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And as we were walking up to the finish line Hannah was like, I can’t believe you’re doing this. And I said, we could run, and so we ran and like… And then I burst into tears. ♬ Oh, you gotta breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe ♬ ♬ Let it go and let it be, be, be ♬ [pills rattling] Good morning, bright and early! Just did my vest, taking my pills. We’re heading out. ♬ gentle music ♬ ♬ Give me your strength and show me your weakness ♬ ♬ We’re in this together, now. We’re in this together, now ♬ ♬ upbeat electronic music ♬ Okay, so to catch you guys up to speed. Hannah, our friend Hannah, flew in from Boston to do the cycle for life. So she and Mary are actually walking the last little bit of the bike ride together, and I think it’s gonna be a sweet finish of them walking the finish line together. They’re wearing shirts that say “my fight, her fight”, “her fight, my fight.” ♬ upbeat electronic music ♬ [Peter] Let me see your shirts. ♬ upbeat electronic music ♬ [Peter] All right, from start to finish. [Peter] Good job! ♬ upbeat electronic music ♬ [laughter] Okay, I just thought we should take a minute and like, process for a second. So, one of the things Hannah and I were talking about last night is just I guess, kind of the meaningfulness, what it feels… It feels like this. It feels like Hannah just did a hard bike ride in honor of CF fighters and like, something I couldn’t have done. Like, I can’t get on that bike and do miles and miles. And like, she did that, and then we walked the, er, actually, we jogged. We jogged. The last little bit, and as we were walking up to the finish line Hannah was like, I can’t believe you’re doing this. And I said, we could run, and so we ran, and like… And then I burst into tears. [laughter] It’s just like… It leaves me a little speechless. Same. And I was kind of reflecting on how… like just four months ago Mary wouldn’t have been able to finish like that, and, er, to do the finish with Hannah like that, and… I just, it’s mind-boggling, the… what this new drug is doing and how it’s because of cycles and walks and things like this that that came and… And they just announced five hundred million dollars the CF foundation is investing to find a modulator for that last ten percent. I’ve mentioned before, this modulator, this new drug will affect about 90% of the CF population. But there’s still ten percent that it it doesn’t affect or it doesn’t apply to, and so they are investing lots of money, and so fundraising continues, including today, and… It’s crazy. So… Thanks. You’re welcome. And thanks to those of you who donated to Hannah’s ride. Crazy. It feels like a much bigger team than the three of us right here. Yes. It’s all you guys in that little camera right there. Okay. Let’s say thank you on the count of three. One, two, three. [all] Thank you! [chuckling] Hey, you guys. Thanks for virtually coming with us on that event. We’re tuning in from the next day. We posted pictures of yesterday’s event and a ton of you were asking about our t-shirts. So, Peter and I made those t-shirts, but by popular demand, we’re gonna make them available on our online store. So if you are interested in getting one of those shirts they’re available in the link in the description. [Peter] Can you close the vlog? And I’m told to close the vlog, so as always! [both] We’ll see you tomorrow. Good night! ♬♬


  1. My fight her fight. And when someone takes it upon themselves to take that fight with you and say “her fight my fight”, you gladly accept and say THANK YOU!

  2. Hi Champs !! , GR8 job Mary & Hannah , that is what I call team work. Good camera work Peter , thanks for putting it all together , have a great evening , thanks for the vlog CU tomorrow , Gary 

  3. You go Mary and Hannah!! Incredible video, this was awesome and so much fun too watch. You guys did it. 😊🏃🏽‍♀️

  4. This one had me choked up from the get go! Then I had a good laugh/cry with the 'second' finish line fun – you guys crack me up. Love y'all so much!!!!

  5. It gives me such great joy to see you RUNNING, Mary! Thank you Hannah for all your hard fundraising work! G-d be praised! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Mary, I cannot believe you ran 🤗. Nothing short of a miracle since taking the new meds. Pls tell Hannah thanks for her amazing efforts and her sweet friendship with you guys 💗. I hope you all raised lots of money. It looks like you are fitting right into your new home and lifestyle. So happy for you 🤗🏡

  7. Nice to see you running. As someone who has been through cancer treatment twice now I know how good these victories feel! I am about 10 weeks out from months of hard chemo and I am now back to hiking and trucking uphill like the old days! Keep those victories coming!

  8. Mary, Clarie's Documentary is on my feed today. So for her, I will say, it is so very awesome that you did it today, and Claire would be cheering.

  9. You must feel so much freer being able to walk farther and even run that last stage. I'm so thrilled for you all that such a miracle graces your lives. 😃👋

    THANK YOU!!! THANKS TO HANNAH !!!! PEOPLE like this is makes PEOPLE BELIEVE IN HOPE 💞 We all on this channel of The Frye life, have watched Mary's health changed to the BETTER !!! People like this HELP. I volunteer for the American Heart Society and Prevention of Suicide. Both hold SPECIAL people in my LIFE

  11. I am literally in tears! It is beyond words the feelings I am having right now. I want to thank Hannah, Mary, Peter and Oliver for all you do each and every day to bring awareness to CF. I go this week with my husband to his CF Team/ Clinic appointment. My husband will be able to be one that can take this medication, but I do have concerns about the cost and not being able to afford it for him, which makes me very sad. I am going to keep a positive outlook and pray that it will be something that we can add it his daily routine and that it will bring him the positive outcomes like it has brought to you Mary. I thank you all and love each of you! ❤️❤️❤️

  12. Oh wow Mary, I don’t think my smile could have gotten any bigger. Mary, you ran…Omgoodness It’s true, 4 months ago the thought would have only been a dream..well, that dream came true and In more ways then one! Hannah, your awesome for doing this, and I’m glad your there with Mary supporting CF peeps. xoxo

  13. I'm sure Hannah wasn't the only one who burst into tears! That was so amazing. Hannah, you are a marvelous friend and it is a blessing to see the results that such efforts can accomplish. God bless you all.

  14. I’m sure someone has already suggested it but you should also make shirts that say his fight and not just her fight

  15. If I could thumbs up this video another 675 I HECK would! GO MARY!!!! I can remember first watching you way back when and then hearing you cough and hack and all that every few mins (but knowing Peter edited alot out) I just hope ONE day a cure for Spina Bifida will be found. I just hope I wont be dead by then.

  16. I’ve been following you for years and am SO happy to see you feeling well enough to be out and waking & even jogging! ❤️

  17. I went WAIT A MINUTE and rewatched you run while tearing up, and then you did it again and that made me cry happy tears

  18. Mary, major tears of joy seeing you run like that! Let's hear it for the triple combo, and for you Mary because you are amazing!

  19. This vlog is so precious and so special, and such a precious friend to help with your fight, her fight. 👍😍 sending my love and hugs to all of you, see you tomorrow!

  20. Wow, WOW! Tears streamed watching u run Mary! Hannah, u did something really wonderful! Thankyou for doing what you do, u ARE making a difference!

  21. You are a true friend, Hannah! Mary, I am sitting here crying tears of joy, watching you RUNNING (!!!!) with Hannah!

  22. Hannah, I'm so proud of you! Awesome job! And Mary, running to the finish line, I'm so happy the Vertex is making you so well again! This fills my heart with joy & I thank God & everybody who played a part in making Vertex happen. I lost a friend to CF 12 years ago at the age of 27. To know people struggling like my friend have a second chance at life makes me happy beyond words. Thank you everybody who played a part in making Vertex happen. Without all those donations of $1 & more this would have been delayed by years! Every $1 counts! Well done everybody! And again, I'm so happy to see Vertex making you feel so well, Mary! Awesome!

  23. Wow you Vertex CAN!! I too burst into tears when you and Hannah ran across the finish line!!!! Hannah you are an amazing person!!!

  24. Mary and Hannah, you go girls!! Mary running across that finish line, I have one word, AMEN!! That was wonderful or should I say, vertexerful to see!!

  25. This absolutely made me cry, I have followed you both for a long time. It is like night and day before Mary went on that drug till now. I love seeing how far she has come and how much she has improved, it is truly a miracle medicine for you Mary.

  26. science, am I right!!! I am so glad that this triple combo is helping Mary and now will be made available to help so many more people all over the world!!

  27. I loved this vid ive been having a hard few days and needed this my mum in law sadly lost her fight with copd on Saturday 4 cancelled lung transplants and years of fighting. She was incredible and I needed something to make me smile and this video did just that xx sending love to u guys xx

  28. Awww! That is awesome. So happy for you guys. I would love to do cycling for CF. I do 20-40 miles in a day and about three or four times a week. How can I participate in a race?

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