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I am finally Now ready as ready as can be to open up about this. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever be ready But sometimes you just have to push yourself and be a little courageous. I’ve documented a lot and I wanted to really open up I was born with the breast deformity that made me detest my breast. I grew up feeling humiliated and Disgusted at what I saw in the mirror There was no self-love there At the age of 19 I decided I would get breast implants to fix my congenital deformity I was always a healthy girl, but you know five years later. I recognized what a disservice I had done to my body I began to experience an autoimmune disease. My thyroid was out of whack I my speech became slurred I couldn’t remember things I had never Experienced this type of brain fog. I was embarrassed the amount of times I’d forget things in conversation experienced my first panic attack in New York City I remember not understanding what was happening to my body and Rushing to my room because of my first reaction Was to take off all my clothes in public and it was such a low point for me. I was lost I was not a happy girl I once was I started contemplating death I felt like my life had been taken from me. My health was deteriorating right in front of me My hair was falling I was getting rashes all over my chest. My joints had never hurt this bad I had loss of desire to have sex. I was bedridden and lost the love for life as I reclaimed my sanity and self-worth I began doing research on my symptoms her palpitations cold limbs gain weight of over 40 pounds dehydration static through shoulders my upper back My neck stolen face my lips my hands as I woke up and I connected the dots for the first time The agency is now acknowledging that what women call breast implant illness is real These are before and after pictures women who say you can see their health improved when they took their implants out I began connecting with women whose stories were my own I saw myself in them and I struggled with the idea of removing my breast Implants and going back to that person. I was born to me I was terrified of having tics that myself when I literally went under the knife to change that girl But my gut told me that was it I couldn’t ignore any I scheduled my surgery for an unblocked total capsulotomy Which is the proper way to remove breast implants? I went into surgery that day crying of fear and guilt knowing what I had came in so happily that once get done was now my biggest nightmare that morning the surgeon came in and told me we would have to Change the procedure due to my deformity instead of going under the breast fold. We would be going through the areolas he said there was a high chance I could loose in during surgery because of my breast shape and couldn’t guarantee my breast tissues would Have enough oxygen if we went through the breast fold. I trusted in him and after three hours of removing my capsules That is what your body creates to protect itself from the foreign object I opened my eyes and I cried I felt like Natalie again I felt immediately sharper than I did. I could focus on Dennis talking to me I could understand My legs and my back were no longer in pain my joints in ache and I felt renewed. This was right after surgery I went back home It’s on my face my lips and my nose and my eyes weren’t swollen like they once were my neck didn’t feel hot like it once did I am now two months post-op and I can tell you how amazing I Feel I feel amazing. I got my life back and A good 70% of my symptoms are gone, and I understand that You know, I’m still detoxing and I have a long way to go. I mean I had these implants for over five years However, I look at my now Deformed breast and I love myself One month after my surgery Canada and France decided to ban textured breast implants my implants in March 25th and 26th the FDA held a hearing for women like myself who have been affected Physically and mentally by these devices we are still awaiting what’s next and we urged the FDA to listen to these testimonials Women deserve better failed regulation and flawed studies need to be addressed. It’s time to move forward I’ve learned to keep my head up high and embrace The person God had me destined to be I wanted to share my story and hopes to bring awareness to bii and to encourage girls Who don’t feel enough to start looking at themselves and realizing? What a Phenomenal being that you are as Maya Angelou once said because I’m a woman phenomenally Phenomenal Woman, that’s me. So the reason I read that is because honestly, I’ve tried so much to sit here and be able to open up about this with you guys and It’s heart has taken so much energy out of me Thought that was kind of the best way for me to kind of explain in a nutshell Everything doesn’t wanted to take this time to really open up about my deformity in my plastic surgery What led me down that road and then also Backtracking that all because five years later. I don’t have these implants in my body anymore, which is absolutely amazing I cannot believe that I carried this in my body for five years They’re pretty heavy too. So I want to start talking about my relationship with my breasts I grew up being quite a late bloomer honestly all my friends We’re getting their little boobies in and starting to wear bras And I wasn’t and I was like, oh god, please give me some boobies. Strangely enough You know now that I’m older I understand like okay well You know breasts they express femininity to a lot of women. They express sexuality they express Feeling whole with oneself. I never quite understood why I didn’t appreciate my own breasts, you know, I look at myself in the mirror and I was disgusted I hate that word, but I was not appreciative of my breasts and you know, I felt inadequate and I felt not enough unappealing and so I I just always thought oh my goodness. Like you know, what’s it gonna be? like the first time that I have sex with someone and um, and I can’t take off my bra because Because I’m uncomfortable and because I hate what I see kind of going into my upbringing a little bit It’s born into a common family, you know beautiful amazing family, I grew up seeing a lot of women in my family Changing their bodies and you know back in the day I’m not sure if Columbia is still one of the places that people get a lot of surgeries but it was one of the top places where women were changing their bodies definitely feel like You know growing up and seeing a lot of my family members change themselves did somewhat attribute to me being okay with the idea of me later down the line doing it as well around the age of 16 I became really insecure with my breasts like very much So I started doing a lot of research into you know, how could I potentially? Change this what were my options here? I remember going into my computer on YouTube like late at night and looking at other woman who had enhanced their breasts So I would look up breast augmentations and a lot of the girls that appeared were people like Shan EXO and Carissa pukas Which now actually had them removed which is very very interesting and I was heavily influenced by these videos as well It looks so great on the outside and they were saying how much? confident they were and just how much better they fell and how great they looked and I would see all their process and I was Getting my hopes up finally at the age of 19 I decided that I was going to get a breast augmentation My parents were absolutely 100% opposed to this idea. They were like absolutely not you’re not gonna do this You are beautiful. Just the way you are. I mean your parents will always tell you that and I was like no this is what I’m gonna do after a while of researching and doing all this I decided I would be going to Columbia to get my Implants done partially because you weren’t allowed to get silicone until the age of 21 I believe in I was 19 I started looking into the process of breast implants and you know, I found throughout my research that saline was great But silicone felt were natural and for salient implants it was possible for them to deflate and to erupt and then all the water would just spill out and you would be left flat against my parents will and all I went to Columbia my mom accompanied me I went and I saw a bunch of different Plastic Surgeons after multiple Consultations with different surgeons. They told me that I had a deformity and so my deformity is called tubular breast deformity which pretty much consists of a narrow breast base at the chest Wow, the Nipple in the areola. It tends to be a little bit bigger. So pretty much It’s like the lower half of the breast was never developed and then I was like, uh-huh So at the age of 19 I decided to go in and get implants There are so many neurotoxins and carcinogens in here and textured implants have also now been linked to a type of cancer These are banned right now as of this year in France and in Canada So other places are taking action back in March the FDA held a hearing for women that I felt that they had failed to protect the health of women and a lot of statements were dropped and a lot of things where you know people themselves were like Yes implants are a chemical soup. I would say that my health started declining Detrimental three years after I got my implants in I remember six months out of me getting my implants My mom was questioning me as to why my hair was all over the floor I mean I was losing loads of hair every single day. I also started to experience extreme fatigue but like Extreme fatigue, we’re not talking like, you know, I’m just tired whatever I mean like you’re bedridden like I would have days where I would be depressed in my bed I couldn’t get out. I would have my employees outside my door asking like Natalie Come on, like it’s it’s time to work and I physically could not I was bedridden. I had no energy at all I was dealing with so much depression and anxiety Something that I had never Dealt with to this extent before made the decision to go to Columbia and get myself a dog That is very Jupiter actually came from because my depression and my anxiety was Honestly out of hand maybe the people around me and maybe you guys couldn’t hell but I was battling my inner demons every single day and it was not healthy and I knew I needed help is why he is so special to Me he has literally saved my life started dealing with a lot of issues with breathing. I would go to multiple doctors I would ask them, you know, what is wrong with her like no, you’re probably just anxious. You probably just anxious homily Why am I anxious I ayah I have no reason to be I wrote here that because I didn’t want to forget that in retrospect I did believe my body was desperate to just like get these out because I was starting to feel not only a lot of heat Right here, but rashes, I was getting rashes on my chest for the very first time ever and my breasts never around the areola But just like on the sides Sometimes it would go all the way to my back the weirdest thing. I was getting chest pains along with that I experienced my very first panic attack out of nowhere And I was in New York City. I started to take off my clothes it was very Strange, so after that I started to go into a bunch of different doctors just to see what was up what was going on I would tell my parents all the time. I and Dennis I was like, I feel like I’m dying my joints hurt I can’t remember things. My hair is falling my skin is always in like these rashes my chest hurts I can’t breathe my joints hurt I feel like an old person I go to sleep and wake up feeling worse as if like I had just Ran a bunch of miles dawn done like CrossFit and I just I was aching all around my entire body I had these crazy tingles going throughout my whole back my chest I had so much back pain I was constantly going in to get massages and the lady was like damn girl These knots are intense and I was telling her, you know, I feel all of this static Throughout my whole shoulders my back my arms my legs every once in a while. I wake up with my hands swollen I know something is wrong with my friend. Her name is Jennifer who has been absolutely amazing She has been an angel in my life. She would actually joke with me because I was beginning to experience the effects of What it is to really be silicon poisoned in a way right where I couldn’t even hold a conversation with someone I would forget Mid-sentence what I was going to say. I In my head, but I couldn’t get it out. It was the first time I was ever Experiencing this type of like slurred talk where I wasn’t making sense. I would just forget everything My memory was out of whack and you know We even had like this little inside joke where she was like girl I could get you fish fish oil if you want Little vitamins fish oil vitamins if you’d like and it became this thing where I was like, oh my god I’m literally losing my memory, so I did not have asthma so they wanted me to go and get tested for allergies And so I did the whole thing and I remember the doctor was over here kind of touching me and Making all these weird faces and I was like is everything. Okay and he’s like your thyroid is so Swollen, it is very inflamed and I want you to go and get a blood work test right away It’s concerning went back into the doctors, which tested that I had Hypothyroidism very interesting. I had never experienced any type of autoimmune disease ever in my entire life I was going to be prescribed medication for the rest of my life The doctor was like anything with the thyroid pretty much means that the body is attacking itself So your body is attacking itself right now. So being the person I am I rejected his offer for me to take medication for the rest of my life because I Could not understand what were the dots what were the connections that led me to this back home? I did a lot of research I read a lot of books. I came across and it was a medical medium. And so it was talking about Hashimoto’s disease And so what the book said is that liver may be filled with toxins Into the lymphatic system in the bloodstream it spoke on inflammation, which I always felt so inflamed right here I felt like my my face was just inflamed. That’s what I felt being a symptom of injury and or invasion by a foreign presence and then after reading that I remember seeing something on Facebook where there was like a heavy link between heavy metals and Neurotoxins and mold which reminded me of something that I had briefly read online about which had to do with implants so this is when I came across the Facebook page breast implant illness and healing by Nicole time and at the time there was only 40,000 members but today we have actually doubled it to 80,000 members of just women It’s a form of a bunch of women explaining all their symptoms and things that they have experienced as I started doing more research And as I started connecting more of my symptoms and everything that I had been experiencing these women and their stories were of my own now if you think about it as they’re sitting inside a warm Environment right like your body like what is their typical body temperature? I think it’s like 98.1 they’re sitting in there in that warm body. These chemicals are leaching into your body So I’ve heard this metaphor before it’s like, you know You leave a plastic bottle inside a really hot car, like what happened? It starts to deteriorate So some women have experienced You know getting sick right away their body immediately rejects it while other women it takes them a longer time to do so Let’s start with how we got here So breast augmentation was first presented in the late 1890s when doctors would literally inject liquid paraffin directly into the breast now this form of breast augmentation was not very successful as the Participants bodies would protect the unknown material some of the reactions included hardening of the tissue surrounding the injections Which was very painful and lumps in the breast which accumulated resulting in deformation now in 1962, Thomas Cronin and Frank Jareau Invented the very first silicone implant they decided to get these into the market and got in contact with dow corning corporations to develop the first Model for silicone in the same year timmi gene Lindsay became the first woman to receive breast implants now the device implanted in her consisted of a silastic shell filled with silicone And once again it proved to have many complications including infection inflammation and capsular contracture now capsular contracture occurs when the body’s trying to wall off material that’s foreign to it by Encapsulating it from the rest of the body It can be very painful and your breasts become Constricted and hard and I was actually suggested by all the surgeons I saw to get textured implants as that would decrease my chances of getting this, but however Later down through my research I found out that my body would just be working twice as hard to protect itself from this foreign object in 1976 the medical device amendment was introduced now This was the first time ever that the FDA began to regulate new devices that were brought to the market this amendment Created three regular Tory classes for medical devices Each category was based on the necessary control required to assure that the device was safe and effective However at this point breast implants had been on the market for fifteen years and they were to be grandfathered in in 1977 the first lawsuit against breast implants came to surface by a woman from Cleveland who is certain her ruptured implants were the cause of her multiple operations and life suffering. She won a 170,000 settlement from Dow Corning and the case was said to receive little publicity in 1982 the FDA placed breast implants in the most rigorous class category 3 This was the result of multiple reports of adverse events in the medical literature Being in this category meant that manufacturers would be forced to submit Documents stating their safety moving forward in order to stay on the market slowly, but surely Lawsuit after lawsuit began to occur all for similar systemic autoimmune diseases or issues in some way with silicone Finally in the 1990s implants began to be more highly regulated now Although much of the safety of breast implants was occurring behind closed doors the public became highly Interested when a popular television show face to face with Connie Chung revealed the dangers of silicone breast implants all of these stories with women With autoimmune disorders traced back to their implants were shared to the world to see this stirred up many people all over and created this Massive media bus now the National Institute for Health became involved in released her report pointing to the lack of research Dedicated to diseases affecting women and the use of medical devices designed for women that were allegedly produced without adequate testing that’s when in 1992 David Kessler FDA Commissioner Imposed a temporary prohibition on breast implants due to their unknown safety now saline implants were not banned at this time and with the surge of popularity and the procedure increasing now by two hundred and seventy five thousand from 1992 to 1997 Asians had to opt for saline implants instead now saline implants are attached to the belief that they are safer in comparison to silicone implants for the reason that if The implant ruptures only saline fluid will be released into the body however since the composition of what actually made saline implants was not released to the public until later years patients were unaware that saline implants are made up of a silicone shell – the same complication that silicone patients were experiencing were also now being Experienced by saline patients in 1994 manufacturers stated that there was no scientific evidence linking silicone breast implants Autoimmune diseases now in 1995 the Queen Oprah Winfrey invited Dow Corning to confront him and discuss the current controversy over breast implants now at this time Dow Corning’s corporation had resulted in more than 12,000 lawsuits against the company Now as I watch the episode now in 2019 with Oprah Winfrey in Conversation with Dow Corning back in 1995 the year after I was born I could not help but really feel left out I mean resonating with a lot of the comments in the video stating 24 years since that episode And nothing has changed except a whole new generation of women who are suffering and were lied to on the risk in 2006 the FDA brought back silicone implants all thanks to serious lobbying of two major silicone companies allergen and Mentor the conditions for the comeback was to require each company to conduct studies for ten years with focus group studies of patients laboratory studies and describe device failure with each implant being trapped after 14 years of restricted access to silicone breast implants due to their safety and concerns the Van had been lifted after two years of patients harmed by breast implants trying to get in contact with the FDA the FDA approved to have a public hearing on March 25th, and 26th of this year to discuss the long-term effects of breast implants now the woman who attended the hearing in, Washington Stated that the FDA panel allegedly acknowledged breast implant illness as being real now Allegedly one panelist even went as far as showing the chemical ingredients of implants and calling them a chemical suit now allegedly They acknowledge implants leach chemicals into the body calling it gel bleed now in 2019 France and Canada have now both banned breast implants linked to a form of cancer known as Anaplastic large cell lymphoma a rare cancer that attacks the immune system as far as the FDA in the States We are still awaiting their responses Wanted to quickly explain to you guys and just add my purpose for why I’m doing all of this number one Of course, I want to bring awareness and I want to share my story and number two. I’m not here to remove a choice I want to make that really clear as someone with a deformity I can sympathize greatly with those who have been You know breast cancer survivors and feel that at times it’s the best choice Breast implants are very it’s a very personal choice and the issue is we expect these implants to be safe so as with the thousands of women who are now rigorously taking their time to speak at FDA hearings and create blog post to spread awareness and Understand the physical and mental harm that these devices have had on us I to stand and believe that FDA should Hold to the following and this is what a group of women and myself are trying to accomplish I’m gonna leave this up on the screen I’m also gonna leave a link if you guys wish to further investigate and see it for yourself But I just wanted to add you know Why my why my intention my purpose practice my biggest thing is where is the informed consent? Because when I went in to get these breast implants the biggest things and the only thing they really told me that were adverse affects Capsular contracture and infection, but nothing about autoimmune disease is nothing like that matter of fact, this is the Little pamphlet that I got on my implants and you would think oh my goodness All of this is what they gave me and I didn’t read on it was in my fault. But all of this is just Translated into multiple different languages really all there is in here in four five six pages This is pretty much what it says wrist specific to breast implant surgery Capsular contracture which we already talked about breasts sensations, you know They tell you you might come in here being able to feel the nipples and you might get out of you’re not feeling stuff So that was another wound healing Dissatisfaction with cosmetic results. This is all it sets concerns including immunological and neurological disorders carcinogenic and connective tissue disorders But then it talks about how experts did these panels and how this was proven wrong These four panels have uniformly concluded that there was no discernible evidence of casual association or positive risk ratio between exposure to silicone breast implants and recognized or new Autoimmune connective tissue diseases those saying that everything’s fine subsequent studies have not demonstrated a relationship between any Neurological diseases and breast implants the s do a report published in 2000 concluded studies Do not point to an association between silicone implants and serious health risks such as cancer and connect tissue disorders not online Not in person not to my face ever told me about the autoimmune portion of all these terrible adverse effects that I would be Living with and going to every doctor and being told but you’re okay. It’s all in your head. Nothing’s wrong with you so even if the implant is filled with saline, the outer shell is still made out of silicone and those with saline filling often have mold inside of their implants been removed I also just want to note that the implants do not have to rupture and they do not have to leak For you to be feeling all of these symptoms. I explanted February 19th 2019, and I expanded these to Intact implants completely intact and yet I was still feeling all of these adverse effects thyroid problem I was in a constant battle With being able to talk my hair was falling off. My memory was lost I was slurring when I was talking I couldn’t talk anymore. I couldn’t communicate My joints were in pain. I felt I felt like an old person I felt like I was dying and I Explanted these and I cannot tell you how amazing I felt when I did you imagine getting up from surgery and feeling better than you did when you went in now That is crazy. I got out of a three hour surgery, you know, I had my whole Chest wall cleaned. I had the capsules removed. My muscle was hanging loose It was unattached and I still woke up feeling so much better. The brain fog was gone The joint pain was gone the next two days My hair has gotten a lot better. My memory was sharper. I felt like I could understand it’s crazy It almost felt like I had this huge Filter like big ney filter around me that I couldn’t focus and anything would alert me. My anxiety is So much better so much more controlled and I just I feel like myself again I don’t have the back pain that I used to have I went to my masseuse my massage lady and I was telling her, you know, how’s my bag doing? She’s like girl where you’re not there was also this very interesting particular health study that was done by all of these people who had had breast implants and who had had them removed and This pretty much asked the woman, you know first and foremost. Do you have saline? Do you have silicone? what are your worst symptoms rate them from one to three and then they would reflect on how they felt a year after explanting and The results are just miraculous and I can attest to this myself because I explanted not too long ago two months ago It’s been and I literally feel like I got my life back. I feel so much better I feel so much more energized you guys I can actually go to class like a Zumba class a kickboxing class and I could do it and I could finish it so after two months of that I have seen myself and just like the recovery that I’ve had just in that region, which is Neurologically I’m able to process things quicker. I’m sharper. I’m more clear minded I am not the only one that has experiences I mean, it’s thousands of women who have X planted the intention here is to bring awareness To really let women understand what is going into your body. What I also want to mention is people are saying that okay Well these symptoms they’re very vague. This is making headlines now and you know, the media is really falsifying a lot of the intentions that women like myself who have had this in their body are Just wanting to bring awareness to and just speak on their true when it comes to your own health be your biggest Advocate for it. No one is in your body No one knows what you are experiencing only, you know Don’t just validate what you’re feeling just because doctors or people are saying you’re crazy It’s all in your head in the same way that smoking used to be considered Okay, but now it’s not this is making a huge movement and you know I am so grateful for all the incredible women who have shared their stories because you guys have been my biggest motivation for sharing my story and because of you guys I am here today and because of you guys I was able to get my life back and I’m forever Eternally grateful because if not, I would have still been living under this, you know Dark place where I was like what’s going on with my body? I’m deteriorating and no one no one knows why and while this was not yet recognized by the medical community We are making noise. This is happening right now. I mean, like I said in March The FDA held a hearing with women that were trying to get in contact with them for over two Years and in Canada and France have already taken some action and now we’re really just waiting for The US and to change a little bit of the world I think you know if there’s anything that’s brought more purpose into my life. It’s been this issue because I’ve firsthand experienced it and you know to quote Chris a pukas who said you know, who would you rather believe the manufacturers? Who are making these products or the women who have lived with this and who are now sharing their stories? I am happy to be someone that is advocating for this I’m happy to have this bigger purpose than just myself now because I know that one voice can impact thousands millions and the generations to come and I’m so happy to be in this position where we’re unfortunately and fortunately, you know, I lived through this. This was my story and I will continue to advocate for it I will continue to be standing with all of these women who have been misdiagnosed who have Really had their lives turned upside down and then they’ve X pant and they felt so much better So something important women should know about this. We should have that informed consent on what these products that we are buying and trusting are Really all about this is my testimony and we are real and we need to be her if you guys would like more in-depth on you know my surgery my explant how I’m feeling after all this how my sex life is after all this how How my husband took all of this my family what I’m doing to build up my self-esteem and feel better All of those videos will be coming out. I’m super excited if there’s anything that I have felt more Inclined and more like aligned with my purpose in life has been this and while it’s been so hard to talk about it I am so grateful for you guys for encouraging me Even though you guys had no idea what what it was that I was dealing with. I just appreciate you being there for me I love you guys, and thank you so much for listening to my story I also just want to encourage you guys to share your story because you never truly know the impact that it can have on Someone’s life and I know it takes courage and I know it takes you know You being uncomfortable and getting out there but in the end it’s always worth it. And I’m so proud of myself for doing this and Getting it off my chest. Literally. I’m rocking the new little boobies. They’re not deformed in my eyes. They’re beautiful They’re me. They’re the person God made me to be and I will never ever ever devaluate or put myself down again because this is the body that God has given me to Live and I am so proud of that So I love you guys and have an amazing day and I can’t wait to continue sharing this whole journey on Instagram on Twitter and of course here on YouTube

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  21. I was planning my surgery in 2 years for Implants and a lift but I don’t think I’ll be moving forward with implants this is truly scary and I’m so happy you brought it to our attention!

  22. U know why u have almost 8 million subscribers? Because 8 million people all over the world care about you and love you exactly the way you are. You are a kind and generous and amazing and a smart young woman. We are so happy you decided to share this with us and still stay the bubbly person you are. You have inspired all of in so many different ways. Thank you Natalie.

  23. Breast implant illness is terrible I've seen severa videos about other women who went through it like Karissa Pukas and Alexandrasgirlytalk

  24. Girl we love u, u love yourself . You're an inspiration to the world. I am praying for you Natalie we all are.

    #Love you 😙😙😙

  25. I have a breast deformity as well. When you said you felt disgusting when you looked in the mirror. That’s how I feel. I literally feel sick to my stomach. I am 27 years old, why can’t I get over this superficial thing? I still can’t have sex with someone, because I am so incredibly ashamed. And I spend hours just searching up options to change it. I now definitly know I dont want implants, I do still want a breastlift.

  26. I had my implants removed 2 years ago and I know that it’s not an easy decision to make but it’s the best thing I have ever done. My children have a normal mom now.

  27. Natalie! You are beautiful and you are amazing just. The. Way. You. Are. You are so beautiful and pretty! ❤️❤️

    , your friend me! 🥰❤️

  28. The fact that men made all these companies just proves that us women are supposed to for a certain category and if you don't, we have to change our bodies for them. We re not objects to look at.

  29. I have the same breast deformity and it’s literally ruined my life but my mom has breast implant illness I just hate myself sm and now I’m scared to get implants lmao

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