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In this video, we expose a case of a smoker woman recently diagnosed by COPD. She comes to the pharmacy because she had respiratory difficulties even using the inhaler that the doctor prescribed her the first time. The pharmacist comments to her that the doctor has prescribed a new inhaler. From now, she will need two drugs to tract the pathology. First of all, the pharmacist decides to make a FEV1 determination to see the actual state of the patient. The FEV1 it’s a diagnostic tool. It also serves to see the progression of COPD. The FEV1 express the maxim air volume exhaled in one second. It determinates the degree of the disease. Values below the 80% of theoric value are considered diagnostic of the disease. Later, the pharmacist explains to her how to use correctly the inhalers for avoid the therapeutic failure. After checking a low FEV1, he asks her to use the Airflusal® Forspiro® that it was already prescribed. The patient open the top of the inhaler and the exhales the air without taking it near to the mouth. Then she approaches the inhaler to her mouth and inspires. The pharmacist comments to her that she forgets a very important step. Before the inhalation she must charge the inhaler. The steps are: open the top of the inhaler until hearing a click. Then, close it until hear another click. The pharmacist also explains that the first time of using it, she has to break the silver tabs. She will have to repeat this procedure after the inhalations. That will help her to control the daily administrations. The other inhaler, the new one, is the Spiriva Respimat In this case, first of all she needs to charge the cartridge, opening the bottom of the inhaler. The cartridge is only charged one time Every time that she needs it, she has to charge the inhaler, turning the bottom part. Then, open the top part and press the button. The pharmacist shows her the dose counter. The pharmacist remarks that in the Respimat® inhaler the inhalation has to be more progressive. In both cases, the patient must restrain the inspiration during two seconds. After that, breathe out slowly. Finally, he reminds her that a proper implementation of this technique is essential for the drug to reach its site of action. Then, the pharmacist delivers an information leaflet about the disease. It contains some information to resolve the worries that the patient might have. The leaflet includes measures to slow down the illness like: stop smoking or doing moderate exercise. There are also recommendations to prevent deterioration, some examples are: get vaccinate or the steps to follow when an acute attack occur. In the end, the patient leaves the pharmacy with the proper education, transmitted orally and written. The visit will help her to carry on with the illness which will rest all her life. The different advices will make her improve the control of the illness and the quality of life.

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