Multiple Personality Clones

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[intro] Uh, hello sir. Here’s your gun. Gun? What do I need I for? Oh, uh… *INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT!* Intruders? Oh my goodness! What is it?! Oh, they’re, uh, clones. Clones? Clones? Clones of who? That. You cloned… The cup? No, you! Oh, me. Well that’s even worse. Well… I guess, we have to take them down now. Yep. Oh my goodness. Stupid Jeff: Duuuuuu duuuuuuuuuuuu Jeff: Oh, my goodness! Oh my-*gun clicks* -goodness! *empty gunshot* Oh my- Oh, you’re out of ammo. Out of ammo? Jeff: Seriously? you gave me an empty gun? Kaz: Sorry. *gunshot* Who was that anyway? Oh, that was Stupid Jeff. Stupid? I’m not stupid. I’m Jeff. The professional! They all came out with different personalities. You mean you gave clones different personalities? Yeah. That’s very genius. Police Officer Jeff: Freeze! You’re under arrest! Jeff: Oh! We’ve been caught! We’ve been- *gunshot* Ah, I’ve been shot! Help! Officer down! Why’d you shoot him? Police Officer Jeff. Police Officer Jeff. But- wait a minute. If we kill a cop, wouldn’t that mean we et arrested? He’s not a real police officer, Jeff. Oh, yeah. Clone. Forgot. *silence* Why hasn’t he said anything yet? He’s uh… Sign Language Jeff, aka Deaf Jeff Deaf Jeff. I prefer Deaf Jeff. *agreement* You know what? We need.. Subtitles for this. What? And, I know I’m breaking the fouth wall But it’s for comedy purposes Because you know We’re in a YouTube video. Alright. Subtitles, ON. *gasp* Oh, my That’s it. I’m taking you out! There you go. Alright. That’s better. Alright. Funky Dancr Jeff. I wanna be a funky dancer one day. What? One day, I’m gonna be a funky dancer. Oh, are you? I’m never gonna see that. Businessman Jeff: Hey has anyone seen my suit and tie? There’s Businessman Jeff. Agh! Businessman? I wanna be a businessman one day. Oh, shoot he’s still alive. *gunshot Oh shoot. [mumbling equations] Nerd Jeff I’m not a nerd! *gunshot* Nerd? Lemme guess, he prefers Brainy Jeff. Yeah. I guessed. Uh, there’s Narcissist Jeff. Oh my god, I’m like, so perfect, you like… You wanna do the honors? Yeah. Definitely.

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