My Lung Therapy for Sarcoidosis or Asthma

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Peace – Love everybody. This is Sonja from God Wins TV. I’d like to talk to you today about some of the things that I did to heal myself of sarcoidosis uh… I already talked about um… My Sarcoidosis Cure, which I’ll try to put a link to that video uh… I already talked about What is Sarcoidosis and how I was diagnosed so I’ll also try to put a link to that video as well so these are some of other the things that I did to try to get my body back on track one of the things that I did was I
blew up balloons now I know that sounds a little odd but it was a mostly my lungs that had
been affected by the sarcoidosis. Like I said it goes along and it takes the elasticity out of everything so my lungs were full of scar tissue. okay, and so I needed to be able to stretch that back out so that I could be able to uh… you know just walk down the street
without being uh… out of breath and what have you so and so I had heard – I don’t know. I was just laying on the couch one day and is random show that I had never seen came on – never seen since – and this actor from I don’t know, I guess he doesn’t do acting
anymore or whatever. He came on and he was talking about his son and how his son had asthma and he had done everything, and his son nearly died from an asthma attack and he had him blow-up balloons and so I – uh… he had just started him blowing up
balloons and he really didn’t describe just how do you go about blowing up
balloons? Like what to exactly do? Do you blow up once a day or exactly how much do you blow up balloons? and and he said that his lungs just got
stronger and stronger and his asthma completely went away. So I turned around and I phoned one of my relatives – one of my in-laws I believe it was – and her son had or has asthma –
I don’t know if you ever call it cured – and he was always – when he was little he was always on ventilators and what have you and uh… he just had a real problem and she said well besides the fact that
they had moved away from a particularly pollution filled the city uh… she started him blowing up
balloons and ever since he blew up balloons he had never had a problem with asthma so I thought, “Well if it helps with asthma, maybe It’ll help
with my lungs – I don’t know” so – and she never really described – like when I’d ask her, “Well how does he do it? like – what does he do exactly? Like how much of this do you do?” “I don’t know. He just blows up balloons. I don’t
really pay attention, you know?” so okay so I – I started my own kind of therapy program I guess and I started blowing up balloons and so I’m gonna show you what I did. This is a balloon brand-new out of the package you can – it’s never been blown up – you can stretch it out a little bit and even if you have asthma and you just try
to blow up balloons, you’re just sitting there going – fwoop that’s all you need. It’s just the exercise in your chest that you need okay? so here goes and it’s like I said sarcoidosis five years Has this one got a hole in it? 1…2… …3…4…5…6… …7…8…9… 10… Okay that’s ten breaths. That’s how big it is. That’s ten breaths into the balloon. and I just let it out. Okay. and when I’m breathing in I’m trying to breathe down as far into my
tummy as I can Okay? Let’s do it again. 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10… There you go, ten times, and just let it out. Now, I did that twice okay but what I would do is my goal
would be to blow that up ten times ten times with a balloon like this And if you want, tie it off and let your kids
play with it that’s always fun! Make little faces on it. Whatever you want to
do. okay I just got a bag of a balloons from, you know, the local balloons store and uh… I’d blow up a balloon ten times ten breaths blow it up ten times and that’s your daily workout and uh… you know besides walking and
what have you you know any other exercises or whatever
– but that was my lung exercise and uh… In what was it – About ten months my lung capacity with from like almost
nil – they were like “Is that all you can breathe?” To just about normal so I think it was like – and an eighty percent of something
extended normal or something so yeah you can you can do that and like I say there is my other
sarcoidosis videos you can take a look at those and if you have sarcoidosis and you’re having problems uh… try these things out let me know how they work for you and if you have any advice anything
like that or something that you’ve tried share with me. I’ll see if I can do a
video on it or what have you so again this is Sonja with God Wins TV I’ll see you on the next video. Bye.

8 thoughts on “My Lung Therapy for Sarcoidosis or Asthma

  1. Hi I'm Mary they say I have stage 4 sarcoidosis I have so much trouble with my lungs until they talking about lungplant I really need help to make things better thank u for doing this vidoe

  2. Peace. I ran across a device that was made for Athletes, but recently has been marketed to help with Ashtma and C.O.P.D. (I have both) called "Expand-A-Lung". It is basically the same concept as Balloons, except you can set a gauge and then Inhale, Exhale. I also have a Trach because of 70% Throat/Airway blockage at my Vocal Cords, and it opens me up very well after 5 Reps. The instructions say to do it 10 times whenever you do it. It only costs about $30 online, just Google the name above. Great Video, Peace 

  3. Very interesting! Also, check out the Autoimmunity Research Foundation. Trevor Marshall is doing some interesting things on the Marshall Protocol and SchwannSongs websites.

  4. my say alfalfa 3x day helps with tumeric 2xa day and mangosteen juice 100 I'm getting my husband on these 3 things and pray to Jehovah god that it works and I'm going to get he and my daughter to do the Ballon therapy I also heard about the baking soda for cancer I pray this help someone as well as my family thanks for sharing

  5. Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to discover natural ways to cure sarcoidosis try Wiltapar Sarcoid Cure Secrets (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my partner got excellent success with it.

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