Moving with Pete Davidson and Kevin Hart

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– ( coughing )
– Kevin: Is this full-fledged
attack? – Oh, ( bleep )
– ( heart monitor beeping ) Oh, God. Oh, Jesus,
not like this, Pete. – ( Pete grunts )
– Oh, my God. ( coughing ) – ( music playing )
– Kevin: Ah, yeah. Ah, yeah. Little man in a big truck. That’s what I am. Very excited about today’s
episode of “What the Fit.” Why? Well, because
I’m moving, people. So all this stuff needs to go.
All the couches are going, the rug, the TVs are going. I’m gonna need to pack
all this stuff in boxes
right here. Kevin: Whoa! I’m gonna move a family
out of their home and into a new home. Obviously,
I need a partner. It’s gonna be Pete Davidson. My comedy brother,
he definitely looks like
a hitchhiker right now. Not the best that
I’ve seen him. Hey, Pete!
( laughs ) Hey, Pete.
( chuckles ) What’s up, man?
How you doing, man? – I’m great, man.
– Kevin: Are you good,
are you good? Pete, this is gonna
be great. Pete: I’m so excited. Kevin: Well, Pete,
I’m even more excited. – What do we got going on, man?
– Well… Pete, here on “What the Fit,”
we put ourselves in situations that people wouldn’t
expect us to be in. and we find physical
fit-like activities – within everyday life.
– Cool. Movers basically, are exercising on a daily basis. That sounds great. Me and you are gonna help
a family move. Here’s the thing, Pete, they have no idea that we’re
coming to help them move. Are you telling me
that we’re surprising
this family? And we’re going to dig into
this family’s personal life. Sick. Pete: Oh, yeah. Kevin: Oh, I forgot to
give you your shirt. – because I’m moving company,
– Okay, cool. so, yeah, you’re gonna
have to put on that shirt. Let me put it on.
I might have to unbuckle
the seatbelt. I want us to look like
a unit when we go up here. – Like a real company.
You know what I mean?
– That’s tight. We don’t want to look
like two crazy people– This is what a moving truck
company usually is though. – It’s like one shredded guy…
– That’s a good t-shirt. and then a really dumb partner. When we get in here,
don’t have me moving – all these boxes by myself.
– Oh, no, I’ll pick up stuff. – Yeah, you’re gonna help me.
– I’ma help. If there’s a couch
and I say we’re gonna
get the couch, Pete, we gotta get
the couch. I gotta be honest
with you, man. I’m not picking up
that couch, okay? ( laughter ) Kevin: I really did
a good job driving. That’s the last car
I would ever think
of you to get out of. – Can you get by, that’s–
– “The Rock ‘n’ Roll Movers.” ( chuckles ) ( knocking ) – Someone’s at the door.
– How– hold on. How do I look? – Just look natural,
look natural.
– Yeah, what’s up, man? Pete: Yeah, what up? Holy shit! – Pete: Oh, cool.
– Oh! How are you? – Kevin: How are you? Hello.
– Pete: What up? – What’s your name?
Cheryl, how are you, Cheryl?
– Cheryl. – Hi, I’m Schuyler.
– Schuyler, this is my friend
Pete right here. – Hello, Cheryl.
– Oh, my God, you’re engaged
to Ariana Grande. – Yes, I am.
– Congratulations! – I’m Mr. Grande.
– Oh, my gosh! It’s me, the new
Kevin Federline. How are you? – Awesome.
– We are helping you guys move. – All right, yay.
– We are embracing this. We are here as helping hands. – This a very nice home.
– Oh, thank you. – I see a lot of memories
were had here.
– Yes. – Yeah.
– 20 years almost. – You have a dad, that’s cool.
– Yeah. – Congratulations.
– Thank you. – What’s that like?
– ( laughter ) You really want us
to answer that? I don’t think I should be
the one packing this up
because… – Kevin: You’ll start crying.
– …yeah, I’ll just start
crying. – I’ll call my mom.
– Cheryl: Oh, here’s the rest
of the family! Pete: Oh, wow!
Kevin: Oh, wow. – Evie, Shane, Allen.
– Hi. – Hello.
– Hi, nice to meet you. Kevin: All right, so go on, man.
So break it down to us. All right, break it down.
So, we’re gonna start
packing some boxes and what we’re gonna do
is wrap these picture frames. – We’re gonna wrap.
All right, so Pete,
– Pete: Okay. we’re gonna help this family
get out of here. – You got it.
– Guys, don’t worry, you’ll be in your new house
in no time because the Rock ‘n’ Roll Movers
are on the job. – ( air guitar sounds )
– Rock ‘n’ Roll movers! – Kevin: Rock ‘n’ Roll movers.
– You guys have a dog in here? – Yeah.
– I’m super allergic. If you guys have a dog,
what kind of dog? – Uh…
– One’s a labradoodle. Kevin:
What’s the consequences of it? – Throat closes.
– ( laughs ) Asthma attack.
I swear. – We’ll get you some Benadryl.
– ( hoarse voice )
Did we get the shot? ( hoarse voice )
Hey, guys. All right, well, me and Pete
are gonna do the picture frames. – Okay.
– I feel like I’m gonna hand
them to you. Hey, uh, Rock ‘n’ Roll! Do you do ’em one-by-one
or can I group ’em? – Oh, you should never group
– Are you sure? This isn’t the way
you pack memories? – That’s not
how you pack it at all.
– You sure? You grab one picture,
and you’re gonna put it here… – Cool.
– …right in the center
of the bubble wrap. – Pete: Uh-huh.
– You’re gonna do
one fold there. – That’s sick.
– Another fold there. – Tight.
– Another fold there. Pete: You do that one-by-one? We just do it like that
while they watch, right? – Yeah.
– But when they turn
their heads then we get– we can
do it the other way. Usually, uh, no.
We gotta do it the right way. We’ll do it.
I’ma show you how we’re
gonna do it. – Give me four to five pictures.
– Okay. ( chuckles ) Give me four to five
of these pictures. – Cool, I think so, too.
– Yeah, this is gonna be great. – Pete: We absolutely–
– Kevin: Yeah, we do it
his way – we ain’t never getting out
of here.
– We’ll never get out of here. Uh, this family seems
cool and all, but– Yeah, they cool,
but we’re not. So, watch this, when you
wrap these up properly. – Cheryl: Yeah, they don’t–
They don’t move.
– Pete: They don’t move. You see what I’m saying.
So, he was saying
do it one-by-one, which is not good. I wish this was a joke,
but if someone could
have an asthma pump – brought to set.
– Just in case, guys. Just in case Pete dies. – We got more bubble wrap?
– We do got more bubble wrap. ‘Cause me and Pete are flying
through these frames. That’s all dog hair. That’s all dog hair. I’ma have a full
asthma attack. – ( bleep )
– Kevin: Mom, get out the way. – Mover: On three.
– One– one, two, three. – Oh, yeah.
– Mover: There we go. – That’s a deep– uh-huh.
– There we go, uh-huh. That’s a deep lift
right there. – Yeah. Drop down.
– Okay. – Whoo!
– I’m starting to get
a little tight in my throat. – Whoo!
– Woman: Whoo! – Hey, uh, guys.
– Woman: Yeah? Let’s make sure that we have
Pete’s death medicine. – ( coughs )
– He keeps touching
his throat. If this is how I die,
I’ll be so mad. I die doing Kevin Hart’s
“What the Fit.” He’s really shutting down
over here, guys. Sounds like an Onion article. So what I’m gonna do right now
is I’m gonna tape a blanket – so it stays in place.
– If they weren’t in here would we do this or we just
throw it in the truck? – Just throw that shit in there.
– I’m gonna be honest with you– Like do you ever just throw shit
in the truck? – I do not.
– You’re a really noble guy. You should ( bleep ) my mom. ( laughs ) She needs it
so she can get off my back. ( imitating mom )
“Pete, what are you doing?” “Living my life!”
Sorry. Pete:
All right, man. There you go. – Oh, all right! All right.
– There you go. That’s the thing
about Rock ‘n’ Roll, baby, you gotta know
how to rock and roll. Right? All right, this is ready. – Let’s get this one out.
– Well, it’s not fully
ready yet. – No, this is 100% ready.
– It’s not the real
Rock ‘n’ Roll way. Shrink wrap
all the way up to here. – Yeah.
– Then you’re going
to stretch it. – Yeah.
– And then wrap the corner. Hey, man, how important
is this couch? – Ah! Shit!
– We might as well get them
a new couch. This is so much. Like, I’ll just get
you guys a new couch. – Yeah.
– All right, this is ready. – It is not ready.
– So, Pete should take this
outside now. – And by the way,
you don’t do nothing.
– Ah, man. – ( laughs )
– Kevin: You’re sitting here
just watching. Okay, oh, God, Pete. Oh, no, Pete! Pete, you can’t take
a smoke break, Pete! I’m sorry, guys.
Pete, no. Pete, this isn’t our house,
Pete. ( bleep ) Yeah! Come on, you know you’re gonna
make the crew do that shit. – Get in here!
– Pete, we got shit to do, Pete. – Pete: Yeah!
– And judging by those leaves
on there, they don’t use
that trampoline much. So you need to get
the hell off it. – Doesn’t look that safe, Pete.
– All right! Hey, look, it’s grandma’s…
( meows ) – Kevin: Oh, God.
– I’m sorry. I’m sorry y’all had to hear
that. ( laughing )
Oh, God! Okay. All right,
this is going outside. Brother, this is ready
to go on the truck. I got you, Kevin. Yeah, there you go.
Let’s do it. – Ready? Where do you want me
to go?
– Pete: I’m gonna open the door. – Where do you want me to go?
I got it.
– I want you to do is – to grab the wrap–
– I got it. I got it. You got it in the back?
I got it in the front. Biggest thing with the movers
is communicating, baby, so don’t let me hold it
by myself. – I got you, Kevin.
I’m right behind you.
– I’m losing grip, baby. – Baby, I’m losing grip,
you got it?
– I got it. You got it, Pete?
Is he in the back? – I’m right here in the back.
– You got it? – Coming down, Pete!
– You’re scaring me, Kevin. – Pete! Pete!
– Kevin, you’re scaring me. – Kev!
– Pete, hold on, Pete! – ( grunts )
– There you go. – Goddamn!
– Come on, Kev. – Goddamn, Pete! Stop!
– All right! – Right here, Pete.
– Go ahead and leave it
right here. – Right here!
– We’re gonna put the lift gate
down. Right here. Hey, Pete, between me and you, they gotta come get this
theyself. – Let them come out and do this.
– Let’s go to In-N-Out. Hey, you gotta do a better
job of wrapping. ‘Cause look at me,
I’m secure. You had this part. All my shit stayed.
This is your stuff. – So you gotta do a better job.
– That’s the most exercise
I’ve done. – I tried telling Kevin…
– Kevin: Oh, my God! …that we, uh, gotta wrap
the couch in full. Didn’t work out. Kevin: I feel like I’m doing
everything myself. Oh, my God. Do you wrap these up, too? Movers:
No, we do not wrap up
the cushions. These just go on.
I got the cushions. – ( frames breaking )
– Oh, my goodness. Oof. Yeah, man. – Whoa!
– Oh! Man, that was their
dead grandma’s urn. Come on, man, like… What happened? – Maybe this house is haunted
or something.
– Somebody broke the vase. No, I had– I had the couch–
I had the pillows, so somebody
must have– – Pete: It was a ghost.
– Pete, Kev, let’s go move
the drum set. Okay, yeah. You know, I used to play
a little bit, actually. – Really?
– Yeah. This is just like the drum set
I had. I can teach you a little bit
if you want. All right. ( off-beat drum beat ) I was just making sure
your tones is right. Of course, of course. – Hey, yo, Kev.
– I was in a band.
Hey, hey, Pete. No, no, Pete, Pete. What?
That’s not ours! We’re moving.
You think they’re gonna
put that in their next fridge? ( laughter ) Oh, wait, Pete.
Ask me a question. Just anything. Hey, man, what’s up? Well, I’ll tell you
what’s not up. Me and my wife. ( laughs )
The new Kevin Hart. Boy, I just flew in
and let me tell you something,
my arms are tired. Those are like Jerry Seinfeld’s
actual jokes. ( laughs ) Man, anybody here got kids? Well, if you don’t,
you could take mine. Pete just did a spit take. This was my act. Sold out
arenas and this is my act. Right here on this drum set. – Do you play?
– I do play. – You really play? Or…
– I really play. Here you go, brother,
you sit down and let me– Let me get a little taste
of what you got, buddy. ( playing drum ) – ( coughing )
– Kevin: Whoo! – ( laughter )
– We gotta get outside, Pete Davidson is having
an asthma attack right in front of our face. – Come on.
– I’m okay, Kev. Can we get Pete out
there in the back, Juan? Take Pete out the back. – ( groans )
– Kevin: Pete’s not playing. Pete is having an asthma attack
right now. – If I stay in there,
it’ll get bad.
– Pete’s really in some trouble. You guys killed Pete. ( air swishing ) Oh, yeah! – ( chuckles )
– Oh, gosh. Oh, God. This– Oh, Jesus,
not like this, Pete. All right, I can hold this
down in there, okay? Yeah.
I’ma figure out the move. – Yes.
– ( laughter ) We’re very much friends,
Pete. I’m 100% your friend, Pete. Okay. All right, man. ( muffled laughter ) Okay, guys.
What I’m seeing is a lot– What in the “Family Ties”
is this? What type of soft-porn–
what? Hey, uh, Mom? Oh, gosh. What’s, uh,
what’s going on here? – It was 1997ish.
– 1990– who came up
with the idea? – Cheryl: My husband.
– Kevin: He said, “Let’s
get sexy. – Get frisky.
– And 20 years later
it’s still hanging – on the wall of my house.
– It should be. – This is the beginning.
I love it.
– Yeah. 1997.
Very soft-pornish, though. Oh, my God! How much stuff do we have? This is a lot of stuff. Are you taking all of
this stuff? Well, yeah, I mean,
I have to get rid of
some clothing, but this is mostly junk. We gotta get rid of some stuff. Let’s do a yard sale. Here, all your junk. Get all the junk.
This is junk. – We’re gonna call this junk.
– Cheryl: Keepsakes. No keepsakes, no keepsakes.
You’re a hoarder. – This is a–
– I’m not really a hoarder! This just became
an episode of “Hoarders.” ( chuckles ) – You know what this is?
It’s my first baby.
– What’s that? – Are you serious?
– That was Lucy. – Her dog’s ashes.
– Unfortunately, she’s not
with us anymore. – Well, no, she’s here.
– She’s right here. – Lucy’s here.
– Lucy. How long have you
had this? So she died when
Stevie was two, Stevie’s twelve.
( laughs ) Oh, my God. But she died
a horrible death,
so… keepsakes. Oh, my God.
( laughs ) – You ready? You ready?
– Oh, my God. – Little teeth.
– She has a box full of teeth. – Should I put it
with the ashes?
– Uh, okay, well those teeth– it’s time for them to go
in the trash. Now I’m going to make
a necklace out of them. – Oh, my gosh.
– ( laughter ) I can’t–
( quiet laughter ) How you doing, buddy?
You all right? It’s like a Make A Wish
episode. – You okay.
– Yeah, man, I’m okay. I talked them into having
a garage sale. – Okay.
– They’re gonna sell
some of the junk. Also, we went through
memory lane, – Mm.
– Uh, she has all the kids’
teeth. – Still, to this day.
– Yo, I’m out, that’s weird. – Yeah.
– If I stay any longer
she’ll have our teeth, you know what I mean?
So… No, it’s definitely turned
into an episode of “Get Out.” Cheryl:
Oh, this is a good idea
for a yard sale. Kevin:
This is, right? We’re gonna get
rid of a lot of stuff right now. I don’t know if anyone’s
gonna buy this stuff. – Oh, yeah. Get it.
– Yeah, right? Tack it on. – Ah!
– Oh, there you go. Now that, I’m not gonna
lie to you. That’s dope. Yeah, man.
This is really… I mean, you want people
over here? This is how you get people
to buy stuff, man. You know, don’t make no
dumb, cute, yard sale. ( shouting )
Hey! Buy my shit! – There you go.
– Bet you my idea works. Anybody want to buy my shit? – Hey, buy my shit.
– It’s a little aggressive. Hey, I almost died today
I’m gonna live my life. So everything that you’re
selling has to be sold with a story. Let me tell you a story
about these scarves. These scarves were got
when we went to Madrid. Don’t matter if you’ve been
to Madrid or not. The conversation sells it. Here we go, people are coming,
look alive, look alive. People are coming.
Mom, put your hat on. Put your hat on, you look real–
it makes you look really good. – Oh, yeah.
– Everybody act natural. All right, everybody
look natural,
look like we belong. – Hey!
– Hey, what up? – How are you?
– Hey. Look at this very cool pencil
case made out of a horse. – That’s not just any
pencil case.
– Yeah, that’s not just any– Pete:
You guys are not good. Leonardo DiCaprio used to
use that in school. – Kevin: There you go.
– What? – That’s Leonardo DiCaprio’s
pencil case.
– Cheryl: How about this? Hey, I’ll blow you
if you take all this shit. – Okay.
– ( laughter ) You guys don’t know
how to sell stuff, man. I’m from the streets. ( laughing ) “I’ll blow you
if you take…” – All these items
are great items.
– Pete: Sure. This hat was actually worn
by Tom Hanks. – ( laughter )
– Uh, Tom Hanks wore it at– There you go!
Now wait a minute, sir. $40 for everything. Pete: Whatever that is
just give it us! – It’s $40.
– That’s good, give it all
to us. And it all goes to charity, in
Pete Davidson’s pocket. Kevin:
How are you guys doing? Those aren’t just any plastic
forks, and spoons, and knives. – Those are…
– They’re not. They’re
champagne flutes. Those are champagne flutes.
They’re actually modeled after the gentleman
who owns this house’s penis. Very big flutes.
This is really cool. This is like Dolce & Gabbana, but I’ll give it to you
for $9. Yo, I’ll give you this
for a dollar. Come back. I’ll give you all of this
for a dollar. There you go. – One dollar?
– One dollar, I swear. – Pete: Oh yeah!
– Cheryl: What kind you got? Hey! Give me a dollar!
Don’t run off with that shit! – ( laughter )
– I’m watching you! Kevin: Pizza is always
welcome here, thank you, – thank you.
– Yeah! Look at that sale! – Yes. Hey, we did it! Yeah!
– Oh, my God! – Pete: Here you go, man.
– Kevin: Thank you, brother. – Kevin: Appreciate you.
– Pete: Have a good one. – Rock ‘n’ Roll movers!
– $61.43. All right, all right,
they got it. We’ll give you
a Twitter shout out. Kevin:
Who got the money, guys? – I got the money.
– Kevin: Rock ‘n’ Roll movers! We got pizza, guys! Guys, I’ll be honest, moving is a lot tougher
than we thought. Uh, as you can see,
stuff got broken, Pete had an asthma attack, uh, we found out that a lady
loves her dog way too much. More importantly,
we’re trying to sell stuff – because they’re also hoarders.
– Three dollars. This is another episode
of “What the Fit.” I’ma go check on Pete,
but from the look of things, Pete Davidson is still
on his last leg. Uh, I gotta go check
on my friend. I’ll see you guys
next week. Hey, when Kevin Hart
says jump, you say, “How high?” When I say click,
you say, “How hard?” With that being said,
I want you to click these videos and watch more episodes
of “What the Fit.” Do it. ( pulsing ) ( heart beating )

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