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Hi everyone, welcome to #SpinaBifida (intro music) Over the years, a lot of you have asked about my Latex Allergy. Many of you might know that people will Spina Bifida are prone to developing a latex allergy. Because of this, my family has always taken precautions. When I was a kid, I didn’t have a latex allergy. It wasn’t until I was 18 years old and my class in high school had a party. There were balloons next to where I was sitting and without touching them, I started to develop bad hives. That’s when my allergy began. And since then, I’ve made it a point to learn what items have latex and how to avoid them. Right now my allergy isn’t bad, I just get hives that begin around my lips. And then they start to spread down my body if I don’t take any medicine. The medicine I usually take is benadryl or motrin. I should also point out, not every item with latex bothers me. So balloons, newspapers, toothbrushes that aren’t Oral B brand, and aloe vera, I always react to them. But band aids that have latex generally I don’t react. But to be safe, I try my best to avoid it all. And that’s pretty much my latex allergy. It’s not severe but it is what it is and I just try to avoid latex as much as possible. Because I’d rather not have a reaction. And that’s it for #SpinaBifida! If you like this video and wanna help support me, please consider becoming a Patron on my Patreon page. You’ll be able to get cool perks like being able to Skype me and get videos a day early. The link for that will be in the description below. And until next time, bye!

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  2. For the past few days I've been trying to find some sort of resource or anything that could help me find people who have spina bifida, and I came across your channel and since I've been on YouTube marathon lol, everything you've touched on and other things is so right on the money so for sure subscribed 🙂

  3. This is probably a stupid question but what exactly is the latex allergy due to the spina bifidia? The reason i ask is that i have a new friend that has Spina Bifidia and i would like to learn more about this condition so that i can understand her problems a bit better.

  4. I have a latex allergy it is normally with gloves my hand swell and turn red… with other thing with latex my hand just turn get red no swelling… I think that is weird because other latex items don't bother me at all

  5. Hi. Right away, I love your videos. I'd like to talk to you about this birth defect, but not here. Could we talk in a place without being here?

  6. My daughter is 8 weeks old and has spina bifida, so I'm trying to educate myself on everything that has latex, just as a precaution, and it's honestly sometimes overwhelming. I would have never thought about newspapers or toothbrushes besides Oral-B. Thanks for your insight! I have loved watching all of your #spinabifida videos as we start our journey in the SB world. 🙂

  7. Hi I have spina bifida and I think I might have a latex allergy. My sinuses are blocked. I was clear till I went to the dentist a few days ago and ever since my sinuses are blocked.

  8. Idk what would happen if I'm near something that has latex in them it's more of a precaution we've never really tried to find out what would happen if I got near balloons or anything else with latex and I'd rather not find out

  9. Do you know that food handled by latex gloves can cause a reaction or anaphylaxis? Or worsen the severity of your allergy? I work to pass laws banning latex in food businesses.

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