moldy pillows and it must have large consequences for the most financially vulnerable tenants. All state houses need to be properly insulated, need to have proper building materials and the tenants need to be advised on the dangers of mold.

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