Mudras for health: yoga mudras for allergies: Shankh Mudra (English Subtitles) 💜🕉 Namaste💜

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Namaskar Friends, Welcome to my Youtube channel ” mudrasbysmartkaur”… Friends, today i will tell you about Shank mudra.. if you have any type of allergy… then Shankh mudra can really prove beneficial for you… There are many benefits of doing shankh mudra.. It circulates vishudi chakra of your body and corrects the energy centre of your throat area… it calms a person’s mind.. and also helps in increasing his concentration… It helps with voice and throat related issues. that is why Shankh Mudra is very beneficial for teachers, lawyers and singers… by doing shankh mudra, voice becomes clear and sounds better… Regular practice can cure thyroid and Tonsils.. doing this yoga mudra can give relief in intestine related problems… Shankh Mudra also strengthens your Nervous system.. It helps to deal with DIRT INDUCED ALLERGIES… How to perform Shankh Mudra? To do this mudra, Hold your left hand’s Thumb with right hand fingers.. Now place fingers of your left hand on the back of the right palm… At the end, touch left hand thumb with the right hand’s index finger… Speciality of Shankh Mudra: Space between fingers and thumb forms the shape of a conch shell… If you try to whistle from that area it can produce sounds like the real conch shell… Such voice is cure to many ailments. Timings of practicing Shankh Mudra perform shankh mudra from 30 to 45 minutes daily.. if you find it difficult to do so in one sitting… then you can perform shankh mudra in 2 sittings of 15 minutes… and for 45 minutes, 3 sittings of 15 minutes… if you find it necessary, you can perform it for more than 45 minutes as well, like in conditions of fever.. Friends, if you found my video helpful… and you or your friends find it useful then please like and share it and if you have not subscribed to mudrasbysmartkaur yet..then you can subscribe now.. so that you can get new upcoming videos regularly Let’s meet again with a new video Next friday.. Till then , take care , Be healthy, Be happy!

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