My experience with Turbinate reduction and empty nose syndrome ENS

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Hi I’m showing this video how to measure how to verify if you have a broken nose The reason for this is that first broken nose will almost always impair sleep quality breathing and sleep quality Even if you don’t realize it and the second reason is that many people have a broken nose And then they happen very very back in time Even when you are toddler and nobody notices it so you may have broken nose Someone may have it and none will notice Not even relatives. Not even the person itself will notice he or she has broken notes So here’s how to detect this. Here’s how to measure it and just make sure Everything is fine in your own situation just for the matter of giving an example just look straight to my face straight to my nose straight to my upper face and just try to figure out if my nose is broken or not broken nose means always displaced bones displaced Knolls bones The nose has this bridge here which ends at about this point and then it’s followed by a cartilage which goes deep inside in a Nasal cavity, but basically we have a large bone here and two smalls bone at the tip So just give yourself to a second to see Figure out if my you think my nose is displaced to one side or which will mean it’s broken. So Now for the people who think it’s this place you are right and It’s really not easy to see I’m just following right up with the measurement, but I have to say that for about ten years I had no idea what my nose was broken and I had my sleep quality just went down downhill and Just one day I realized and I notice how badly broken is Even if it not looks like so let’s just go ahead and see how to check this thing I have mitr here right in front of me and The idea is just stand in front of a larger mirror just like in a bathroom mirror Just turn the lights on to be bright enough and stay really close to the mirror. Maybe one feet away not more than that and then just this one I will use this we call this the root of the eye the corner of the eye the inner one and This will be the bridge of the nose In healthy person who never had an issue an impact blow to their face most of the times This bridge will be equally placed in between the root of the eyes So if you see someone who’s have this bridge of the nose to one side, that’s not anatomically Normal, it’s not normal normally The body will not be like this unless there was an issue which almost broken nose you hear it sometimes So let’s just see if you look at the bridge here and try to try to fix with your IP you look closely to the bridge here of the nose and look to the tips of the eyes to the corner of the eyes and Just look very front close and try to just Stare a little bit of The bridge of the noise and stare to the tips of the eye and at some point you will notice the difference If there is any difference if the nose has been displaced the bones, so if you look here you will notice the distance between the corner of the a the eye or the right eye and the bridge of the nose and then you notice the distance between the left corner or a corner of the left eye and the bridge of the nose and then You notice let me just go closer. You notice that’s a big difference actually, it doesn’t it doesn’t have to be one inch difference or something like this, but What happens is that the no stress here this area the root towards the root of the nose The nonce trees are very thin So if that bridge of the nose stones to one side like in my situation here that gap for each no streets will just be diminished to a point where you don’t have any air circulation on one side of the notes the other way to just get a better idea just to let me just Position myself just as you look straight forward flip a little bit your head just like that you just position myself and again, Try to look between this bridge and the tip of the eye again, argh and then again the bridge of the nose and the tip of the other and then you will notice perhaps I Show how well the camera will show it but you note is really the big difference and again It’s you can measure this in merry few millimeters But that counts a lot that that has a huge impact on your breathing You may also use a roller. I don’t really do that, but you May also position a ruler and to measure that distance but I think even by akin I’d Nick Knight. You just get an ID good idea about it Again is something that I do remember like 20 years ago? I just hit a car front face first windshield of the car and My face was inflated I went to the hospital and stuff My mistake that was a huge mistake of mine, but at least kind of learned Later on And maybe I can help others understand this that that the doctor has the hospital at that moment told me At least that’s why they do what they do in Canada is because of the swelling They said we have to check you when the swelling is gone. Maybe one week later Check your no nose bones. Check them if they are have been displaced or not And what happened is that I went to a holiday in another country for a few days actually was one or two week and I completely forgot about what the doctor told me the swelling just Go when went down and I tell I thought okay from now on. I’m really fine I don’t have to go to the doctor to check my nose stuff that was my big mistake for so I did not had my broken nose put back in place and that’s a huge mistake that completely affected Basically my life from that point on so if you have a blow to your face Don’t keep on fixing your nose position it black back And also this is something that can happen and that’s really unfortunate Can happen in kids when they are school and even worse in toddlers? Like you have a baby that’s two three months old babies don’t walk at that point you just they are maybe lying on the bed and they just roll of the bed and hit the floor hard floor face-first They have a very good chance to get broken nose at that point and that’s very very difficult to notice Because their nose is really tiny I’m not even sure if that can be fixed in any way But they will grow with the broken nose from that point on all their life They will have a displaced bone and the bone will just grow this place and one of the nostrils will be closer They have they will have a poor respiration at that point. Those persons may have even – throughout all their life actually, they will breath difficult with difficulty that night And let me just for now I just finished with this measurement But I just like to talk this I think this section I will put this video into a larger video talking about the issues I have where people may have from a broken nose and complications So I will just keep talking about my experience from now on if you want to just Watch it and get and get an idea. So what can happening toddlers when they grow up and the nose? It’s Has been broken and basically nobody will notice They simply The nose will broke the broken bones will just grow toast one side Usually when open the nose Breaks has a fracture it will have her here there. That’s the root of the nose It’s just simply that the whole structure here will displace will move to one side Because of a fracture around this areas basically when you go to a doctor usually what they will do they would just grab your nose strongly and then just toss it into the center again and Just basically take advantage of this fracture and the movement will happen basically at the root here of the nose that’s why it’s tricky because The root here, as I said the nostril air passages really thin and has to be equally it has to have a Good opening on both sides if it’s displaced the nose is is placed one side One of the nostrils here will be perhaps completely broken Blocked that’s why it’s so important to reposition back your mouth. But again in tourists nobody notices Parents will say okay the the the baby just cried now. She he or she is fine. So no need for worries Well, that’s a big problem because you will grow that person again will grow with a broken nose Throughout the nights that person will not rest like other persons like healthy persons What happens is that during the sleep time the body Healthy body acts in such way. We have inside the nostrils. We have some Spongy bones that run deep inside there are three of them on each side at different levels Those are called turbinates they are other names for it and these terminates when you light one side they inflate I don’t remember which one inflates but perhaps when you sit on the left side the left one will just swollen a little bit with blood that’s just perfect functioning and At some point it was fallen to some point and that will just trigger a reaction For the body to turn during sleep to the other side and then the other side starts to swollen and so on It’s just kind of a mechanisms perfectly. That’s biological very normal functioning From what I’ve learned it’s meant to have the body turned to one side at a certain interval The main idea is that when you sit on one side sometimes the blood vessels under the skin – All over the body just get a little bit crushed So the body has this kind of mechanism to relief those blood vessels blood vessels and to turn to the other side Within 30 minutes one or I’m not sure what the interval is, but that’s how the body works and what happens Is that when you have nose, it’s broken. It’s toast one side Basically the nostril on that side can be restricted or completely blocked or when you are slipped. What happens is that Let’s just say you are sitting on the side with the block and nostril the other nostril will function very well You will be breathing well, but after 30 minutes one hour the turbinates was swollen inside that That the other nostril you will your body will turn to the other side You will be lying on the other side and then you will have to breath through the nostril that’s already broke Blocked because the nose has been broken. So that’s the big problem during sleep during night rest is that Perhaps theoretically half of the night time you will have to breath through the only nostril that’s being actually blocked That’s why you don’t have a good breath into the night sleep And like I said, the taller we’re a broken nose will happen to that person to that baby to that child throughout The whole life you that person will not breath properly during night night I’m at least half of the night time. So that’s pretty Not fun at all and there also may be complications the body National forgot to our talk about is but that I will talk perhaps later on in the video this What happens sometimes with these persons they just really grow adults They just feel like they cannot breathe properly by by the nose at night It’s just not doable to breath by your mouth for a longer period of times because the The body is just not made to breathe by the mounds mouth during night sleep for shorter periods Yes, but not for years mainly because No, the nose has a very important function into the air breath and breathing is that the nose will humidify the air that goes inside the lungs the lungs Work for doing the gas exchange from the blood in the air It will exchange the carbon dioxide and oxygen between the blood in the air that goes inside the lungs but for this to happen For this to function the air that goes inside the lungs has to be very humid a lot of water into it And basically the room or the outside air is never this humid. And then that’s when the nose comes into the equation Those two minutes I was talking about they are covered with omikoshi Which is very very well has a very dense blood system of vessels Very tiny ones and those vessels with blood. They just bring a lot of humidity At the surface of the mucosa and that’s the immunity that the air Just absorbs when it’s entered in the body and goes into the lungs to do that gas exchange That is critical that humidity. It’s provided I don’t know what percentage perhaps 7080 percentage of it is provided by the Mikasa inside in Austria, and this is something very few doctors will ever tell you why that This is so critical for the lung functioning And what happens is that? sometimes People with broken noses will go to see a doctor and they will say oh look. I just cannot breath by the night just my my sleep is not doesn’t have a quality or something like this and The reality of this and this is something totally sad Really really sad is that I live in Canada And I’m reading on internet from forums from the United States from all over worlds What happened at that moment when someone with a broken nose comes to a doctor and tells him I cannot breathe Sometimes the doctors will tell that person all would take this medication. Maybe you have a sinus problem or something like this allergy stuff they would just throw the easy stuff medication to that person and That the person actually the problem when the person is entirely mechanical Like I said one nostril is closed it doesn’t have hair passage good air passage the doctors and this is totally Widespread a totally widespread lie, they really right at this point if you don’t believe doctors lie Your perhaps don’t know the reality the real-life They lie to that person and they were not telling that person He or she has a broken nose They would perhaps nine or eight out of ten times They will not tell that person has a broken nose, and that’s the problem They will just say I’ll take this medication. Maybe you have allergies maybe stuff That is just the attitude in this We say modern society. That’s how these specialists ENT doctors Will react in this situation why because a broken nose is not an easy fix You have to go – I think it’s College septoplasty Plastic basically is a nose job. Just like you see the stars at the TV when they just Reshape their bones on the nose. It’s exactly that that’s the real fix in this situation broken noses But the doctors will not tell you that because first it’s a big job. It’s a hard job Not a bit heavy doctor is doing this second they want to sell medication so they would throw throw medication at you and Third and that’s perhaps even a worse scenario and that happens Way too much way way too much The doctors then some of them that perform surgery will just choose to take a shortcut It’s definitely just a shortcut. It’s not a real fix. They know the the nose is broken They always know this, but I never tell yet What they will say they will say Look, I know something I can do something. We have turbinates inside the nose I have this I can do a surgery to reduce those turbinates to reduce their shape and this way I Will increase the air passage? that’s the shortcut and Unfortunately, perhaps you already know when you watch this video is that there are several techniques used to Reduce the turbinates and some of these techniques basically damaged the turbinates Damaged the mucosa the guests humidity on top of the third minutes and unfortunately many people after such a surgery It happens months or years after surgeries, they developed what’s called an empty nose syndrome That’s very good. That’s where it all comes from and empty nose syndrome Is pretty much like living a hell during your lifetime But it’s it’s completely horrible basically what happens there are several things that happens into an anti-node syndrome and also That we talk I was talking about doctors not being honest. They are just individuals They’re just having a job, basically fortunately in some situation they just wash their hands and That’s what happening. Actually, that’s the truth And they are the only persons that can help you actually but they are just washing their hands hands off basically Personally, I have this problem I got told by a specialist really especially is not young once on an experimental maybe older ones Colleges I got told they would just roll I Got told I take drugs I got told I never had a broken nose This they told me that’s just in your mind in your head. You don’t have a broken nose You’re not broken nose is perfectly fine I got all because I had to have I was so desperate because I was suffering So I visited several of them I got told I have psychological problems psychological problems, but I got told it’s really just in my mind They they have these lives, you know I compared this when you when you get a broken car And it’s on the one he was something when you go to the main dealer and they don’t want to fix it for some reason Just they don’t want to spend money. They would just throw to you. No, no, that’s perfect functioning That’s how it works or there’s nothing no such problem or it’s the first time I heard this, you know That’s human. That’s human natural They just lie to you because they don’t want to had a headache about your program They don’t want to take care of your problem be they just don’t want to get into something to complicate it so, like I said, I had a lot of a lot of things being told to me and the perhaps the One that shocked me the most because when I was what I was seeing these doctors especially here in Canada you have to take an appointment and in Canada It takes three months four months six months to see a doctor when you are a specialist an ENT doctor when you are suffering like It’s unbelievable the level that can get some nicest. It’s just Terrible and you wait four months and then you have a thirty thirty seconds two minutes three minutes rendezvous like Meeting with a doctor and the doctor tells you The thing I realized most of then we’re saying you need you don’t need What we say, what did I say? Your your nose looks good you don’t actually basically they well they were thinking I was going with a a Reason a cheating reason I was going to ask him them. I want to do a better shape for my nose So I look better as a person visually better not functionally, so they were basically thinking I’m just coming for just Because we have insurance In Canada, the medical costs are paid by the government They were thinking I was cheating to come actually to make do a nose job just to look better Can you believe this? Can you believe this this? I don’t know my kind of my emotion just Go a bit, too Too alive when I remember this so all that struggle and you hear something like this from a specialist that has years of experience and that’s At that point I was thinking was the only person that can help me. Well, it turns out that That wasn’t the only person that can help me so basically I got help from myself at the end I realized at some point and now I’m just really talking very personal experience I realized at that point that the doctors the people that are formed That have studied to fix these issues. They were not there. Simply they were not there to help and At that point is just one other Option you help yourself? And then it’s what when I try I started trying to figure out how to fix this Not to fix it, but how to deal and live with it How can I improve my condition and perhaps this is just another part of this very wrong video but like I said Doctors will lie if you the person has a broken nose cannot breath by especially at nighttime for years maybe for the whole life or that person the doctors will lie to that person and They wanted it’s a broken nose problem. It’s a Passage restriction the fix it’s really to reshape to reposition the nose and if you do this reshape this Plastic surgery of the nose. You will get perhaps Very good results. That’s that’s the fix. That’s the real fix That’s what everybody should do when they have a broken nose for even for the whole life But the doctors won’t tell you that and the doctors will suggest like I said medication and perhaps the worst That turbinate surgery for midnight removal or his reduction surgery which is a quick century 10-15 minutes, but for many people that Basically destroyed their life and when I use this word destroyed is not an exaggeration People when we are healthy We just cannot understand the pain the suffering like think about it Can you understand what someone that that’s living in the streets among? homeless, I think that’s what’s what’s that person experiencing – Are we able to understand or someone that has? Maybe a child died or something. I can really understand the emotions not we can’t that’s why Unfortunately, like I said This surgery’s tobin a surgery can destroy a life when I use the word destroy you someone healthy cannot understand what that means But it’s terrible. I hope just one day The some people will start to speak out and get media attention and just correct this big Medical problem once and for all so we stopped doing these surgeries at least the wrong way And people stopped doing having these problems with empty nose syndrome and so on We we need really to talk about this and spread the word Again disturbing at surgeries I was saying there are several techniques The worst one had the one that cut into the mucosa deep inside the nose They do just a section like this because like I said the turbinate go run deep inside the nose There are quite big chunks of spongy bones It’s kind of plastic bones and when your section that that MCOs over the tube unit What happens is basically our sectioning the blood vessel. It’s a Wave of very very fine blood vessel inside that mucosa. That’s making it very humid And when you section eight your section dot blood vessels and the consequence of this it’s you just stop the blood passage inside that because you just block it with that cut and That the consequence of this is that the that mucosal gets dry. The mucosal doesn’t Furnished any longer you mean it inside the nose and this condition actually gets worse at nighttime that’s where Perhaps the persons with empty nose syndrome they suffer the most but also Daytime but especially in nighttime when you lie down the whole body comes to a rest slows down And the heart also kind of slows down the heart The heart rhythm the heart blood pressure slows down a little bit and then the mucosal get even drier So that causes basically the hair that goes inside the lungs to not be any longer humidified as it should be and consequence of this is Is terrible it’s terrible is the base Functioning of the lungs humidity it’s the base functioning humidity and air Basically without humidity that gas exchange inside the lungs inside the interface between the air and the blood it Because inside the lungs we have those alveoli. That’s very the tiniest long unit it’s just small spheres with very very tiny blood vessel around it and air getting into that sphere and Then the air the interface between the blood vessels in the air That makes the gas exchange carbon dioxide and oxygen and if that air is not humid enough that gas exchange Doesn’t have a doesn’t happen properly So that’s that’s the base of the long functioning and if you don’t exchange your gases inside the lung properly Basically, you are accumulating carbon dioxide inside your blood. You may also have a lowered Oxygen level inside the blood but especially the carbon dioxide. What happens is that You notice when you try Let’s see You’re at the pool and you want to just swim under under the water for a while to see how long can you go without? Breathing at some point. You will feel like a very strong Anxiety a very strong need to breath again right that the symptoms of accumulating carbon dioxide into your blood So this is the same thing that happens when you sleep at night and you don’t have good humidity Going inside your lungs because of damaged Spongy bones and mucosa, that’s the same thing that what happens you get carbon dioxide Accumulating in your blood when you are asleep and you get anxious Inside you can even have anxious Dreams or have nightmares But also when you wake up if you can definitely feel anxiety strong powerful really like Submerging anxiety that’s high level of carbon carbon dioxide Because you don’t breathe well because your nostrils are very dry You will notice that two nostrils being very very dry. And that’s also very uncomfortable so that’s pretty much the the What happens with this syndrome empty nose syndrome There are other things I can Say about this basically all this information I got it from my own experience and also from internet and just perhaps trying to understand things a little bit There’s let me just talk about other Symptoms of Antenor syndromes and perhaps somewhere towards the end of the video. I will just Put a sectional video with the things that I found to relieve this Situation a little bit to help me a little bit get through this and live with it Basically, there are a couple of things that we can do that really help Naturally if everybody will get the same relief, but there are certainly a couple of things that we can do but just prior to that I just like to talk about Other end in all syndromes that people may experience If I remember well right after the surgery I have So my surgery or I had turbinate reduction surgery from a doctor who with Obviously didn’t told me I have a broken nose The doctor told me I can help you because you can’t breathe But what I will do I will do a terminate the reduction. I had no idea what it is He didn’t tell me about side effects He didn’t tell me that my nose was actually broken and the real fix was to replace the nose. And if he Would have done that then I wouldn’t Be here to do this video and we would have been a very happy and very well doing person But the doctor instead just went to remove the middle turbinate and we went to section my mom co-signed Damaged my mucosal permanently and by the way damaged because I is not reversible. Unfortunately the turbinate reduction itself reduction of the bond Sometimes we can put implants some doctors put implants to reshape the turbinate But the mucosa itself that causes dryer is not reversible so basically once I did this surgery had My nose packed that’s just some stuff. They put inside the nose, too That cut into the Mikasa Hill for four nights Those were the most awful nights of my entire life basically because I could not sleep at all Just two words about it what happened Is that obviously the no suspect so I had to please by by by my mouth But we’re doing this actually they will intubate the patients that we just put your tube with oxygen in you into your throat And the way they manipulate that tube is that they just hurt my throat So my tol my throat was fallen and I was trying during those four nights to sleep on Basically on a chair I couldn’t lie lie down. I just was standing on a chair and trying to get some rest and At the moment when I was falling asleep I would just my throat was just choking and shooting close. So with a wake up right away This is just that four days right after the surgery so I could basically barely sleep for four nights. That was quite an experience so anyhow After four days the the surgeon I went back to the doctor and he removed the packing and right after surgery I was feeling like I could really breathe very well through my nose through my nostrils and that did last for one or two days And right out afterwards and this is how the internal syndrome starts, actually empty nose I think most of the time people will we use the acronym e and s so right at the Removing the packing two days later. I was starting to feel like When I breathe, my nose is just like someone is pumping air into my lungs It’s just like someone is forcing too much air. Like I was feeling anxious. I Was feeling anxious it E And I just felt like my nostrils are really too wide open is just too much air coming into there and that’s because basically those terminates there is for the Terenas to be inside the nose their studies and one is like I was explaining during the sleep time they inflate with blood and Regulate your body position switching from one side to the other one but the second very very important reason for the turbinate is that they have a hook shape and also they take space into the nostril passage nostril with they just reduce the nostril width and that’s That’s for two main reason first the terpene. It actually create an air restriction is making a healthy person basically Pull a little bit when the belongs are breathing are in highlighting are taking air It makes pulled ear that very very important That’s just the normal body functioning But if it’s disturbed perturb the if it doesn’t want like this you get into a lot of problems and the second reason for the turbinates is that the shape they have like a hook and they go really deep beside another cavity is the air instead of We use this in aeronautics There are two types of air the first airflow is laminate air flow Which is a stream of regular air flow and the second type of air flow Aircraft is what call it turbulent Turbulent sea, it’s an air that has just it’s really like This organism and it flows in that way and basically the terminates inside the nose or one of their main reason for Being there is that the air that goes inside the nose has to be turbulent. They Prevent then they just create a turbulent air without the turbinates than air inside. The nostril will be a Laminar air if you want will not be told in turbulent air and The 13/8 one of the role of the terminate is to create turbulent hair The reason for this is that turbulent air will just feel a lot Or cavity and will come in contact more with the mucosa Will expose the air that goes inside the nose more to the mucosal surface? which is humid and this is larger increasing the humidity the The air getting humidified properly when it goes inside the nose because the air goes pretty Fast inside the nose. So for that amount of time the air really has to accumulate a lot of humidity So basically what happens? When you get the turbinate reduction By the Sun Jerry what happens is first the air flow inside the nose starts to be laminar In other words is no longer turbine. It is no longer Just expanding somehow inside the nose to get more humidity from the mucosa This is the first thing the second problem. Is that the laminar flow Travels much faster. So basically when you breath when you take air into your lungs, You will just get too much air with the same breath the same movement of The diaphragm which is the muscle that pulls the lungs to get air into them With the same movement of diaphragm you get too much here compared to a normal healthy person And this is a big problem too much air is not okay because the body is set to get a certain amount of here and a certain and The diaphragm has to pull with the set pole with a certain force to get that amount of hair of air This is just a normal body functioning and when we are doing turbinate reduction, we are disturbing this functioning which is Biological has been there for thousands of years. Your body has been living like this for several years Since your childhood is completely set to work this way and turbinate reduction completely disturbs the this thing what happens is that the like I said when the Lungs inflate get the air when you and inflated lungs Basically, what happens is under the lungs? we have a large muscles that basically covers the section of the body is really large in the middle of the body is horizontal and that muscle diaphragm We just contract and this is done by the brain automatically. You don’t think about it. It just contracts and pulls down the Let me just put these their own things and pulls down the logs they just Get pull it down and they inflate and they roll in air through the nose This is the normal body function. What happens when you reduce the turbinate? The first is that like I said, there is too much air going to side the nose and also sometimes if the mucosa is damaged You don’t have Yummie there, but let’s just put the human hair thing on the side for now the problem with the turbinate reduction is that because it enlarges the air passage inside the nostrils too much and also it Stops the air flow inside the nostrils from the interval length, which is the normal biological Functioning the diaphragm will pull with the same contraction with the same force as is Said to be by your brain will pund hours and will feel like it’s too easy to pull the the diaphragm is like a cone like a not a computer but like a It’s just it’s just something mechanical that said to pull with a certain contraction with a certain force or When it pulls and it feels like it’s too easy. It was too easy the whole functioning of the diaphragm gets confused the whole putting the interaction between the diaphragm and the brain there’s an area and try the brain that controls the diaphragm that Area says at that point. What’s happening? I I put is too easy to pull air this is not like before like I was used to do it and at that moment the diaphragm just gets confused and This is just yet another reason why the people with Antonov syndrome They feel so distress when breathing they just feel anxious. It’s just the state of Is not just in their mind is really a physical state that it’s caused by the diaphragm being really confused how to work being just thrown out of Of the normal setting and you just cannot balance this back again. It just cannot adjust In another way or of working it just cannot Reset this thing to work in the different way that it was biologically set for years and just genetically set So this is one of the biggest biggest problem with the people with the people who have empty nose syndrome When they breath that’s why they say they are so distressed that’s why they say they they just they struggle with this so much many of these people just basically become dysfunctional Simply and purely same and they go to see doctors and the doctors say no you have your Whole the doctors will throw to you first You have depression you are you you you have medical problem of depression The doctors that do not say assess the real problem of breathing And those person usually they just get dysfunctional They may just lose their jobs. They just cannot function properly yeah, you can see there are many of YouTube videos with such person speaking and Speaking out about their condition also about the fact that doctors don’t believe them don’t help them either and They talk about their struggle and that’s not very very difficult to see So yeah, this is it. I think I’ll go stop the video for now and just continue with another section, but It’s something that it’s real is something people. It’s a suffering it’s very very hard to understand but it is real and It’s something that she should not mess with it If you have problems breathing by your nose And the doctor will tell you I want to do a turbinate reduction. I Think there are other words for this Turban ectomy or something like this Triple-check with them what techniques they are going to use because Like I said, there are perhaps techniques that are less destructive, I’m not sure if Personally, I just cannot say that this technique it’s better. I can say that some techniques are terrible Like I said the ones that cut straight through them cosa and destroys the mucosal basically There are some techniques that just get cutted her home Cathy theorizing something like a small bar that goes under the mucosa just goes does a hole at some point goes underneath the mucosa and then goes along the the two-minute bone and just burns that bone and Reduces it. So this way at least they don’t damage them cosa But really the main thing I think is to make sure with the doctor and again Don’t trust doctors. They they are not very honest persons. Don’t trust when they’re they will say Oh, yes I will do like you say don’t trust because they will do anything they want and then what are you going to do afterwards? So make sure you choose the right person and just check reviews online or something like this really make sure So again, I was saying some technique used to just reduce the turbinates underneath the mucosa I Think it’s important to not reduce the tube unit too much Some people some doctors will completely remove the turbinate. That’s horrible Some will just remove a little bit so they don’t get all the way into Saying I’m going to get your most wide open. Don’t do that. Don’t mess with that Go maybe step by step try a little bit of turbinate reduction just maybe 20% maybe and then he’ll Take a few days to heal and see how you feel afterwards. But again never try to let the doctor affect your mucosal that sits on top of the turbinates done cause I was just asking layer of Sort of a skin that’s a humidifying the air inside that goes inside the lungs That’s that’s just one advice I would like to say, let me just continue with One one Something that happens. I didn’t mention this into the video till now Something that happens when people get a broken nose in early childhood Like I said inside each nostrils we have three third minutes They are just really like perhaps I’ll put just check the video description for a few links I’ll put some pictures per have to get an idea how this story might look like So what happens is that if you break your nose in childhood when your body is still growing? Any age the the uglier the age one two, three months old the worst What happens is that again? Like I said the body will just grow up with no stars displaced once I knows this place means again who you have to know still inside and In between the nostril is this cartilage that call it septum septal cartilage? That just goes from top to the bottom inside the nose When the nose let’s just assume the bridge here of the nose Looks like this and in the middle there is the cartilage when it’s get displaced one side What happens is that you have this nostril passage when it gets broken the nose will just say to this side What happens is that this passage case? Nostril gets very very Restricted or completely restricted And the septum basically this is what happens the septum will move to that side And we’ll just close the pair passage or restrict it a lot and at the same time it will open Wider the other monster, this is what happens. This is the big problem So normally it will be like this and if you break your nose, you will stay like this there’s two problems that happen when this Arrives when this happens is first One nostril will get wider the other one with it closed more closed strength in the wider nostril I think let me just put this so normally the nose inside the nose look like this This is one mostly this is the other one This is the septum. If you break your nose to one side, they will just look like this and this Air nostril here we get wider in the wider. Nostril. What happens? Is that the McCook they Terminate inside if you are this happens at the younger age The terminate inside will continue to grow but the body has a reflex has a reaction to this nostril Enlargement. What happens is that the body will fear that the air passes to the nostril? It’s enlarged is too much is not like in the normal nose And what happens is that as you grow the two pinnate inside the enlarged? Nostril will over grow Compared to a normal person the turbinate will get larger That’s just a body reaction to restrict a little bit the nostril that has been enlarged by the broken nose The downside of it this is that are a grill adult Into that enlarged nostril the turbinate make over grow to the point of blocking it so basically you have one nostril that has a reduced air passage and another the second on street and that is physically enlarged but the air passage is reduced by by turbinate overdraw and also the turbinate the bomb of the tube unit will over grow but the mucosa also gets thicker onto the in that enlarged nostril and this is a problem because I think many people Go to doctor and the total says Oh in this nostril, you have a enlarged turbinate and a thicker mucosa That’s blocking the air. So let’s just do a turbinate reduction into that nostril That’s a problem because basically the doctor has to Cut into that mikasa to remove a part of it also cut into the turbinate so basically the only fix into that condition is to Damage the turbinate and damage the Mikasa on the nostril alone That’s a condition. I just wanted to share with you because Something that perhaps the doctors will never explain you why is that turbinate? and the Mikasa over grow into one nostril only that’s because again You had a broken nose when you were very young or a kid or something like this the nose grill the anatomy of the nose developed and The turbinate over greenside to compensate for enlarged air passage Unfortunately will perhaps in this situation you have no choice, but to go to turbinate reduction and mucosal reduction and you may have those symptoms afterwards that I was explaining of dry air and so on and so on this is one of the situation Let me just remember, okay? The second problem that could happen Especially when it happened is when you have this broken nose in toddlers in kids is that again? I was showing you there. This is the bridge of the nose This is the nostril inside This is the septum when the nose gets crushed or broken and post one side The septum here will just get very close to the side wall of Nostril and there is a problem with this as well is that we have sinuses in the face. We have a if I remember I did study a little bit of Anatomy so we have the frontal sinuses and then we have the cheek sinuses Face once I think the name for it these sinuses basically are just empty spaces aside. The is called the function for this I think it’s to Warm up the school and also to lighten the school wait That’s just anatomy But the way these holes inside the school Function is that this horse has a MCOs have a cosine side. That is just Kind of have a liquid Secretion and that liquid the question its accumulate inside on the sinuses and has to be drained This is one thing that not all people are aware of it these sinuses here in the cheeks I think these are the chicks Have holes that drain inside the nostrils really inside the nostrils deeper not in the surface here, but deeper inside noses There are several holes on the outside nostril walls and those holes really communicate with your nostrils and drain fluid that goes you don’t even realize goes inside the throat and the this way the Sinuses just get cleared cleaned also and it is something that It’s going on at any moment. So those are fries inside the sinuses just get trained aside the monsters or what happens if You have a broken nose what happens with the septum goes to the wall and blocks? blocks those sinus drain holes and I I Really curious if you ever heard of it before from a doctor Did they ever tell these things to people if the septum blocked that hole? What will happen is that the sinuses will not be Allah Will not We will not be What’s the one want Dre any longer inside the nose? So a sinus all that doesn’t drain any longer inside an old nose or the nostril Because the drain holes are blocked by a displaced septum. It’s a sinus that will get infected Ever heard this before I Think doctors should tell this to people a little bit more often. So that’s why some people we just notice they they perhaps just sometimes they just have to Do like this and they feel like there is no cosa into just one of their nostrils that perhaps because the drain holes of that of the sinus on on that size may be blocked by a displaced septum and the There’s kind of mousse or liquid accumulating into that sinus that drains a lot inside one No strings or at least it gets thicker because it gets a little bit infected or something from cities sitting to more to longer for too long inside the sinus which cannot drain properly any longer so That’s a problem. And also this can cause a few problems in children in toddlers If the sinus is one of them Perhaps just one of them depends how the nose was broken if the sinus cannot just drain properly you will get infected and if it get infected that that liquid that comes out of it may also get Recurrent or TD’s what it is is the infection of the air which communicates with the truth has a canal a small canal So it’s possible that if your kid has frequent oddities It is possible that that’s caused by blocked sinuses that May be caused by a broken nose by displaced septum so These can affect in this way, especially children Broken nose can cause sinus sinus city’s sinus infection poor drain drain drain drain draining of the sinuses on one side and can cause go TVs and also on top of it and I’m not pulling this from my my imagination I would just put links in the video description about doctor studies on this subject it can also cause asthma in in children because you have infection in one sinus infection in ear and all those infected fluids just drain inside that wolf and get Aspirated when you breath get a spirit in inside the lungs with those Purulent infection fluid infected fluid and this can get you infected lungs and create asthma As you can see is not fun It happens in kids sorry something perhaps to be aware of it It may be he shows you to attend stained this Broken noses can be a problem Even more so in children and often time parents are not aware of it oftentimes. It’s just The kid was a school. I got a blow to his face. And by the way when you have a broken nose One. Yes, you get a skin swollen skin. That’s for sure But you it doesn’t really hurt. Actually. I remember when I got myself knocked by a car It didn’t hurt at all. I just lost I Just woke up a few seconds later. I was just I I Did fade what’s the name of it? I just lost lost consciousness for a few seconds But when I woke up it did a heart roll my nose Just the skin was was burning but the nose broken nose no pain at all. So People are not really aware when this happens actually It it hurts if you try to fix it to put it back that hurts a lot, but when it’s broken in this place There is no pain basically from what I remember So parents may not be aware If a child had a blow to their his/her face or a toddler happened to had this Broken nose at some point spines are not aware if your child come from the school comes from the school and he or she says you know someone give me a punch or hitting me with a Piece of wood to my face and it hurts look here. I have brushes and stuff Parents need to check with a doctor ASAP to check if the nose has been displaced. It’s really important don’t Don’t think that child will realize this or will Will tell you this problem Don’t think the child will tell you. Oh My nose is broken. I don’t think that will happen. So it’s important to be aware of this situation. It’s important to Understand the mechanism of this understand why some people don’t breath easily at night Is aware of it’s good to be aware of what doctors will tell you the way they will approach you with Issue with a broken nose with a problem breathing It’s good to be aware of the Steps they will take those to be neck t’me procedures the downside of it the results are the possible side effects, which are terrifying terrible completely terrible they There’s no other words. They are basically life destroying When they are badly poorly done or when they go wrong. It’s important to understand all these things. I Think I’ve said pretty much everything I was Looking to say the remaining things. It’s the Things that I’m doing and I have been doing for the past few years to get some relief from my condition so I think I will later put a link towards another video or I Will just add this to this video. So those are the things that I did My just gave us short history my I broke my nose about 20 years ago. I was living for about in 10 years with a broken nose and then my condition went worse when the The nostril what that was still open got blocked as well I went through that will be nekked on it’ll be net surgery about ten years ago and I was really going a funny period of my life for about Six seven years until I started to do a few things that At the end turn on to be quite helpful for me. I’m still not completely relieved at all But it’s livable in a way. I’m able to to have a Okay life now, okay Not okay sleeping my big problem is really at night with sleep quality sleep condition but Compared to what? I was experienced before I was doing these relieving things It’s just completely two different parts the condition it’s got Much more livable much more easy to handle so I will just continue either see a link on The I would put a link or with words another video with this Tricks I did to get some relief either away continue the video Right away that information. Thanks for watching spread the word Do believe the people that have dnt know syndrome do believe them? When they are talking what they are experienced Experiencing at least show some supports or moral psychological support those person and share the word and Let’s just hope one day Who will get the doctors will just stop performing procedures that can get you and in on syndrome and People will just start being more aware of this condition about what a broken nose means What are the consequences and what are the consequences of poor? poorly done surgery to dine ectomy and perhaps Hopefully people would get more their house reshaped properly the real fix plat septum not his not so Anyway, let’s hope just the people would get the nose bones put back in place even with a surgery so they get correct breathing and improved their life condition and I just Remember right now one last thing I will end the video right afterwards Like I said, I got my nose when broken 20 years ago And I do remember one thing when actually when I didn’t realize at that moment Again, the nose was toast one side one Nostril was almost not fully broken blocked but really restricted and the other one was still open But I do remember now Not at that point. I did not realize at that point and that’s interesting to know is that when this happened? There is a very good chance that your sleep sleep quality will be reduced but at the same time At least from my experience I did not I was not aware of this sleep quality reduction at that point So this happened 20 years ago before that accident that broke my nose I had Such such an amazing sleep. Hi, I was Maybe can say I was blessed but I was lucky to have amazing rest at night. I’m Amazing breathing by most even when I remember the people were complaining around me The air being dry may be traveling in some areas. I Had no issue whatsoever At any point I had such a an amazing nose That was making me breathing. Like I was just I did pulled the lucky number on it so before Breaking my nose. I had such a great great night rest And also I had such amazing dreams really amazing dreams something really just Is I Won’t describe that but amazing news. I was just having perfect rest of nighttime and when I broke my nose I remember now just thinking backwards. I remember that from that moment on my night rest just Wasn’t the same those relaxing and refreshing dreams The morning when I was waking and I was feeling just like I was born again every morning all that has gone from the moment when I got my nose broken all these things just Stopped and I could feel like I said, I had one nostril still open. I Was still getting some rest Decent rest at night but no longer like it was before breaking my nose So you notice you see why I’m telling this is that again? When you someone is get his her nose broken, they may not realize this and they may not even realize the Losing sleep the lost in sleep quality. They may not be aware of it. They were still sleep They feel like they arrested. Okay during night time But they may not realize their sleep quality is not the same as before. So that’s just another downside When you break your nose and you don’t fix it properly in time You have after breaking a nose you have about one week window to replace the bones by that, you know The daughter will just toss it with their hands So yes, this is just another thing to be aware you May lose in the sleep quality If you break your mouth and perhaps unfortunately if this happens into your during early childhood well, I will guess that person that child that person that will grow they will never have a have a Real sleep quality just like a healthy person. They will never experience that Unfortunately, thanks for watching. It’s a very very long video. I Actually, I did start this video thinking I will just shoot a test video But it turns out I could say the whole story at once and I’m really glad it happened share your experience in the comments below be aware of this situation help people with ENS and Just spread the word. Thanks for watching

17 thoughts on “My experience with Turbinate reduction and empty nose syndrome ENS

  1. I have this condition, too. I'm sorry you endure this hell. So far, none of the doctors have been stupid enough to tell me my illness is in my mind. I sort of wish one of the arrogant fucks would do that. Doctors said the same thing to people with fibromyalgia for years. Avril Lavigne had Lyme's disease and doctors told her she was nuts. Many doctors are filthy, disgusting animals, lower than rapists.

  2. What about the turbinate on the opposite side how do they shrink in most people? If other parts of bodies are asymmetric why should the nose be perfectly straight?

  3. Important to cure ens use bang-aid to block one of two nostril while sleeping at night. Because im doing it since 2 weeks and feel much better. I suffer ens since 5 years after a turbinectomy.

  4. Folks, can you give some tips on how to sleep? I am struggling to breathe through my mouth, anyone trained themselves to do it? Any tips you could share? Thank you

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  6. God bless you!! Try to listen to youtube binaural beats of stem cells/nerve regenaration and other topics, good luck hope you will heal

  7. Do not have any type of turbinate reduction.i suffer badly with ens symptoms suffocation and empty feeling now.many have truly awfull empty nose syndrome after their turbs where reduced by a small amount.Just have a look on the empty nose syndrome awarenes forum on facebook or the mutilations nasales iatrogenes forum or the pour les victims du snv forum to get an idea how common and bad a condition ens is.😕.

  8. Do not have any turbinate reduction.Any method of turbinate reduction causes the risk of empty nose syndrome even in patients with a small amount of turbinate tissue reduced. the scarring dosnt heal or the nerves are damaged and cause ens.its not worth the risk that the suffering ens causes.i was one of the many unlucky ones that got ens as a result..i wasnt told about the ens risks.

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